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Hinted scenes from the show! Stay tune for more!

Barney Bunch: The Anime is an anime made by Funimation Entertainment. It is the anime series based on the popular clips on Newgrounds.


On Planet DreBarDicNald, everything is gay. But after a wild parasite attack turns everyone straight, its up to the Barney Bunch to stop it!

Fictional Voice List[]

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Drew Pickles Hideo Ishikawa Crispin Freeman
Barney Naoya Uchida Neil Kaplan
Dick the Clown Nobuto Shicanna Troy Baker
Ronald Mcdonald Kazuhiko Inoue Dave Wittenburg
Arthur Minami Takayama Eric Vale
Caillou  Junko Takeuchi Maile Flanagan
Ned Flanders Toshiyuki Morikawa Tony Oliver
Clifford Masaki Aizawa Fred Tatasciore
Captian Crunch Hisao Egawa Catero Colbert
Quaker Queer Toshiki Natawo Eric Cassiel
Pedobear Sato Shinino Benjamin Diskin
Elmo's Soul Wisp Akira Ishida Liam O'Brien
Captian Underpants Notama Shikoawo Alex Livston
Russia Yasuhiro Takato Jerry Jewell
France Masaya Onosaka J. Micheal Tatum
Grimace Tomamichi Nishimura Steve Blum 
Burger King King Rikiya Koyama Henry Dittman
Waylon Smithers Tanamo Shokawa Allen Shepard
Squidward Noriaki Sugiyama Yuri Lowenthal


Episode 1 "Big Hopes In The Gay City!": After Drew enables the Swell Act, the city has a gay-marriage only universal stone.

Episode 2: "The Rolekeepers Of The Rose!": Sights of 2 men realeasing parasites that feed on the universal stone turn all the men into homophobics!

Episode 3: "Sweet Orgy In Suriname!": After Drew discovers that Spongebob has a child, they go on a adventure to kill the parasites!

Episode 4: "LOT Polish ButtSEX!": After going to Warsaw to recieve Barney's power stone in Suriname, Drew sets off to Poland for Dicks stone!

Episode 5: "Dildo in Dallass!": After retrieving Dicks powerstone in the Warsaw Muesem, they go to Dallas to get Ronald's powerstone!

Episode 6: "Boku no Bogota!": After getting Ronald's powerstone in Dallas, it is time for Arthur to get his powerstone in Colombia!

Episode 7: "Gay in Greenland!":