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This is a list of episodes from the anime Angel Beats Double!! .

Episodes - U Arc[]

Episode 1 - Found (both)[]

It shows the epilogue again, but Yuzuru does catch up to Kanade. They walk and talk for awhile, including Kanade saying that she's pretty sure she saw Yuri at some pool with little kids. The two bump into a couple, and it's Hinata and Yui (in a wheelchair). Hinata says he was going to the pool, and that alerted Kanade, and little bit to Yuzuru. When they get to the pool, they meet Yuri.

It shows a boy (same boy from the "Another Epilogue"), laying on the ground, with a tuxedo on. He jolts up, to see that he is on a school roof, and a young girl comes. She introduces herself, then starts talking about rumors about the Student Council Room and the Principal's Office, but points out that only some people go into a room with instruments in there. The boy says his name is Kaito Fujiwara, and says that he'll like to see the Principal's office. They go there, and see lots of old SSS stuff.

Episode 2 - 3 Couples, 1 Solo / 2 Members, Shadows Again[]

Yuri sees the group, but tries not to pay attention. Naoi and Shiina, as a couple, soon come, which makes Yuri go up to them. She explains that she still had a pretty bad life again, with many of her school friends dying. Naoi explains that he's been working out just for Yuzuru, but no improvement. Shiina explains that she's been training to be a police officer.

Kaito and Yuki look through stuff, such as GirlDeMo CDs and pages about the members. Yuki starts liking the CDs. But Kaito thinks they should start their own Battlefront, and he asks if Yuki hates God. Yuki shyly says yes, and they agree to start a new Battlefront. Then, outside, there are shadows. What would the two of them do with no weapons?

Episode 3 - Shadows Go Up / Shadows Stay Down[]

Yuzuru has a dream that he opens his eyes in the Afterlife, and a young brown haired man is surrounded by shadows (in a protective way). Yuzuru wakes up, and realizes he's late to go with the others to try to find some others. As he runs to the park, he thinks he saw a shadow in an alley. He continues running to the park, but there, the group is surrounded by shadows. But luckily, Naoi and Hinata have guns in there bags, just in case they needed them, but, in that world? The normal world? But, 2 people arrive, a guy with a blindfold, and a guy with an axe...

Kaito and Yuki scatter around the room to find weapons, but they just take a halberd and a couple guns. They start shooting the shadows, but they keep multiplying. Kaito sees a man with brown hair on top of a building, and he (the man) turns around, and walks away. Kaito thinks in his head of who he might be, but he just keeps shooting. After the ones in their area are gone, Yuki remembers that she saw a file about something named a "Shadow".

Episode 4 - Back Up There / Finding Somebody[]

Noda and TK (still doesn't say his real name) help fight the shadows with the group. Then, people are running from the city, because they were warned of the shadows. But the group keeps fighting. Yuzuru feels a hand touch his shoulder, he turns around, and he disappears. The others don't notice until Hinata points out. Yui sits on the side in her wheelchair, not able to do anything. The group think of what happened to Yuzuru, but then Yui says, "He disappeared, some guy touched him, then he just..poof..". The group ask why she didn't say it before, but then Takamatsu and Takeyama appear, and they ask what happened. But, the group doesn't respond.

In the principal's room, Kaito and Yuki talk about how they could get more members. Yuki points out that she has friends she can invite. Kaito replies by saying it can't be random people nor NPCs. Yuki sees something outside appear, but Kaito just says it's probably a shadow. They go outside to investigate, only to see a couple shadows. They deal with them, then Kaito sees it, a young redish orange haired man, laying against a tree, unconscious.

Episode 5 - 2 More Lost, 4 More Found / New Recruitments, or Not[]

A couple minutes after Takamatsu and Takeyama appear, 4 more appear, Yusa, Oyama, Fujimaki, and Matsushita. They also ask what happened, but Oyama actually asks "Where's Yuzuru?". The group doesn't respond until Yui blurts "Yuzuru disappeared!". Right after that, the same hand that made Yuzuru disappear, makes Hinata and Naoi disappear. The whole group sees that, and Yuri announces "We just have one group to find now, Girls Dead Monster!".

The young man wakes up, and says "Ugh...what happened? I was just battling with everyone and...". He notices Kaito and Yuki and looks around, and says "Why am I in the Afterlife?! Again...". Yuki asks how he knows it's the Afterlife, and he replies "Oh, because...uh...I...was here...before...I came here after I died, I'm Otonoashi Yuzuru!". Kaito and Yuki stand in amazement, and ask if he was in the SSS, but then Hinata and Naoi appear, with Yuzuru saying "Hinata! Naoi!".

