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Anime Wars
Created by Hideki Miyazaki and Cliff Brockton
Writer(s) Jack Cleaver

Howard Valentine Kenji Yamatsu

No. of episodes 300+ (ongoing)
Music Tragedy+Time (Intro)

Ephemeral (Outro)

Run time 40~ mins
Rated TV-MA
Animation Studio Various
Network HBO

"We are all that's Left..."

-series tagline


Anime Wars is a War/Action/Drama anime focusing on an alternate reality ravaged by war on an apocalyptic scale. It is a universe inhabited by all forms of fictional art and work, animated and living alongside other fictional characters. Even characters not originally from anime are depicted.

The series is a massive project under taken by numerous anime and television studios, including Funimation, Madhouse and Universal Studios. Numerous anime artists contributed to the project. The series depicts a war on an astronomical scale between the United Anime Coalition, or UAC and the Newline Front (NEF). Aside from the horrors of war, the anime focuses on the homefront and the war effort on both sides.


In an alternate universe, fictional characters live side by side in an anime reality. Even fictional works not originally anime are present in this world. Medicine and science has developed awe inspiring technology including interstellar, cross dimensional and even time travel.

350 years before the war, a science experiment was carried out into Dimension N-99, home of the Negeans. The Negeans universe was extremely unstable, and after a few expeditions it collapsed entirely. The majority of the population was saved, and permitted to coexist within the anime universe, but a deep seated hatred had been sown into the Negeans for the loss of their home.

In "Present day" the Negeans inhabit ghettos and slums, and faintly, so faintly, are the stirs of war. A Negean chancellor named Magzillos begins to rally support to take up arms. The Emperor of Xanthas, the seat of political power in the anime universe authorizes Magzillos' assassination after his forces kidnap and rape his daughter, Princess Valeria. The assassination fails and the Heathborn riots breakout, though Valeria was rescued.

The riots are eventually quelled and Valeria ascends to the throne of Xanthas, becoming Empress of the Anime Realm. However, on her coronation day, in a bold, daring move, Magzillos mobilizes a massive force and launches an apocalyptic assault on Xanthas. Assassins strike key political figures and the Anime military is crippled. Magzillos marches his forces on the Capitol with his lieutenants, General Grievous and Darth Vader (Star Wars,) General Esdeth (Akame ga Kill) Asura, Medusa, Arachne and Angurvadal (Soul Eater) The Major and Anton Krieg (Helsing) Handsome Jack and General Knoxx (BorderLands) Megatron and the Fallen (Transformers) Ganondorf, Sharadaa and Derge the Cruel (Legend of Zelda) Vladimir Makarov, Gabriel Rorke, Salen Kotch and Nikita Dragovitch (Call of Duty) and Queen Myrra, General Raam and General Skorge (Gears of War). After a bitter battle of attrition, the new faction known now as The Newline Front retreat.

Though crippled and shocked, the remaining anime forces join together and form the United Anime Coalition. Led by a determined Empress Valeria, it is headed by the Emperor of Man and the High Lords of Terra (WarHammer 40k) The Galactic Republic and the Rebel Alliance (Star Wars) the Coalition of Ordered Governments or COG (Gears of War) the Federation of Kingdoms headed by Princess Zelda (Legend of Zelda and other Various) The Helsing Organization and Vatican Chapter XIII: Iscariot (Helsing) and the Cybertron Empire led by Optimus Prime (Transformers)

The War stretches to every corner of the galaxy as the Newline Front attempts to establish dominance in the universe.