Nightmare Mirror

Story by

Akira Jotaro


Akira Jotaro


No information




Akumu no Kagami

Alternate title

Mirror of Nightmares

Music by

Shiro Sagisu


Toei Animation

Running time

76 minutes





Nightmare Mirror (悪夢の鏡 Akumu no Kagami) is a Japanese animated feature film written and directed by Akira Jotaro about a Japanese school boy in World War II who was bullied and tortured by his classmates and later died and became a ghost in the modern-day world haunting those people similar to the ones who put him in despair and killed him.

The animation was loosely based on Miyuki Eto's manga and animated series, Jigoku Shoujo.


In the beginning, Tenma Jigomaru enters a high school and as the new transfer student, the school bullies picked on him harshly until one day, he was accidentally killed by the bullies when they push him into mirror. Knowing they were in trouble, the bullies ran away and were never caught, but they were soon haunted by Tenma and became paranoid. When Tenma had finished tormenting them, he killed them one by one from the mirrors. After 60 years of killing had passed, a new transfer student from Kyoto has entered the same school that Tenma used to go to, her name was Hanako Kusanagi and she was similar to Tenma in many ways and was also chosen to be bullied. As time passes, Tenma continues his brutal mind tortures but this time, to save a girl with a fate steadily becoming the same as his. As the deaths become more and more common, a detective by the name of Tsukasa Okita, starts to investigate the strange murders of the last 60 years.


Tenma Jigomaru Akira Ishida
Hanako Kusanagi Kana Ueda
Tsukasa Okita Takayuki Sugo
Yumi Okita Yui Horie
Leo Anderson Takehito Koyasu
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