Episode 6 - Find The Band / The Man[]

The group is watching TV when it mentions a band called "Girls Dead Monster" playing in the new "Shadow City" with nobody there, hopefully. They announce it's supposed to be at that night, at 7pm. The group head there that night, only to encounter shadows on the way there. When they get there, they see the band, just sitting on the stage. Sekine sees the group and shouts "The Battlefront! They're here! They're really here!".

Yuri goes up with Kanade to talk about what happened with Yuzuru, Hinata, and Naoi.

Hinata and Naoi wake up, to see Yuzuru sitting in front of them, talking with Kaito and Yuki. Then the brown haired man appears, and introduces himself as "U". U takes out a gun, and points it at Yuzuru. The screen turns black, and then shows the area, covered in blood, and the 5, "dead". Yuzuru opens his eyes, and says to sky, "Stupid God...". Then it starts to rain.

Episode 7 - We're Going! / Massacre[]

Hisako says she saw some man that said "If you ever find a group of people, together, looking for 3 people, give them this, to only a couple of them..." then he gave her a small box. Kanade asks why would somebody tell them to give it to them, but Hisako doesn't understand why. They take it away, and then the entire group goes to Girls Dead monster's gigantic house. They plan to who's going, Yuri, Kanade and Shiina. The 3 use

the box, which turns into a portal, and go through it.

Yuzuru tries to get up, but falls back down. He bends his neck a little bit, only to see many shadows, and fallen NPCs. Hinata whispers to him, "Hey, try to look like you're still unconscious, he'll notice it...". Yuzuru sees U, shooting an NPC, so Yuzuru just jerks his head down. U walks over, and messes with Naoi's head by slightly kicking it from side to side. Then, on the side of the area, Yuri, Kanade and Shiina appear.

Episode 8 - Fighting[]

(In this, there is no seperation, it's just one whole thing, without commercial break things)

Yuri stands still and yells "What is this?!". U sees Yuri and the other 2, and comments on how brave they were to go there. Kanade uses "Hand Sonic" and says "If I'm here, I can still use it...". U points a gun at Kanade, but Yuzuru gets up, and pushes him down. Meanwhile, GirlDeMo do a concert, with Yui and Iwasawa singing Alchemy. Back to the scene, U jumps up, but Shiina holds him from behind, with Shiina saying "Shoot him as many times you want to!". Yuzuru starts shooting yet U starts shooting as well, towards Hinata and Naoi. Yuzuru falls down to the ground and says "I'm finished". And, Alchemy ends.

Episode 9 - Reunion / New Recruitments[]

Yuzuru wakes up looks around, and says "This, is not my room...". He gets up and heads downstairs. The whole group is already there, including Hinata and Naoi, with Yuzuru commenting "So I'm the last one awake?". Hinata walks over, and says "So you were unconscious for 12 hours, I was only 9!". And then Yuzuru smacks Hinata on the back of his head. The group starts talking a bit, but then police come in. With them taking Yuzuru, Yuri, and the whole group of GirlDeMo, excluding Yui. With Yuzuru saying to his self "I'm surrounded by girls...".

Kaito wakes up in the SSS room, on the floor, with Yuki, awake, on the couch. Yuki says she put up posters up across the school for people to come to the Battlefront. Kaito then smacks her, and then opens the door to leave. There are 2 people, a purple haired tall girl, and a blue haired normal boy. The girl introduces herself as "Yume" and the boy as "Hikari". Yuki goes ahead and accepts them, which makes Kaito mad.

Episode 10 - Prison / Fighting All The Shadows[]

Yuzuru is laying on the cold floor of the prison room, and says "I just thought...I could go ahead and try to be a doctor again...". The others don't listen, he just sighs, and says "This is just like the reflection room...". The others listen to him now, and agree. Somebody walks up to their prison room, and of course, it's U. He "apologizes" for hurting Yuzuru, but nobody believes him. U then says, "If you don't believe me, I'll kill you, here in this world.". Yuri and GirlDeMo nervously say they believe him, but Yuzuru bravely says "No, I don't believe you" and then punches him, which knocks him unconscious. U then disappears. Then Yuzuru leads them out of the prison.

Yume asks what they do, and then Kaito looks outside, and sees shadows combine into one giant one. He then points at it, "That. We "kill" shadows". Yume says ok, but Hikari hesitates. Kaito convinces Hikari to help. They end up finshing the shadow, but then U appears, laying on the ground, unconscious. He then disappears shortly after he wakes up.

