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American Star is an American animated sitcom that aired from 1994–1996, created by Peter Engel and developed by Max Thomas. The sitcom is based on the superhero characters created by Marvel Comics and Peter Engel from Saved by the Bell. Melvin Productions (Season 1), Charles Hill Films (Season 2-3) animation and produced it along with Breakthrough Films and Television, Organ Entertainment, Peter Engel Productions, NBC Productions and Thunderstone Television for Oliver Television Inc.


The show's opening theme, written by Doug Katsaros, who also composed the scores for every episode, consists of big band music and campy scat singing. A typical episode plot would have American Star battling a villain until Kinder devises a solution that saves the day. American Star then declares an absurd moral regarding the previous conflict before the story comes to a close. Although the series was initially aimed primarily at children, it features an absurdist, parody style that appeals to an older audience as well.

The animation is produced by Melvin Productions (Season 1), Charles Hill Films (Season 2-3) and AKOM Productions Co (Season 1-3).

Principal voice actors:[]

  • Townsend Coleman - Steve Rogers the Fox/Captain America
  • Jon Pertwee - Kinder the Rabbit (Season 1)
  • Martin Jarvis - Kinder the Rabbit (Season 2)
  • Richard Briers - Kinder the Rabbit (Season 3)
  • Colin Fox - Lord Hitler the Lion
  • Len Carlson - Wildman the Snake
  • Katie Leigh - Princess Maggie the Human
  • Gregg Berger - Captain Colonel the Badger, Stu Rogers (Dad) the Warthog
  • Paige O'Hara - Didi Rogers (Mom) the Human
  • Catherine Disher - Angelica Rogers the Evil Sister

Additional Voices[]

  • TK Carter - Captain Murphy, Others
  • Andi Peters - Dennis the Dog, Others
  • Bill Kopp - The Men Brothers 3, Pirate Beach 3, Others
  • Brian Trueman - Giant Blob, Godzilla, Pirate Beach 1, The Men Brothers 2, Others
  • Jess Harnell - Idiot Man, Thompson, Window Cleaner, Others
  • Jimmy Hibbert - Burger Monster, Dinosaur, Snow Monster, The Men Brothers 1, Pirate Beach 2, Others
  • Rob Paulsen - Professor Mad Scientist, Thomson, Others
  • Pat Fraley - Evil Magic, Others
  • Cam Clarke - Idiot Cat, Others
  • Jim Cummings - Evil Rat, Others
  • Jaleel White - Salesman, Others
  • Jesse Corti - Sexy the Parrot, Spainsh Guard, Hiter's Guards, Robots and Monsters, 2 Headed Man, Jackie and Jackson, Stupid the Hornbill, Others
  • Gary Owens - Announcer (Season 1-2) (uncredited)
  • Jeff Bennett - Announcer (Season 3) (uncredited)


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