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Adventure to Sakurami is the First Half of Cillian Darcy the Boy as the Drop of Water When Cillian Meets Yuno For the First Time along With All the Other Friends.

Cillian's Journey Begins[]

4 Years Ago Cillian is Captured and Got onto the Bus to Sakurami, A Women named Naomi Kurusu who Asked Him Questions about His Past so then Cillian Give her the Answers, so then he Fell out of the Bus and Fall into the Forest. After The Fall, Cillian Hurt his Leg and Saw a Girl who Named Her Yuno, while Yuno asking Cillian who he is, Cillian Didn't Remember and Met Steve For the First Time along With Max and Laura as their Friends who Ask Them To Come Along to Sakurami City and Cillian Happly Agrees so then Their Adventure Begins. While the Car Ran Out of Gas The Police Arrived to Shoot the Zombies and Take them and Then Cillian and Yuno Met Kurusu, Uyrn, Nishijima, Aru, Mao and Hinata for the First Time and Team Up. While Cillian and Uyrn Headed to the Motel and Saw a Serial Killer and Fight them and Flee. After the Zombies Are Invading the Store and The Heroes are Escaping and Nishijima Knows Who Cillian is and Keep the Secret so the Heroes Are About to Reforce the Fences.

Cillian Vs Laura: The Farm Battle of Thunder[]

After 3 Months Cillian is in the Woods with a New Kid Kazumi Hasebe (Nanao's Eldest Brother) to Hunt Down Some Food with His Friend Nishijima and then Saw 2 Kids with Their Teacher who Reveal to Be a Serial Killer and then the 3rd Kid got Shot and then Grab the Kid and take the Girls With Them to Help the Boy. the Girls have a Name Azami and Kasumi Kirisaki and the Boy has a Name Travis Paul who is Turned into a Zombie who Killed by Kurusu. and then Andy and Danny St John Arrived Who Made a Trade with them and Cillian Agreed so then Cillian and Uryn having a Conversation and then Arrived to the St John's Dairy, Cillian Repair the Swings for Yuno and Kasumi and then Reunited With Marco and Ai who Glad to See Him. Cillian Don't Remember who They Are. Ai Reveals that Cillian has Amnesia so She Wants Cillian to Rest in Her Legs and then Woke up After Being Locked in the Meat Locker so He Decide to Escape Through the Vent and Saw His Darker Self (Before Cillian Darcy 2: Clash Father Vs Son the True Fight), and Begin to Team Up to Fight, Naillic Reveals that the Farm is the Slaughterhouse, Cillian Tool Himself up with a Chainsaw And Reveals that Laura is the Mastermind to Use the Blood, Cillian Must Begin His Fight against Her for Good. Steve and Max thanks Cillian and then Andy Danny and Brenda Discover Cillian is the Barian/Astral Knight with Naillic and then Cilian and the Others Fought and Won and then Take the Food. so then Cillian and Yuno Decide to Get Going, Azami Kasumi Steve and Max Decide to Tag Along with them and Marco and Ai Will See them at Sakurami.

Train Ride to Sakurami[]

While their Journey Continued, Cillian and the Others Saw a Train, Cillian can Use it to Get to Sakurami with a help with the Map of Japan, now He Turned up an Engine and Finally Continue Their Journey. While on Their Train Ride, Cillian Talks to Yuno and Decide to Became Friend. so then The Train Stopped and Saw Cillian's Former Best Friend Toru and that Mysterious Girl Misaki (Who Duel Him Before His Whole Adventure Started) and Then She Shock that She Saw Yuno and Kasumi because they are Extremly Cute and Began Kissing Cillian. Toru Dragged Her, Cillian's Not Happy to See Toru but Happy to See Misaki. Toru Knew it that Cillian is Mad at Him so He Apologies to Him Later, so then At the Station Cillian and Yuno Walked there and Cillian Reveals that He Killed Spiker and Sponge (his Cruel and Abuisve Aunts), Yuno is So Mad at Him and End her Friendship and Run Back to the Others. Cillian found the Gas Pipe and Escape to their Journey, He Toru and Misaki Jumped onto the Train, and Toru Apologies to Cillian for Betrayed Him, and Cillian Accepted His Apology and then Steve Reveals Who's the True Traitor did this To Him.

Nighttime Adventure in the Secondary School[]

Cillian Toru Misaki Yuno Azami Kasumi Max And Steve Arrived and Reunited with Marco and Ai, Cillian Reveals that He Nearly Remember Everything. Toru Shocked that Cillian has Amnesia. Ai Decide to Take Cillian Home and the Others Must Continued Tomorrow. so then At Night, Yuno Walked into Cillian's Room and Apologies for Being Angry. Cillian Told Her its Okay, and See Something at Secondary School and Decide to Head there Alone and Yuno Wants to Come With Him, and Cillian Agrees, so then Steve Appeared Along With Toru Max and Misaki and then Cillian Being Greeted By 2 Owners of Gasai Bank, Ushio and Saika Gasai for the First Time and Saw Yuno and then Ushio and Made an Offer to Take Her to them as Their Daughter, so Cillian Agrees and then in the Classroom, Cillian and the Others Form an Alliances with Each Other. Cillian Saika and Steve Will Find the Battery, Max Ushio and Toru will Find Gas and Misaki Azami and Kasumi will Find the Medicine. and then Cillian Talked to Saika about Yuno that She's a Good Partner and Friend, Saika is Nice and Loving Mother and Asks Him How he Got Here. Cillian Took a Train he Founded. Saika Amazed his Adventure so then They Saw A Battery and Picked it Up But then a Girl with a Dark Pink Hair Appeared And Introduce her as Kanata Futaki But Cillian Didn't Care And He Ends Up Taking the Battery and Give it to Steve who Must Mind it while He's Going to Get Help. So Then Max Ushio and Toru Got the Gas and Run into the Halls so Cillian Closes the Door And Also Being Greeted by an Officer who Help Him Out To Hunt Down the Traitor. So At the Nurse Office, Misaki Kasumi and Azami Must Find the Way Open the Locker so Cillian is Good of it, And He found the Medicine, so Then Steve Returns and Teamed with the Officer to Find the Traitor but then Cillian Founded Out The Traitor Hunt is All a Fake So He Must Flee with Yuno and Kanata Appeared and Wants to Make an Offer with Him, She Wants Him to Give Yuno to Her and Give Him Lorcan Darcy Lilly Darcy and Deathic Darcy for Good, Cillian wants Her to Guide Him so Kanata Argee.