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Welcome to the Elemental Shift Role-play series, Arcadius Academy! This RP will take place at the most prestigious Shifter Academy, Arcadius Academy for Elemental Arts. This is a large private school with dormitories. This academy is co-ed. Students are free to do whatever they want as long as they're old enough, or something. Anyway, here's a guide to the RP:

  • Regular text signifies dialogue.
  • Regular text in *asterisks* are thoughts a character is making in their head.
  • Italicized text represents a character's second personality.
  • Bolded and Italicized text is an action a character is making.

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So, this roleplay will be done by me and my fellow RPers. If you want to join, make a character on this wiki with a power. Then put a link to your character down in the comments and we will look it over. If you want a power combo, please send me the link and I'll approve it. First, we'll determine if your power is Over-Powered or not. Then, we'll review your character. Afterwards, your character will be modified according to your instruction. Now, let's begin.

On the same day[]

Rita is folding her clothes and putting them back in her closet after she just got them washed. She picks up her phone to check the time and sees 12:10pm. She sighs and continues to fold her clothes and eventually finishes. She then puts on her workout gear which are sweatpants, a t-shirt and Nike running shoes. She heads out and goes jogging with her earphones and phone in her hand. She is remembering her training session with parkour the other day and gets the determination to push on after going 10km. She eventually arrives at a park and goes to the water fountain to drink some water, then sits on a bench, breathing heavily. She waits there for a bit resting, then a boy, looking 15 or 16 comes over to her bench and sits too. She continues to rest, but then the boy turns to her.

Boy: Hey, do you have an extra pair of earphones I can borrow? I left them at my dorm. He looks a bit nervous and upset.

Rita reaches into her pockets and fumbles around. She shrugs and replies

Rita: No, I'm sorry... I didn't think I would need them. She frowns slightly, trying to lighten to blow him.

Boy: Okay, that's fine. He gets up and starts to stretch Sorry to bother you but what's your name?

Rita: I'm Rita. She looks up at him and holds out her hand nervously. The boy shakes it wildly

Boy: My name is Timothy! Nice to meet you Rita. He smiles and lets go of her hand as he prepares to leave. What school do you go to?

Rita: I go to the um... Arcadius Academy. She stands up too well rested and stretches her legs.

Timothy: Woah, nice, me too. What kind of Shifter are ya?

Rita: Well.. She opens her palm forming a perfect earth sphere with lightning crackling around it. What about you?

Timothy: Oh, awesome! He takes a step back and punches upward, shooting a beautiful flaming stream of white fire into the air, as it spreads out, disappearing.

Rita: Woah.. that was pretty..

Timothy: I know right? Well anyway, looks like you were working out or something. I'll just leave you to do that.

Rita: Oh.. Thanks Timothy. I'll see ya at school tomorrow. She smiles lightly and turns around putting her earphone in and jogging away.

Timothy nods and continues to do his daily routine in the park, doing bodybuilding shit.

 Carlo's special “date"?![]

Carlo was just browsing the internet for usual things, from strange fanfictions, to awesome animations, then he heard a knock at the door.

Carlo:.*Maybe it's someone who wants to borrow my books...* He approached the door with a comic book that belonged to him, when he opened the door he just saw Alex.

Alex: Hey Carlo, um, may I come in? *Hope he's not busy with anything...*

Carlo: Sure Guides her in Sorry that the place is a mess, but it's not a pig stack, as in you'll be surprised at how bad it can look...

Alex: It's Okay, because I'll have to admit, mine's worse... She giggled under her breath

Carlo: Carlo got prompted to smile, which was unusual for him since he doesn't really smile that often *Okay Carlo, pull back before she thinks you're wierd!* Carlo quickly turned away

There was silence between them until Alex broke it

Alex: Do you have any movies we can watch?

Carlo: *Okay Carlo do not come back with any pick up line, she's not in love with you so wait!* Well I got Watchlist and In English accent Kingsman: The Secret Service, take your pick. He smiled *Pull back! Pull back!* He stopped showing his teeth in the smile

Alex: Kingsman sounds nice....

