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Ambush Duel Carnival

Japanese name

チームデュエル大会 Chīmu Dyueru Taikai


Battle royal (Preliminaries)  Single-elimination (finals)


Carlow Ireland

Winner Cillian Darcy
Runner Up Darktix

Ambush Duel Carnival Is the Battle Royale Tournament in Season 17.

Flow of the tournament[]


The preliminaries happen for five days in Carlow, and each Duelist must accept all challenges. The tournament has an Ante Rule of betting their Gold Piece and if all pieces are lost, the participant will be automatically disqualified. In order to enter the finals, the Duelist must gather ten correct Gold Piece to make a perfect heart.[7]

The tournament begun with more than 10,0000 participants. Only 25 Duelists were able to complete their Heart Pieces. Kanata was a finalist but could not participate in the semi-finals due to him being in a coma after being defeated by Cillian, therefore only 24 Duelists advanced to the finals


Over 10,0000 Duelists participated in the tournament, Of them, 23 qualified for the finals