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Almorians are a species of space aliens from Almoria, a planet located outside of the solar system. They make prominent appearances in Star Bomber Pretty Cure, Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure: An Adventure in Space!, and Alien Squad.



Almorians are known to have green antennae coming out of their heads and long tails with stars on the tips, which help translate their Almorian language. They also have more than one stomach and long, prehensile tongues. They can instantly learn any language by touching someone who speaks it with the star tips of their tails.

Almorians don't have official genders, but have the option to pass as male, female, or neither. They also use devices to morph their bodies into a humanlike appearance in order to fit in with Earthlings.

Powers and Abilities[]


Known Almorians[]


  • The Almorian language was based on Uryuomoco, a language from the webcomic El Goonish Shive.
  • Almorians have difficulty comprehending Earth humor.
  • Almorians are allergic to helium.
  • Each Almorian has different powers and abilities.