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Note: Although the writer is a devout Catholic, the main ideas here are allegoricized morality, not theology, and some of these angels such as Metatron and Haniel and other angels from the book of Enoch are not considered by his faith canon and are merely used by the author to paint the picture of angels, this should not be taken as a serious theological article. The writer suggests looking up the works of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Dionysus The Areopagite for serious articles of angels

"Angels, they're are not 'fluffy-winged humans', they are strange, bizarre, they have this look that is organic yet at the same time inorganic, they are surreal servants of God, their very presence shocks you with a sudden uncontrollable fear which can only be shut off when the angel says to you 'Do not be afraid', they are beautiful, but also they are so overwhelming."-Retro Ace

Angels are servants of God who hail from Heaven, they have been told in mythology, folklore, and most importantly religion by many sapient beings. They are often depicted simply as humans with wings, but they are actually much more surreal and strange in appearance than one thinks.

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Hierarchy: The 9 Choirs of Angels[]

From lowest to highest

  1. Common Angels-Messengers of Sapient Life, Guardians of Souls of Sapient Life and Nature
  2. Archangels-Ruling Angels, Protectors of Souls of Mortals, God's Emissaries
  3. Principality-Angels of Time, Guardians of Nations, Cities, Planets
  4. Powers-Warrior Angels, Defenders, Keepers of History
  5. Virtues-Angels of Choice and Emotion, Aid in Enlightment
  6. Dominions-Angels of intuition, give orders to lower angels
  7. Thrones(Ophanim)-Angels of Justice and Will, regulate positive energy
  8. Cherubim-Angels of Harmony and Wisdom, guard spiritual sanctuaries
  9. Seraphim-Gaurd the Throne of God




Necraphim/Grim Reapers







Nephilim(angel-decended races)

Eldarphim(Elf-like angel)

Nephilim Races[]

Nephilim Races are paranormal races of creatures who's ancestry is linked to the angels, some angels when stationed in mortal realms are privileged to marry and raise a family with mortals (and share their immortality with them, however either way is a difficult choice for the mortal). From this, other paranormal races were born from these unions.

Selected Renegade Demons

Celestial Spirits(Fairy Tail)

Exceed(Fairy Tail)



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