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Angel Guardians are actully another type of mutant that is givin divine power through the light of the heavens. Anybody can be an Angel Guardian (even humans) however the process (called a angel birth) is a long one. First the person must go to the Keydarien Core and be kneeling at the core's center. That person is inspected by a Keydarein and is told what to do. The person swears an oath to god and must promise to assist those in need of help and to protect other worlds if they need it as well. Then the person is givin an orb that contains the angel essence. They then must speak the words needed unlock the power and then finally they are infused with this power and become angel guardians. When an angel guardian is born, they are randomly givin an element (as well as an energy type mostly spirit although there are angel guardians that use chakera as well as chi energy). Angel Guardians are free spirited people and therefore, are not bound to laws that hinder their freedom whatsoever. They are however intitled to assist those in need of help. If an Angel Guardian breaks his or her oath, their powers get taken and will have to redeem themselves in order to get it back. Angel Guardians have 5 different forms each one much more powerful then prevous one. These forms the angel guardians can use at will however it requires energy (depending on the form) to maintain it. When Angel Guardains first start off, they only have their normal form (basicly their mutant self) and the angel guardian form. When they grow in power and do many good deeds, they are givin more powerful forms that enable them to combat stronger foes. To obtain a new form is usally done at the Kaydarein Core. To transform into a angel guardian form, the person calls forth the power by first extending their hand into the sky and say "angel guardain transformation!" then that's it. Sometimes hands symbols are needed for certains forms plus for aidditional forms they must say what form they want to use (if you just say "angel guardain transformation!" you'll just turn into your basic angel form. To use your stronger forms, you must first say "angel guardain transformation!" then say what form). When angel guardains grow in power, they can transform into their basic angel form without saying the words or use the hand gestures. However with higher class forms, you must always perform the hand symbols as well as say the words. Here are five forms.

  • Angel Form - The first form that every angel guardain receives. In aiddtion to enhanced streight, power and speed. They also have wings that allows them to fly.
  • Ultimate Form - Twice as powerful as the angel form, this form allows you to use high ranking moves that can defeat groups of foes with ease. The adverage guardain takes about 100 years to get this form.
  • God Form - Really powerful and usually wont be obtained until the guardain can become strong enough to handle Ultimate form. This form will greatly extend the angel's wingspan, allowed better control while flying.
  • Supreme God Form - This Form is Almost twice as powerful as the god form, this form is so powerful, it said that it would take about 1,000 years for an angel guardain to get this form.
  • Immortal Form - Also know as "The Forbidden Form" this form is the most powerful form a angel guardain can have. This form is extremly powerful, more than all the other forms combined. It is said that the only way to defeat an Immortal is another Immortal. This form's power is so great however, that every angel guardain that has tryed to acheive this form died. Hence why it's called the forbidden form, because no angel guardain has yet to get this form and live to tell about it. It's power can destroy a non angel immortal.