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Ancient Earth: Tame ze PUWAA Gosei Hearts
Release Date: July 28, 2010
Running Time: 340 minutes approx.
Country: USA and Japan
Language: English and Japanese
Writer(s): SuperSaiyanKirby, Manta-bee, Etenitey the hedgehog, Yasuko Kobayashi
Director(s): Satoshi Morota, Takao Nagaishi, Eric Robles
Storyboards: SuperSaiyanKirby
Storyboard Artist(s): Toru Furuya
Storyboard Director(s): Masami Hata
Music: Psychic Lover, The Jonas Brothers

Ancient Earth: Tame ze PUWAA Gosei Hearts is a upcoming movie to air on Right Stuf Network. The title in Japanese is 古代地球: 飼いならされたze PUWAA Goseiの中心.


Don Dolnero (ドンDolnero) from Mirai Sentai Timeranger is building a gadget called The Time Buster 3000 (時間の破壊者3000) to make the Timerangers not exist. It works and goes back to 1901. He made a big oil explosion to destroy Alaska. Then, he went to 2001 and destroyed the buidings in New York and the plane wasn't destroyed. Then went to 2008 and made Hurricane Ike. TBA