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Acceleration Star
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 25
Run time 22-23 minutes

Acceleration Star is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Neo-World Sport and Take Flight! Stargazer!

The story is set in future Japan, year 2130, where a new racing tournament known as the SGPX (Shooting Star Grand Prix) has become the world's newest and most popular attraction. The story is about a member of the newest Star Racer team, Angel Wings, and his fight to obtain the title of the best racer in the world.


Takashi Kuda is a world famous Star Racer who has won championship trophies for the last three Shooting Star Grand Prix, but, this story doesn't have much to do with him. This is a story of Tsubasa Kamijou, a rising Star Racer who has dreamed of being the best Star Racer there ever was and will be. After creating a new official group for the Star Races, they had named themselves Angel Wings and had began as the smallest Star Racer team consisting of only 5 members, Tsubasa Kamijou, the captain, Eureka Tex, the field strategist, Taki Hyakku, the shield, Gon Dom, the mechanic, and Jiro Geero, the coach. As the story moves forward, Tsubasa meets with a rising idol named Christy Sidi and they support each other to aim for their goals without stopping or giving up.


Team Angel Wings[]

Tsubasa Kamijou[]

The main hero of the series. He is 20 years old and a professional, but not well known, Star Racer who aims to be the best of racer in the world. He is a motivated young man who is willing to make sacrifices to obtain his dream and will get rid of anything he finds necessary to achieve his dream except his friends and family. His wing necklace is the reason for the team's name, Angel Wings. In Star Racing, his position is head and his Star Wheel is called Tenshi. His role is Captain. His name, Kamijou Tsubasa (上條ツバサ), is actually a pun for "Kami no Tsubasa" ("jou" sounding similar to "no"), meaning "Wing of God" (神の翼). He is voiced by Takashi Kondo.

Eureka Tex[]

A mysterious expressionless 17 year-old girl who is incredibly smart to the level where even scientists can't comprehend. Not very much is known about her except that she was found alone by Tsubasa one day and has been his friend ever since. It is assumed that she is a daughter of a rich and smart family but ran away, this however, was false and her true history is unknown. In Star Racing, her position is left wing and her Star Wheel is called Venus. Her role is Strategist. Her name comes from the word "Eureka", which is a cry of satisfaction of discovery. She is voiced by Aoi Yuuki.

Taki Hyakku[]

Tsubasa's best friend since high school and a narcissicist. He is extremely obsessed with his own beauty and believes that he is the world's most beautiful man and also that all the women in the world loves him. According to Tsubasa, they are only friends because Tsubasa was the only one who would hang out with him, but they became best friends because of their love for Star Racing. He is given the nickname "100 Taki" because of his unique personality and his powerful protection skills. In Star Racing, his position is right wing and his Star Wheel is called Hundred. His role is Defender. His name comes from the number 100 in Japanese (百 hyaku). He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

Gon Dom[]

A 36 year-old mechanic who loves to build and repair technology. He is a husband and father of two children who often visits him at his work, though they love to see the races more than him. He is a laid-back and fatherly man who is a genius repairman. He is the mechanic of the Angel Wings team. His name comes from the name of the Sunrise anime franchise, Gundam, having split the "Gun" and the "Dam" apart. He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu.

Jiro Geero[]

A 69 year-old man who had dedicated his life to Star Racing when he was younger and is still dedicated even after retirement. He is the coach of Angel Wings and had trained the team when first met each other. He is a strict but kind teacher who is willing to never give up on his students unless they give up on him. He later turns 70 years-old after episode 16. Even though he is an old man, he is still very healthy and strong. Both his last and first names are pronounced the same but are spelt differently. He is voiced by Unsho Ishizuka.

Kei & Rei Dom[]

The two sons of Gon and unofficial members of Angel Wings. They are both 12 years-old and constantly visit their father at work to see the maintenance of the Star Wheels and a free Star Race from a close view. They are always seen together and usually talk in sync when they are both spoken to. They are both mischievous when they are playing but, they are very obedient (and curious) when they are not. They both have a crush on Tsubasa's younger sister, Haneko, and sometimes argue about who she'll date. They are voiced by Aya Endo.

Haneko Kamijou[]

The 12 year-old sister of Tsubasa. She, like Kei and Rei, often visits Angel Wings' base to see the Star Wheels and Star Races, and she is also an unofficial member of the Angel Wings. She is a nice and kind young girl who worries about her older brother and often cooks lunches for him. She likes to play around with Kei and Rei because they are twins and they her only friends who love Star Racing as much as she does. She is voiced by Chiaki Omigawa.

Christy Sidi[]

The main heroine. She is a idol who is just starting to rise to fame alongside Angel Wings and also later becomes an unofficial member of the team. She is a carefree and easy going girl who is easily motivated and very hard to put down. She is usually seen smiling and excited about the future, so she is usually very positive. She is as motivated as Tsubasa when it comes to achieving their dreams and later becomes his girlfriend in the series. Her last name comes from the abbreviation "CD", having the same pronounciation. She is voiced by Megumi Nakajima.