Episode 11 - Deal / Nobody Understands[]

When the group reaches the house, Yuri says "You would have made a better leader than me", but Yuzuru disagrees. But inside, U is in there, holding Yui by the neck, with everyone else tied up in a disturbing stack. U tries to work a deal, if they win against Yui, he'll disappear. But if they lose, he'll kill Yui, and possibly somebody else. The group makes Yuzuru decide, and he hesitately says yes. Then Hinata is yelling at Yuzuru as the commercial break thing appears.

Kaito notices something weird about Yume and Hikari, they both seem to be talking in the corner. He walks up to them, only to be punched by Hikari. Yume and Hikari then decide to quit the SSS, and walk out of the room.

Kaito gets up, and yells at them as they walk down the hall. Yuki sighs, and says that Kaito doesn't know how horrible it is to die over days, but Kaito disagrees. He says that sudden death is worse, because you didn't expect it. It ends with them yelling at each other.

Episode 12 - Battle Time[]

(Like 8, no seperation)

The next day, the whole group (including GirlDeMo) meet in the living room, and figure out a plan when fighting Yui. Hinata will not fight, unless he choses to during the fight, and the strongest will be in the front, which includes Yuri, Kanade, and Yuzuru. U comes in just a couple minutes later, and, they're there. They start shooting seconds after they get there, but Yui just keeps dodging. Iwasawa drops her gun, and starts singing My Song, without any instruments. Kaito and Yuki then appear, with Kaito saying "We're only here because we want to!". Yuzuru grins, and then Yuri runs toward Yui, and kicks her down. Shadows then surround U, and he tries to use hypnotism on the Final Five (Naoi, Yuri, Hinata, Kanade and Yuzuru). Everybody besides Yuzuru gets hypnotized, because he has his eyes closed, but is struggling. He opens his eyes, to realize U is the one that was in his dream from episode 3, and he gets hypnotized. Ending with Shiina saying, "How shallow-minded" and TK saying "Hypno-tism! Crazy mind!".

Episode 13 - Memories of Misery[]

(Still no seperation, techincally)

Yuzuru opens his eyes, and sees Hatsune, smiling and saying "Thank you, Onii-chan!" repeatdly.

He holds his head in distress, then sees a young Yuzuru asking his grandmother what happened to his parents, but she doesn't answer. Then, with Yuri, her sisters and brother say "Thank you!" and then it shows Yuri and her parents at her siblings funeral. With Hinata, it shows a truck going towards him, and then the screen turns black. Then with Naoi, it shows him working on pottery, and his father scolding him. And with Kanade, she just sits there, staring at the ground. Meanwhile, with the fight, everyone falls, one by one, until Shiina, Noda, and Hisako are left. Hisako leaps toward Yui, and slaps her across the face. Yui comes back to her senses, and hugs Hisako. They do it with the others, until Yuzuru is left, who just keeps dodging them. Then Hinata says "Maybe he thinks we're trying to kill him? He tries to keep from being killed". It then ends with Kanade punching Yuzuru in the face.

Episodes - O Arc[]

Episode 14 - A New Start / Down to the Guild[]

It's winter, snow's falling, and kids are playing in the snow. Yuzuru gets up, gets dressed, and heads downstairs. It's been 2 weeks since the incident, and everything's been normal, the couples been together, the band's been practicing with Yui (despite her handicap). Everything seemed perfect, until Yuzuru suddenly said "I decided! I'm going to try to become a doctor again!" with Hinata and Kanade the first to respond to it, with saying in unison "You want to get killed again?!". But Yuzuru just goes to eat something. And Yuri comments "He's had an easy-going personality ever since then" and Oyama asks "Maybe because he wants to change?" and Hinata replies "No, he probably suffered like us when hypnotized...and...I'm not sure, but still...".

Yuki and Kaito are just hanging in the room, doing nothing. Yuki sighs and says "Nothing's changed, this is boring...". Kaito pulls Yuki up and says "Hey, you should have said that earlier, and you would be bored!" and he runs with her, to the gym. Yuki asks why they're there, but Kaito just opens the ladder down to the way to Guild. Kaito says "That hair bow girl said if we're bored, go down there, and it might be fun..". Yuki sighs, but says yes.

