VII -Invitation to Madness-
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 13
Run time 22-25 minutes

VII -Invitation to Madness- is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Musou Yami, Dokuganryu-hime, and Monster Parade.

The story is set in an unnamed city in modern Japan; it is possible that the city could be Tokyo due to the many hints, such as mentionings of Tokyo Tower. The story is about a man with no memory of his past and tries to figure himself out as he runs away from the police and a secret government organization called Belief.


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After waking up under a bridge, a nameless man met a young school girl in front of him by the name of Yuki. The nameless man was then given the name "Nana" after Yuki asked for his name. For the next six days, Yuki had visited Nana at least once per day, but at the seventh day around 10 to 11pm, a monster had showed up and had killed dozens of people while going to the bridge Nana and Yuki were under and had killed Yuki by surprise. The monster then aimed for Nana and as it got closer, Nana had lost control and had completely obliterated the monster, leaving only its claw and Yuki's nearly dead body. As Nana struggles to save Yuki's life, Yuki's told Nana her last words and had died in his arms. As Nana leaves the corpse of Yuki in front of her house, Nana had left a note saying "I couldn't protect her" in English next to her body and leaves in tears. Now, Nana must find out the reason why monsters are trying to kill him and find out who he really is.


Main Protagonist

VII (aka, Nana)

A mysterious man who looks around his mid 20s. He knows nothing of his past and gave himself the name Nana after a girl named Yuki asked what his name was. He was named Nana because "Seven" translated to "Nana" in Japanese and he had the Roman numeral "VII" on his left hand. His real name was revealed to be Shin Haruno during the search for Yuki's killer. He has the ability to transform into a humanoid monster and go berserk when his life is in danger but he later learned to control his power and use it whenever he wants. He is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi.

Main Antagonist

Honsho Kagami

One of the 12 leaders of Belief; he is number 9. He was the one who had created the Eaters (monsters) and had ordered the death of Number 7 (Nana). His goal was to use the monsters he had created to destroy the world and recreate a new one, making him a god. After he became the chairman of Belief, he was there to only take the blame for the Eaters release but had later gotten his revenge when he killed the other 11 leaders of Belief. He is voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki.


  • The story was inspired by Ikura Sugimoto's manga, Variante, and CLAMP's anime series, Blood-C.
  • Nana's character design was based off the character Kijima Knight from the Sunrise anime, Sacred Seven, and the character, Cody from the Capcom games, Super Street Fighter IV and Final Fight.
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