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Hao Yusatora

How Akiba depicts himself in his manga.

Akiba Numashi (ハオ遊佐トラ) is a Japanese mangaka who currently lives in Tokyo with his wife Hana Numashi and his 5-year old son, Daichi. Numashi is the author of the popular manga and anime series Phantasy, which is published weekly in Akita Shoten's Weekly Shonen Champion.  His mangaka career initially began with the manga -----, which ran for 50 chapters in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine. Akiba usually potrays himself as a young man with wild green hair and catlike eyes. In his extra pages, Akiba describes his real appearence as having light brown hair with suprisingly plain eyes. However, at the Mangacon 2012, Akiba appeared with hair dyed green, jelled up, and with contacts that make his eyes appear catlike. Apparently, Numashi usuallly wears those contacts around the house.

Akiba credits his manga career to mangaka such as Raiku Makoto, Eiichero Oda, Hiro Machima, Tite Kubo, and Akira Toriyama. He also admits that Raiku Makoto's Konjiki no Gash series was what inspired him to submit the early chapters of Phantasy to Weekly Shonen Sunday. 

Art Routine[]

Hao usually follows a very simple schedule for drawing his manga:

  • On Monday, he draws up the panels and writes the story.
  • On Tuesday, he draws teh backgrounds and character outlines.
  • On Wednsday, he adds details to the characters.
  • And on Thursday, he inks and sends the chapter for next week's magazine.
  • Spends time with family and on extra drawing or story planning on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.