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Akari Kuzehashi (久世橋 朱里) is a 19-year-old home economic, mathematics, Japanese and English teacher and the homeroom teacher for class 2-A.


Akari appears somewhat more to be like a beautiful 16-year-old girl than her regular age due to her youthful looks. Sometimes mistaken as a second-year high school student. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and is often seen with her hair pulled into a pony-tail on the side, held up with a pink scrunchy. She wears a formal teachers outfit, which is the business suit, in comparison to Karasuma's more relaxed attire (despite their age difference that normally seniors wear more professionally than juniors just as Kuzehashi is 19 while Karasuma is 21).


A beautiful young girl with a gentle soul with a very intimidating nature, she adores anything cute and adorable. However, in her attempts to get closer to her students, she incidentally scares them with her glare or scowl rather than smile. However, she is also highly serious about her work as a teacher and will not let her desires get in the way of it.

On Saturdays, when there are no upcoming tests or exams, she would invite her students and Isami Ōmiya for a hangout. However, even though it is Saturday, she would rather wear her business suit than her casual clothing.

She is a fan of Pikachu, the iconic mouse partner of Satoshi in Pokemon. She also wants to meet Satoshi and his friends.


Isami Ōmiya[]

Both of them are rivals on their love interests, particularly on Naofumi Iwatani, Satou Kazuma and Nagisa Kiryu. They both wear business suits. However, the two seem to be good to each other. Isami and Akari are known to hangout sometimes after her work and would call their hangouts as "Girls Cuteness Hangouts" due to both of them liking cuteness, particularly Pokemon.


  • She is the youngest and the only "teenager" in the faculty members in the school, at age 19.
  • She started college at 17 and later finished college at 18, only having two years of her college years. She also started middle school at 11 and high school at 14.
  • Many thought that Akari is a "16-year-old" who dresses professionally.
  • Her birthday is on July 24.