Captain Kai: To The End of Infinity
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 31
Run time 21-25 minutes

Captain Kai: To the End of Infinity (キャプテンカイ:無限の果てに Kyaputen Kai: Mugen no hate ni) is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Rusty Sky, Take Flight! Stargazer!, and Cross┼Tech.

The story is set in a fictional galaxy known as Helios, a galaxy faraway from Milky Way and much more advanced. The year is 5113 Anno Preces and the Galero Empire has taken over a quater of the galaxy, but a talented soldier of the Galero Army is willing to turn the tides by becoming the the greatest space pirate in the universe.


In year 5108 Anno Preces, a young man by the name of Kai Goken at age 16 joined the Galero Army in order to have his revenge on the Drake Kingdom for killing his entire family. In only two years, Kai was promoted to the rank of admiral as the youngest admiral in history, but soon realizes his vengeance was futile, since the Drake Kingdom had surrendered to the Galero Empire without a fight in the year of his promotion and his only chance at revenge. Later that year, Kai entered his first battle as admiral and experienced for the first time, the guilt of killing the helpless and also finding out the truth of the Galero Empire's goals. In year 5111, Kai Goken disappeared from the Galero Army, not having been seen once until the current year, 5113, as the leader of the infamous pirate gang, the Infinity Pirates, with the goal of eliminating the Galero Empire to protect the galaxy. Kai, together with his crew, aim for a new era where wars no longer happen and the true villains are no longer the heroes.


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Infinity PiratesEdit

Main CrewEdit

Captain Kai Goken - Kai is a 20 year-old man who used to be a soldier for the Galero Empire until he found out the true goal of the Galero Empire's aim for galactic domination. Before he was a pirate, he was an cold-hearted teenager who only wanted revenge for the death of his family and eventually used his family's reputation and his genius to raise his ranks to become an admiral at the age of 18. After becoming a pirate, he became an overconfident show-off who likes to flash his ring as his symbol and laughs a lot. He is a very skilled swordsman and marksman who would often cheat to win a fight. He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.
Lail Strat - Lail is a tall, pale, thin, long-haired, one-eyed, and scary-faced man at the age of 26. He is Kai's firstmate and most trusted friend. Lail is former Galero soldier who joined Kai because he also knew the truth of the Empire's goal and also because Lail is a very honorable man who can tell when someone is lying or telling the truth. Lail is a master swordsman uses an unusual two-sword fighting style. Despite his looks, Lail is a very kind man who loves to play with children. He is voiced by Kazuya Nakai.
Mako Herald - Mako is a 20 year-old woman and the Infinity Pirates' navigator. She is often times emotionless and avoids contact with others. She is an extremely skilled marksman and has never missed a shot she focused on. She is a mysterious young woman who only Kai knows well. Mako steadily becomes less stubborn and more emotional. She is voiced by Ami Koshimizu.
"Slicer" Stevan Speighl - Stevan is a handsome 30 year-old serial killer who changed his ways after being released out of prison with the help of Kai. He is the head shipwright for the Infinity Pirates' ship, the Seraphim. Stevan is a cyborg who lost his arms during a battle against the Galero Empire before he was a pirate, but it was after his boss, the President of the Cosmo Federation was assassinated that made him become a serial killer. His robotic arms have blades hidden in them so he would often times use them as claws for a weapon. He has a policy to never kill women and children. He is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa.
Addam Jackal - Addam is a 71 year-old man and the doctor of the Infinity Pirates. He is a tall and muscular bearded old man who joined the Infinity Pirates because he wanted vengeance against a man named Jericho, who is also a space pirate and also because he owed a debt to Kai for saving him and his grandchildren, Chris and Zero. Addam is a nice old man who likes to speak of his younger days when he was a soldier and how hard work always pays off but, he often gets carried away when he's telling a story. He is voiced by Yosuke Akimoto.
Zero Kaiser - Addam's adopted grandson. Zero is an 18 year-old boy who has a habit of being reckless and forgetting about others when he is too focused on something. He and his sister, Chris, joined the Infinity Pirates for the same reasons as their grandfather and hope to also end the war that the Galero Empire started. He is the Seraphim's helmsman when Lail or Kai isn't piloting the ship and he is also the second best pilot of the Infinity Pirates, the first being Lail. He had a crush on Chris since their first meeting and is determined to become her lover. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura.

Galero EmpireEdit

Galero LordsEdit

Emperor Tristan Galero - The young emperor of the Galero Empire at age 28. He is a man who pretends to be benevolent and caring to the people, only using their support for the morale of his armies and research for stronger weaponry against his enemies; he does not care for the people and only cares for his reputation and power. He hides his goal by telling everyone that he aims to create peace under one united galatic nation so wars are necessary to carry out his task, but his true aim is to create a weapon of mass destruction, code named "Valkyrie", to use to conquer the universe and destroy planets he deems "unworthy" of his elegance. He is as skilled a swordsman as Kai but, he does not know how to cheat. He is voiced by Kenji Hamada.
Sir Jericho Stark - Jericho is the personal knight of Emperor Tristan and an admiral of the Galero Army. He is 34 years old and the former sword teacher of Kai as well as a the captain of the Galero ship, Yggdrasil. Despite being a high ranked soldier for the empire, he is also a space pirate because he wanted a way to entertain himself, so he would sometimes raid towns and villages in planets and also small frontiers. He feels no remorse for the dead because he finds it entertaining to kill others, but he, like Emperor Tristan, hides the fact that he doesn't care for life. He is voiced by Tetsu Shiratori.


  • "Anno Preces" means "Year of Prayers" in Latin
  • The Infinity Pirate's ship, the Seraphim, named after the angel Seraph, was originally named the Mordred, after the knight who betrayed King Arthur
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