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Galaxy Angel: Angels of the Universe (宇宙の天使たち Uchū no tenshi-tachi) is an Space opera-Action-Comedy spin-off of Galaxy Angel. It takes place in an alternate universe that is a mix of Space Dandy and Galaxy Angel, but contains elements from other franchises such as Warframe. It has so many references to science fiction series, music, anime, Internet culture and even Fanfics. (NOTE: It is not related to the Icelandic novel of the same name.)

It follows Apricot Rajeed Sakuraba(Apricot R. Sakuraba), a girl from the planet Al-Shaval(basically Transbaal from the G.A franchise but with somekind of an Arabian name) of EDEN who is so self sufficient that she can handle and deal with any situation regardless of the difficulty or effort involved, including swordsmanship, fixing anything, building something from junk and hacking, even bounty hunting. She goes around the universe doing so many, many odd jobs. Then, as if luck was on her side, she got the chance to become part of the Angel Squadron (天使戦隊 Tenshi sentai) or (primarily) the Angel Troupe (エンジェル隊 enjeru tai).

The Opening Theme "Eternal Love (Maho Tomita ver.)" will by sung by Maho Tomita. The Ending Theme "Sugar Song to Bitter Step (Angel Remix)" will be sung by Yūna Inamura‏‎.


Angel Squadron/Angel Troupe[]

Apricot Rajeed Sakuraba (アプリコット・R・桜葉/アプリコット・ラジード・桜葉)[]

Voiced by: Yūna Inamura

An altered version of the Galaxy Angel II character "Apricot Sakuraba", who is from the planet Al-Shaval (惑星アル・シャヴァル Wakusei Aru shavu~aru) and is part of the Angel Squadron. She is the younger sister of Milfeulle Rajeed Sakuraba(altered version of Milfeulle Sakuraba) of the Angel Squadron, who she admires immensely. Her full name is Apricot Rajeed Sakuraba, simplified to Rico. Thanks to her Omnicompetence and being a half-Tenno (Tennos can use the abilities of warframes), she can handle all situations and matters, like building something from junk, inventing new things, survival skills, superhuman strength etc. Like her original counterpart, she has a pathological reflex toward males and gains an immense surge of strength to frequently throw them over her shoulder, a sort of trait that allowed her petite frame to support her superhuman strength. Her Emblem Frame is RA-001 Cross Caliber. She has shown to have an unlimited amount of energy, like she could outrun a cheetah. Before she joined the Angel Wing, she had the nickname "Rune One" thanks to her notorious bounty hunter skills.

Lily C. Sherbet (リリィ・C・シャーベット)[]

Voiced by: Erina Nakayama

A female knight part of the Angel Squadron, who hails from the planet of Seldar, the capital of NEUE, and is a proud member of its distinguished knights. She pilots the RA-002 Eagle Gazer. She is a half-blood thanks to a union between pure blood Kruo Sherbet, the 8th head of the Sherbet Household and the pure blood Red-Eye clan swords-woman, Aila Caramel, which is why her left eye has a hereditary red color.

Nano-Nano Pudding (ナノナノ・プディング)[]

Voiced by: Satomi Akesaka

An sentient, humanoid collection of infinite nano-machines part of the Angel Squadron, and much like her adoptive mother, Vanilla H. , could treat wounds and injuries. She is Vanilla's counterpart in both character and role in combat. Like her name suggests, she is in fact a living piece of lost technology and a Nano-machine generator, giving her the ability to interact with them in much the same way as Vanilla H, who she refers to as "Mama" because it was Vanilla who first discovered her on the Planet Pico. She also has the ability to heal like Vanilla, and it seems that her white tail has the strongest source of nano-machines. She pilots the RA-003 First Aider.

Kahlua/Tequila Marjoram (カルーア/テキーラ・マジョラム)[]

Voiced by: Aya Hirano

A female magician of NEUE and a member of the Angel Squadron who has an alternate personality known as Tequila Marjoram who was able to be brought out by consuming alcohol. This shift involved a change in not only her physical characteristics but a complete change in mentality and skill. She pilots the RA-004 Spell Caster. She has a very quiet, gentle personality, speaking in a slow, rather laid-back tone. She is from the Majoram Bloodline, which is a family known for their very powerful sorcery, which is why she is a very powerful sorceress.

Anise Azeat (アニス・アジート)[]

Voiced by: Satomi Hanamura

She is a self-proclaimed Treasure Hunter, who comes from a line of distinguished treasure hunters who led a group of like-minded hunters that uncovered the ruins of their planet for treasures and loot and a member of the Angel Squadron. She pilots the RA-005 Relic Raider. She has a very outgoing, active, and competitive personality. She also uses a rather rough (for a girl) talking style, including the use of the male pronoun "ore".

