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Ankarano Okurara Technogirls
Format Comedy/Drama
No. of episodes 50
No. of chapters 50
Network EkIO
English Network Pop MAX

AKT (ED: TechnoGear Girls) is the sequel to Senki Zesshou Symphogear.


Five sisters are recruited for the TechnoGear Company (ED: TechPlus Inc).


  • Kojaka Akuraki (ED: Emily Straightington)
  • Mikiruka Akuraki (ED: Anna Straightington)
  • Miarakari Akuraki (ED: Mia Straightington)
  • Korakaki Akuraki (ED: Kora Straightington)
  • Emmakauli Akuraki (ED: Emma Straightington)


  • Kojaka/TechnoRed: (Transformation Song: Skillet - Falling Inside The Black [BloodDARK Cover Version]) She crosses her TechnoGear Braces (ED: TechWatches) and shouts “TechnoGear Activation Code: 102938! “ (ED: TechWatches, Activate!). Her clothes explode. The background turns into red 1s and 0s. She spins around as her hair turns rose red. Her gloves form, along with her TG Blasters.