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Alvin and the Chipmunks (anime style)
Format Anime series
Created by Ross Badgasarian, Janice Karman, S. Martin
Run time 30 Minutes
English Network The Viz
Starring Quinton Flynn, Sarah Michelle Gellar

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My Alvin and the Chipmunks character chart.


The main plot is similar to the original show, but may be more modernized, especially in the anime-exclusive episodes.

The series focuses on platinum recording groups the Chipmunks and Chipettes. The Chipmunks are three brothers, Alvin, Simon and Theodore. As they had been abandoned by their own parents at infancy due to an awful winter, the trio are watched over and defended by their manager David Seville, a high being who is worshipped by other chipmunks of the world. The Chipettes, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor, are the Chipmunks' female counterparts and on-and-off girlfriends, who fend for themselves in their own private treehouse, under the condition that Dave's rekindled girlfriend Claire Wilson poses as the girls' legal guardian.



  • The Chipmunks: The main characters of the series
    • Alvin Seville: The leader of the Chipmunks, Alvin is the talented troublemaker of the group.
    • Simon Seville: The tallest brother. Simon is the intelligent realist and the most responsible of the group.
    • Theodore Seville: The youngest brother. Theodore is the cute innocent butterball of the group.
  • The Chipettes: The Chipmunks' female counterparts and on-and-off girlfriends
    • Brittany Miller: Brittany, the leader of the Chipettes, is Alvin's counterpart. She is as equally vain and self-centered as Alvin. But like him, she really does care about others.
    • Jeanette Miller: Jeanette is Simon's counterpart. However, unlike Simon, who stands up to Alvin easily, she does not stand up to Brittany as easily. She is also very smart, which is what she does have in common with Simon. However, she is very shy and clumsy.
    • Eleanor Miller: Eleanor is Theodore's counterpart. She shares his love for food and cooking. But she is more athletic, more caring, and more likely to stand up to Brittany than Theodore is to Alvin.
  • David "Dave" Seville: A high level being who is The Chipmunks' adoptive father, songwriter and manager. Dave's patience is tested nearly everyday by Alvin but despite this, he hails the entire chipmunks species, and they hail him back.
  • Claire Wilson: A guidance spirit who fills in as the legal guardian of the Chipettes. She occasionally brings wisdom the Chipmunks and has a crush on Dave, though prior she broke up with Dave due to his inability to take their relationship seriously though still wanted more out of the relationship. When Claire meets The Chipmunks in person, she falls in love with them right away. When Dave loses the Chipmunks due to a misunderstanding, Claire is granted her powers as a guidance spirit who plays a major role in getting the boys back by tricking guards who let him enter the Theater, her powers are deemed permanent as a reward for the victory.
  • Lilly: The Chipmunks' Rossini puppy who they adopted from the shelter following the death of their original pet, Cookie Chomper III, a kitten.
  • Vinny: The Chipmunks' birth mother. The Chipmunks find their long-lost mother after days of searching. Alvin gets upset because he doesn't understand why she abandoned them. Their mother explains that the year she abandoned them there was a horrible winter and all of the animals in the forest were forced to leave their homes. She realized that they wouldn't survive the journey if she brought them with her, so she and her mate Jason had no other choice but to abandon them, the brothers' tree was then cut down for a Christmas tree, The Chipmunks hop into a basket of muffins that Dave stole, and follow Dave home. She told them that when spring came and she and Jason could finally return to get them, she saw how happy they were under Dave's watchful eye, and thought they would be better off with him. Eventually, Alvin forgives his mother. They return to Dave, but the brothers agree to keep in touch with their mother. In a later episode she and Dave clash on how to bring the boys up. Eventually they make up.
  • Jason: The Chipmunks' birth father.


(Episodes Exclusive to the anime version)


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Alvin Miyu Irino Malie Flanagan (speaking), Ross Badgasarian Jr. (singing)
Simon Mamoru Miyano Yuri Lowenthal (speaking), Ross Badgasarian Jr. (singing)
Theodore Kōki Uchiyama Brian Donovan (speaking), Janice Karman (singing)
Brittany Mayumi Suzuki Kate Higgins (speaking), Janice Karman (singing)
Jeanette Mika Doi Stephanie Sheh (speaking), Janice Karman (singing)
Eleanor Ikue Ōtani Tara Platt (speaking), Janice Karman (singing)
Dave Seville Souichirou Tanaka Quinton Flynn (normal), Dan Aykroyd (beast mode)
Claire Wilson Ami Onuki Sarah Michelle Gellar
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