Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 15
Run time 23-25 minutes

XenoΣ (ゼノシグマ Zeno Shiguma) is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Neo Hero: Saint Utopia, Red Eyes, and Cross┼Tech.

The story is set in modern year 2012 in an alternate timeline of Earth in Tokyo, Japan, where the Japanese had stayed a neutral country instead of joining the Axis Powers in World War II but had still done most of the things they had done. The story is about a man who was once part of an organization named XenoScar, but later betrayed them and began to fight against them for the sake of humanity's future.


In a history where Japan was never part of the Axis Powers, the Nazis were easily defeated by the alliance due to the lack of support from the Japanese army, and while Germany and Italy were being defeated, Japan continued to conquer Korea and China as they did many times before, but failed because of the United States of America. Because Japan had remained an independent country, they surrendered easier even with their unyielding spirits and never had Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombed, but because of their surrender, an organization was created after the war and they called themselves, XenoScar. For over 60 years, XenoScar stayed hidden until they recieved the technology to create their ultimate army after failing to create them so many times. In 2004, a middle school boy named Ichigo Toshida was abducted and never seen again; that was, until 2011, where he was seen stealing technology by a young scientist named Naomi Fuyumoto.

When Ichigo was in his middle school years, he suddenly disappeared without anyone knowing why or even how, but what had happened was that he was actually kidnapped by XenoScar to be the test subject for an experiment called Project Sigma, the plan to create the ultimate warrior using a combination of human and mutant animal DNA. Project Sigma was a success, and Ichigo became a reborned soldier for XenoScar, having no memories of his past and no human emotions. Ichigo was renamed XenoΣ for being the 18th mutant they have created; Ichigo was immidiately dispatched as the XenoScar head thief and assassin for his unrivalled speed and his dark armor. In 2012, Ichigo had began to regain his human senses due to Project Sigma being incomplete despite many scientist believing it was, and Ichigo escaped from them and acted as if all he went through was all a bad dream. When Ichigo escaped, he was already a wanted man for his crimes and was in high alert watch since he was seen stealing highly advanced technology, so he had no where he could go without being caught until he met with Naomi. Ichigo remembers about what he has done as part of XenoScar, so he had planned to repent for his sins by fighting against them after Naomi had given him the strength to once again use his hated powers.


Main Protagonists

Ichigo Toshida/XenoΣ

A 22 year-old man who was kidnapped when he was 14 years-old to become a soldier and bio-weapon. When he was a XenoScar soldier, he was the leader of the Cloak & Dagger Squad, a team made for thievary and assassination due to his speed and armor color. He was considered to be XenoScar's greatest success until he betrayed them. After betraying XenoScar, he became a masked hero to repent for his crimes after he was saved by Naomi. He has never lost his love for Naomi since they were in middle school together. He is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.

Naomi Fuyumoto

A 22 year-old prodigy scientist who was also Ichigo's girlfriend in their middle school years. She was the first to see Ichigo after his disappearance after she shot his mask off when he was stealing something from her boss' lab. She saved Ichigo's life even though she was the one to reveal that he was a thief and killer because she still had feelings for him and knew that something was wrong with him. She had created Ichigo a new mask after she began to hide him from the public, turning him into a masked superhero. She is voiced by Yuu Kobayashi.

Main Antagonist

Professor Kamikaze/XenoØ

The head of the XenoScar organization and an old man who has lived over 100 years. Not much is known about him other than he wishes to take over the world through war and he hates failure, so whenever someone fails him more than once, he will kill the person. He is also known as XenoØ for being the first mutant of XenoScar which he turned into himself. As XenoØ, he is a pure white monster with the ability to control winds, hence his name, "Kamikaze" meaning "Divine Wind". He is voiced by Eiji Maruyama.
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