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Animelo!! is the Spin-off anime series of Pop'n Music.

Pop'n Music: Animelo
Created by Tomoe
Writer(s) Tomoe






Hiiro Masaru is the leader of the Animelo team. Hiiro is a tomboyish girl who likes Tokusatsu shows, as her favorite show is Tokusatsu! Hero.

Ani Kyuuto is a girly person who likes Magical Girl shows. Ani likes anything that's related to cute, fluffy, and sweet-flavored things, and likes to hangout with her fellow friends. She first met Cute Animelo when she was shopping with her mother.

Tatsumi Daishu

Homuna Kurusu

Shuri Riru

Kaoru Komi is Ani's classmate, and the last member to join the Animelo team. Kaoru is mostly immature and a straight man, but she can still get serious. Kaoru loves Comedy and Slice-of-life anime, and hates to be watching it all alone.