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A drawn picture of Ai Ayama's Official Style

Vocaloid ai ayama

Ai Ayama's Vocaloid Design

Ai Sakura Ayama (山桜愛) is Part Nekomusume (Cat in the form of a girl.)


Ai is Part Nekomusume (cat in the form of a girl) and was born in Osaka,Japan. When Ai was little she was abused by her father and her mother died after she was born. One day Ai's father mysteriosly disappered. Ai was soon adopted by her grandma but shortly after her grandma died and Ai was left alone. One day when Ai was out walking she heard someone yelling and went to check it out. Nobody was stopping to listen to the girl yelling and Ai just watched the girl yell "I'm the Amazing Mac Star!" Ai watched the girl in amazement and then clapped when the girl was done with her Performance. After that the Two became good friends. Not long after that Ai met a girl named Suna-May and they became good friends aswell.


Ai-chan has Many styles...

  • Her Official Style: Long brown hair to her belt. Fudge brown eyes. Cat ears are the same color as her hair. Teal highlights at the bottom tips. Light blue dress with teal slashes. Belt with a heart in the middle and chain loops around it. Cat tail same color as hair and eyes. Light blue bow around her tail with a bell. Fishnet's on arm's and legs. A school girl sailor tie on the front of the dress. A blue cat collar with a bell and there you have it.
  • Vocaloid Style: A black Chinese dress with slits at the bottom and in the middle showing her belly button, black arm protecters, white go-go boots, her same hair style and black earphones.


Ai-chan is a Major Otaku of Anime and video games even though she doesn't play much video games and sucks at them. Ai-chan loves to Cosplay and Watch Anime! Ai has a Gemini Personality meaning she can go from a sweet angel to a chainsaw devil in a flash! Even though Ai looks innocent and sweet, deep down she can be a real bitch if someone hurts her friends,family or pushes her to much over the edge. Other then that she is true to her friends and has there back and is generally sweet. Ai wants to be noticed by people. Ai used to be very shy before but she has friends who have helped her come out of her shell.


  • Ai can have her Cat ears and tail showing or either hide them and look like a normal human.
  • Aura feeler: Ai can tell what people are feeling by looking, talking or even being near them. She then feels what they feel.
  • Super Strength: When Ai is mad she has the power to punch anything and make it crumble at her feet.


  • Ai's favorite food is Cheesecake and Pizza.
  • Ai's hobby is Watching, Wearing (Cosplay) and Living Anime!
  • Ai's nickname's are Ai-chan or Ayama-chan. Mostly Ai-chan.
  • Ai's Main Pokemon is Wobbuffet (Sonans)
  • Ai's claimed Bitch buddy is Kon from Bleach.
  • Ai is in love with Ciel Phantomhive and Plans to marry him but first get rid of Elizabeth.
  • Ai's Official Deviantart account is Ai-Ayama.
  • Ai's Official YouTube Channel is AyamaAi.
  • Ai has a Facebook page.
  • Ai's full name means Mountain (Ayama) of Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Love (Ai). Mountain of Cherry Blossom Love.
  • Ai's Adopted Brother is Alois Trancy.
  • Ai's Sempai is Gakupo Kamui