Natsume Izayoi (ナツメ・イザヨイ)[]

Voiced by: Atsuko Enomoto

The princess of the Izayoi family and member of the Angel Squadron. She is a very young girl who'll always fight for justice even though she may be a little selfish and naive. She also has a great education, similar like Chitose Karasuma. She pilots the RA-006 Papillon Chaser.


Episode 1: Recruited to the Angel Squadron (天使戦隊に採用)[]


The AI-compatible ship that Rico has used.

Apricot Rajeed Sakuraba of planet Al-Shaval discovers what is believed to be an Emblem Frame in NEUE while she was surveying with an AI-compatible ship during her job to discover old stuff left behind. It turns out it really was a Emblem Frame named Cross Caliber, much to her surprise. She gets inside Cross Caliber and succeeds in activating it, which the Administrator of the White Moon Shatoyan saw this as this was a Lost Technology made by the highly advanced still-alive EDEN Civilization and informs her sister Milfeulle about this. Meanwhile, Rico gets a message about where to meet and a recruitment notice from the Empress Shiva Al-Shaval, which shocks her. She goes to the orbital station, as she's finding the right shuttle to the place she was told, she gets picked up by Forte Stollen and they board a reserved shuttle to the White Moon, the address previously mentioned in the message. This is where Rico is in for a shock: She is going to be recruited to the Angel Squadron that her sister is part of! And she will be trained by Forte and also Chitose before joining the Angel Troupe.

Episode 2: The Blue Knight of Seldar and the Nanomachine Lifeform (セルダールの青い騎士とナノマシンの存在)[]

After going through Forte and Chitose's training, Rico joins the Angel Troupe and is assigned to the Luxiole. Now she must find more members to recruit, that's where she is shown who she will recruit in Seldar, Pico, Magiic, Azeat and Hatchet. The first location is the planet Seldar, where she meets Lily C. Sherbet, the captain of the royal guard. Lily challenges Rico in a swordfight because she is curious of what she can do, and to her surprise, Rico catches her off-guard and defeats her. Lily accepts her defeat and joins the Angel Troupe with the Eagle Gazer.

The next stop is planet Pico, where she meets Vanilla H. and is led to Nano-Nano Pudding and is asked to recruit her into the Angel Troupe because of Nano's Compability with the First Aider, which she does so.

Episode 3: The Witch of Magiic and the Treasure Hunter of Azeat (マジックの魔女とアジートのトレジャーハンター)[]

After bringing Lily and Nano to the Angel Squadron, she goes to planet Magiic via shuttle to find the next person she'll recruit. As she was going to a river with a waterfall, she stumbles upon Kahlua Marjoram taking a skinny dipping, but it turns out that Kahlua was wearing a swimsuit much to her relief. They introduce themselves and Rico explains she came to Magiic to recruit Kahlua to the Angel Squadron at Shatoyan's request, the cat familiar Mimolette arrives with an alcohol disinfectant, whose scent causes Kahlua to turn into her alternate personality, known as Tequila.

Now that Kahlua/Tequila has joined the Angel Squadron with the Spell Caster, the next stop is planet Azeat, which is known for being covered in sandstorms. She stumbles upon a cave with lots of treasure and encounters Anise Azeat, who was informed by Mint about the Angel Squadron. They leave the cave and go to where the Relic Raider is. While walking, Anise talks about herself: how her parents perished, being under the tutorage of Kelvin Crepe for 8 years etc. Rico was touched by this and feels sorry for her, but Anise explains that she accepted it long ago. Rico contacts the Luxiole to get there now that Anise is joining the Angel Squadron.

Episode 4: Princess of Hatchet (ハチェットの王女)[]

Rico only needs to recruit the final member of the Angel Troupe, Natsume Izayoi now that 5 of them have joined. She was about to fly to the planet Hatchet when Forte contacts her that the location has now changed because the said person is going to the Zundark Mall Center to the popular restaurant called "WacRaiz". Because she ate at the said restaurant before, Rico flies to WacRaiz. Once she arrived there, she was shocked at the so many costumers at WacRaiz due to its popularity. Rico eventually finds Natsume sitting with her younger sister Yuzu. She was about to say something when a brawl erupted between two Alien boxers. When they saw her, the duo boxers recognize her as the notorious Rune One and offer her boxing courses, but when the red alien boxer touches her shoulder, she screams and punches him so hard that he flew like a missile, leaving the Izayoi sisters in awe and shock and the crowd cheered.

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