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Hi, this is a Roleplay by Ghostaree called Apocalypse Rising. It's set in a similar planet Earth after a coronal mass ejection caused by a part of the sun exploding. Sun flares and cosmic rays bombarded the planet, fortunately, this event was detected earlier by humans and most toke shelter in vaults, some of those who weren't lucky enough were directly bombarded, 80% of these individuals died, but strange and bizzare things happened to those who survived...

The Story So Far[]

The RP follows the story of the "Afflicted", humans who survived the castrophe and developed unique supernatural powers, most of these survivors however lost their sanity, and began to use their powers to spread chaos to the surface, while normal humans cower in fear, hiding inside their vaults. Tyrell-Rosen corporations started "Project Genesis" to gather the sane Afflicted and train them to fight the renegade ones. This is where the first hero rises: Shawn Hornbeck (No.8), a 23 years old Afflicted with the unique and powerful ability of Chronokinesis, one of the strongest and most destructive abilities to ever manifest an Afflicted. In Tyrell-Rosen's laboratories, Afflicted are given numbers and trained in specifically designed test chambers before they're released to the outside world. These individuals have their memories erased and all what they remember is their education, basic skills and number, but they're allowed the freedom to interact and socialize with other Afflicted. Shawn is now in his last stage of training and is about to be one of the first to fight the Renegades.


"Post-Apocalyptic map of Earth after the ejection."


Survivors of the Castrophe were gifted superpowers by cosmic rays bombarding their bodies. The powers are random, extremely random, some abilities are absolutely horrific and curse their users more than helping them. Although powers are unique in some way to each afflicted, some similar powers occured more than once, and were categorized into 3 tiers, these are:

Tier 1[]

Afflicted that are generally weak and repetitive.

  • Firebreathers: This is the most common form of an Afflicted, these individuals develop reptilian physiology and (hence the name), can breath fire.
  • Tyrants: The second most common form of an Afflicted, they're large humanoids, usually 8 to 10 feet tall, with an incredibly muscular physique and claws for arms. They're completely disfigured, but unlike Firebreathers they possess significant intelligence.
  • Deadheads: These are the least common Afflicted in Tire 1. Deadheads are flying humanoids with sharp claws and teeth and the ability to regenerate, they're also the most intelligent in this tire as well. Some Deadheads can spit poison and rip a man's head off with ease.

Tier 2[]

These make 15% of the Afflicted population and are significantly more powerful. They also possess ordinary human intelligence.

  • Psychs: Afflicted who develop mental abilities such as telepathy or telekinesis, some are stronger than others but these abilities fall under the most common in Tier 2. At certain circumstances, wielders of this ability can possess powers beyond their control, telekinetics might implode themselves and telepaths can lose control over their mental signals and go insane.
  • Manipulators: The second most common in Tier 2. These afflicted can manipulate various forms of matter, most common ones are fire, electricity and ice. Studies showed that they can't manipulate water, minerals, or air (although some exhibited the ability to control oxygen). The exact functionality of this ability is still obscured, and most have difficult time controlling it.
  • Freaks: The least common in tier 2. Freaks can shapeshift into one precise form and revert to their original state. Unlike the tire 1 Afflicted, Freaks can take extremely large and powerful forms, most at least, and still possess human intelligence in both states.

 Tier 3[]

The rarest and most powerful of the Afflicted, these naturally possess accelerated healing, enhanced strength, durability, and enhanced stamina. They make approximately 5% of the Afflicted.

  • Divergents: These Afflicted possess more than one ability, mostly from Tier 2. They can also have different forms and mixed abilities, they can range from having two powers to six powers and so on. They usually start with one ability and keep on unlocking the others, studies showed that they copy powers they come in contact with.
  • Immortals: These Afflicted are the definition of immortality itself, they do not age, their bodies heal from virtually any injury and are immune to poisons, radiation, and most illments. Their only known weakness is deoxygenation or drowning, as their bodies cannot function without oxygen.
  • Occultists: The rarest ability discovered, Occultists or a Quantum Occult is a person with significant control over time. Shawn Hornbeck is the only known Occultist, with his powers of Chronokinesis.

 Tier 0[]

This tire is for the absolutely random abilities, some are exceedingly powerful while others are just a curse. However, they all share a common perk, there's always a side-effect. Like other powers, Types of Tier 0 Afflicted are categorized into 3.

  • Zombies: Although not zombies in a way but still look and act like them. These truly Afflicted individuals suffered major side effects, lost a large portion of their sanity and possess a unique ability each.
  • Deviants: These are a significantly more intelligent version of the zombies, they're also slightly more powerful and human-like. They can be known by their manical laughter and reckless behavior. Deviants are also obsessed with garbage and weapons.
  • Hunters: The most powerful and sane of all the Tier 0 Afflicted, they can possess powers from Tier 1 or 2 and even more exotic and rare powers, some even exceed the known Afflicted abilities. Although, Hunters are more often than not, mentally unstable, and possess unnatural selfishness.