Episode 15 - Sleeping Beauty / The Traps[]

A couple days after the last episode, everything started to grow perfect again, until some woman came through the door, with a ring in her fist. The woman then carefully puts the ring on Kanade's finger, and turns around to the group. She introduces herself as O, and that she specializes in rings. O then says "That girl, with that ring, that can only come off by me, will become, the sleeping, Sleeping Beauty". Yuzuru yells "Aren't you U or something?! And you pause too much in sentences...". O says "No, I am, not, U. For I, O, am myself" and she walks out. Kanade yawns and says "I'm going to sleep...". Yuzuru just sighs, and runs out, which leaves the others puzzled about what just happened.

Kaito and Yuki are walking, when a giant hammer swings right in front of them. This startles Yuki, but nobody gets hurt. They keep going, not getting hurt from any traps. When they get to the end, they're at the blown up Guild. Kaito says "This looks like fun!" and he slides down, with Yuki behind him, being careful. The episode ends when all they see, is dirt.

Episode 16 - Cursed / Encounter[]

Yuzuru tries to find O, but instead, she finds him. Yuzuru tries to tell her to wake Kanade up, but O says she only will, if she can put a ring on Yuzuru. He hesitates, but says yes. O then puts the a black ring on him. But she walks away before she explains what it does. Yuzuru looks at it, but then collapses. A young girl walks up to him, and tries to wake him up.

When the 2 are back up on the surface, they run into Yume. She explains that she didn't want to quit the SSS, but Hikari made her. Yuki asks where he is, but Yume says she doesn't know. When they continue walking, they run into Hikari, talking with O.

Episode 17 - Little Girl / What Would Happen If You Shot Somebody When Bullets Went Straight Through?[]

(Both episode names are an English pun, it's like you're asking a little girl the question) Yuzuru wakes up, and the girl starts asking questions. He doesn't pay attention, but just keeps staring straight. The girl introduces herself as Yuka, and that she loves GirlDeMo. Yuzuru turns to her, and stands up. But he just walks away. When he walks in the house, Kanade's awake. Naoi asks where he's been, but, Yuzuru just collapses, remembering the time back in the Afterlife, thinking the words "Maybe this is the Afterlife of the Afterlife, maybe, this is just a dream, a world I would just like...".

Hikari turns to Kaito, Yuki, and Yume. He questions them if they heard what he was saying, but they say no. Hikari just walks away with O. Yume grabs a gun from Kaito, and starts shooting Hikari, but they just go through him. The bullets go back towards the group, but they all dodge. They continue shooting, but the keep going through Hikari. But he just walks away, unaffected, with O following.

Episode 18 - The Truth / The Thought[]

Yuzuru wakes up, with a spider on his nose, flicks it off, and sits up.

Hisako is the only one in the room, and she says "You woke up, eh? Oh, before you ask, we were doing a shift every hour, I'm the 2nd shift! And Noda was gonna come in a couple minutes...". She then tells Yuzuru that the group went shopping, and that they want to know what the ring was. Yuzuru replies "Oh this? Oh...I'll explain..." and as he says, he explains about O and his deal with her. Yuzuru then gets up, and heads towards the door, saying "I'll find that O, and destroy her, even with this ring...".

The 3 sits in the gym, discussing what might Hikari had did to have bullets go through him. Yume thinks it was just an illusion, Yuki thinks he used magic, but Kaito knows the truth, he uses Angel Player. They head back to the room, only to realize the files of everything are gone, including the CDs. They look out the window, and see Hikari, grinning at them, holding the files and CDs.

Episode 19 - Spiders Are Nothing / Light and U[]

When Yuzuru is on the sidewalk, he remembers something, that he forgot his entrance exams to become a doctor. When he walks some more, there's a giant spider, that made a giant web behind it. Yuzuru just sweatdrops, calls Hinata, and speaks in a non-suprised voice "Hey...Hinata...there's a spider in my way, can you guys come here?". And before Hinata can reply, Yuri's voice is on the phone instead "You are such an idiot! Don't you see us?! We're stuck in the web!". Yuzuru puts away the phone, and points a gun at the spider, but says "Wait...this looks like the spider I flicked earlier...when I woke up" and then he just shoots the spider.

The 3 head outside, and U appears behind Hikari. Kaito points a gun at Hikari, but he (Hikari) says it's useless, the bullets will just go through. Kaito says "That's the plan..." and he shoots. Screen turns black. And it shows Kaito, Yuki and Yume are the ground, covered in blood, as Hikari and U walk away. Yuki says "You're an idiot, Kaito...". With him replying "I know, if only it was snowing...". With Yume saying "What about Yuki?".

Episode 20 - Last Battles Are The Best[]

Episode 21 - Goodbye[]