Max Fulstorm[]

An 18 year-old Star Racer who became Angel Wings' newest member after she was introduced to the team by Haneko. Before she was a member of Angel Wings, she was a delivery girl who worked for a Chinese restaurant named Chunmei who would sometimes skip work to train to be a Star Racer on a public course. She is very determined to reach her dream of becoming a Star Racing Champion but, she is very scared of leaving bad impressions and disappointing people. Since she is a substitute racer, she does not have a specific position. Her role is Medic but, she sometimes uses her role as Medic to play the role of a Booster when the team is falling behind; her Star Wheel is called Full Storm. She is voiced by Yui Horie.

Star Racing[]

Star Racing is a fictional motor sport in the anime series, Acceleration Star, that uses highly advanced and powerful motorcycles in battle races using non-lethal weaponry that crystallizes energy for a limited time. These motorcycles are known as Star Wheels, and they are known for their super fast speed and unbelievable durability.

History of Star Racing[]

Star Racing had began in the late 21st century after a man named Alfred Jade invented and mass-produced a new vehicle known as the Jade Bike. Eventually, the Jade Bikes were deemed too dangerous to be used as tranportation vehicles anymore so they were later scrapped and became illegal, that was until the beginning of the 22nd century when Alfred Jade thought of a new idea of how his Jade Bikes could be used once again, in racing. The idea of Jade caught on fast as he reassembled a production of Jade Bikes and started redesigning them to be safer, but faster, thus, inventing Field technology, the crystallization of energy. Jade was later arrested for illegally creating more Jade Bikes and selling them to companies, but he eventually got the attention of government and was released from jail to create the racing tournament he wanted but, on one condition, no tragedies involving the Jade Bikes may occur during the testing or races. By year 2107, Jade renamed the Jade Bikes to Star Wheels due to their incredible shooting star-like speeds and the Field technology he also invented became part of the Star Wheels' main mechanics, but they were still deemed too dangerous for mass-productivity as expected, so the Star Wheels were only available for the one thing Jade had thought they would be useful for, racing sport. The Star Wheels racing tournaments caught on quickly as a popular new sport and it eventually became world-wide just four years after the first tournament was held, creating the Star Races.

Star Wheels[]

Originally called Jade Bikes, Star Wheels are one to four wheeled motorbike vehicles that can go up to 1000mph with an automatic shutdown function when the fastest limit is reached. Star Wheels can be designed in any way so long as they have a bike base along with a maximum of four wheels. Every Star Wheel has a non-lethal weapon or shield that is created using Field technology, which will protect the rider and vehicle when crashing or attack at will in a battle race.

Field Technology[]

Field technology is the crystallization of energy; forming the natural energy of air into a temporary shield or a weapon. This technology, like the Star Wheels, was invented by Alfred Jade and was originally intended to be made as war weaponry, but due to its non-lethal power, it was discarded by the government and was put into the Star Wheels' functions instead. It was also turned into protective barriers for many other things as well because of its powerful defensive abilities. Even though Field technology is not lethal, it is powerful enough to knock out an average human.

Laws of Star Racing[]

These are the laws that apply to an official Star Race.

  1. An official team must have at least five members, three racers and two staff
  2. Each racer must have their own Star Wheel and cannot share or trade theirs with any other person even outside of the Star Race Association, if any of these occur, they will be suspended from Star Racing
  3. A Star Racer cannot be attacked when his/her Field Energy is empty and he/she must be either replaced or refilled at the end of the current lap
  4. In the case of an accident, the race must be stopped resumed the day after repairs of the course is finished
  5. If a team is caught with any of the following: vandalism, sabotage, turning off the auto-shutdown, physical damage to other teams, blackmail, or any crime, they will immediately be disqualified and will never be allowed to Star Race ever again

Roles of Star Racing[]

Roles are some of the most important parts in Star Racing. Each Star Racer must specialize in their own individual role and no team can have more than one person playing the role. Roles are similar to player positions in other sports, but only three different roles are needed to have a race team.


These are the roles that are needed to be in a race and determine who starts where on the course. Position roles cannot be changed, but the spots of the racers can be.

  • Head - The center front spot. Must be for team leader.
  • Right Wing - The right spot behind the head and in front of the left wing.
  • Left Wing - The left spot behind the head and right wing.


These are what the racers individualize their skills in. Each team can only have one of each role, but only three are required.

  • Captain - The commander of the team who gives commands and makes decisions on the course. Can also play as a substitute for any other role. Must be team leader if it is in the team.
  • Strategist - The planner of the team who gives out strategies that best fit the situations. If there is a Captain, then the Strategist must give the information to the Captain before executing the strategy.
  • Defender - The protector of the team who must protect its teammates from damage.
  • Medic - The aid of the team who helps the team by giving Field Energy fuel on the course. Must have highest amount of Field Energy.
  • Ranger - The fighter of the team who must help the team by attacking the other team(s) on the course. Must be right wing to give no starting advantage to team.
  • Booster - The offensive of the team who must support the team by giving them speed. Must be left wing to give no starting advantage to team.
  • Heavy - The supporter of the team who must help the team by being the decoy against the other team. This is considered the hardest role because the Heavy must stay with the other team at most times in a course. In races with multiple teams, the Heavy may attack any group it has to.