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Andrea Weatherly's diary is a diary belonged to Andrea Weatherly, the eldest of the three Weatherly sisters.

Early history[]

She revealed her love for Peter Oliver and romantic fantasizes about him. She also logged about what Peter and his parents (Herbert and Penelope Oliver) are up to. One entry mentioned about searching for Aria Blaze's cursed ruby amulet in the Thousand Doors.

Equestria Girls: Rarity Investigates[]

When Rainbow Dash (Ashleigh Ball), Rarity, (Tabitha St. Germain), Pinkie Pie Andrea Libman), Applejack, Fluttershy, Sunset Shimmer, Spike (Cathy Weseluck), and Twilight Sparkle (Tara Strong) planned on going to the haunted historical building, Andrea's older cousin, Miranda Weatherly showed them Andrea's diary. She told them her paternal uncle Gary Weatherly put it on her doorstep (although it didn't have his trademark dark red seal), but in reality, Miranda was the granddaughter of Clyde Weatherly, Nancy Weatherly (nee Chalk), Thomas Walls, and Martha Walls. This discrepancy tipped Twilight Sparkle to finding out the truth about her.


  • Dear diary, in our quest to track down Aria Blaze's cursed ruby amulet, we leave tonight to search the site of the haunted historical building known as the Thousand Doors.