They proceeded to watch it, nere and there, there were laughs, sighs, some blushes on some scenes and utter astonishment from the fight scenes. But to their dismay it was over, so they proceeded to have a talk.

Carlo: So you, the kick master of Arcadius, failed at your first kick? He asked with some laughter

Alex: Well, you can't instantly master a fighting style...

Carlo: I get your point, as in when I was twelve my grandpa and brother took me out to train with swords, they gave me choices on which I wanted, so I chose the biggest one, unfortunately the moment I tried picking it up, I pulled too hard, making my hands slip and hitting myself in the face... He chuckled remembering it

Alex: She laughed imagining a twelve year old Carlo in that situation Speaking of it, I have a favor to ask...

Carlo: Sure, what is it? *Please don't tell me you secretely want me to join a cult!*

Alex: I want a sparring match, you and me, no holding back, but no killer instinct, it'll be like dancing.

Carlo: OKAY! He shouted enthusiastically then realized something But where?

Alex: At the forest, where no one can see us or interrupt us.

Carlo: Okay...

Alex guided him out of the school, through the city and last into the forest where they found a large clearing.

Alex: This spot seems perfect don't you think?

Carlo: It seems nice...

Alex: She walks a few paces a way from Carlo, stopping then facing him in a fighting stance Ready? She formed her whipped boots

Carlo: Forms a large sword that looks purple and has a shade, it was thicker, almost bigger than him As always.

Both charged straight at each other, both smiling and determined to get the other on their back. Both clashed with each other, Carlo attempting to get her on her back by trying to push her down with his strength and the weight of his sword. While Alex she was using the polarit and electromagnetism to accent her defenses.

Alex: Smirks, and adds an arrogant tone/accent in her voice So nothing hidden from little o'l me?

Carlo: Well no holding back right?

Alex: She suddenly made a medium sized tree grow from the ground behind him and tangle around his leg pulling him down Watch your step~!

Carlo: He nearly trips, but retaliates by plunging his sword tp the ground behind him as a balance, he flips back, kicking Alex away which made her stagger What's wrong? Surprised that someone can kick as well.

Alex just smirked at him, then charged at him trying to round house kick him, with the whip at the end of her boot, Carlo blocks it with his blade, but then Alex connected the round house kick with a straight which sent the whip straight at Carlo, he retaliated by sending a Darkness infused fire, Alex knew she can't let it hit any of the trees, she suddenly creates an electrical magnetic wave that was able to have enough force to extinguish it.

Alex: Careful! You might harm the forest, or burn it down!

Carlo: Oh sorry...sooo can we continue, promise not to use Blaze wildly...

Alex: Yes! She then jumps up, with a kick, sending out the whip

Carlo tried to block it, but Alex retracted it, kicking down at his vulnerable spot, kicking him away. Once she landed, she summoned/created two jaguars. Carlo stabbed one jaguar, and before he could hit the other one with the pommel of his sword, it exploded with electricity, shocking him, literally. Carlo then made a dragon like fire out to Alex which was roughly the size of a normal anaconda. Alex then basically performed capoeira/breakdancing to counter, each kick, she launched and retracted each whip, with every different move she performed, then finally the dragon faded. Alex and Carlo clashed once again, both smiling and impressed, as they kicked and slashed each other both parrying each other. They kept ot up for an hour or so, and both were panting.

Carlo: You Huff Give Huff Up?

Alex: No! huff

Both head butted each other to end it which gave them both a non-serious red spot on their head, and they stayed like that not pulling away.

Carlo: Is this anything like a date?

Alex: To be honest, yes.

Carlo: W-was it fun?

Alex: Yes...

Carlo: Are we gonna be a thing?

Alex: *Well Alex, time to answer him.* She just laughs and pulled up his face, and looked at him straight in the eyes, then she lightly kissed his lips lightly then pulled away

Carlo: His eyes widened *hgugtbfctyfbcugbnhunbtcecsxdruihmnmuymhmtyv,56;453./.2/,45,?5?6(6* Peep!

Alex: Why, what's wrong?

Carlo: First kiss, can we go back?

Alex: Sure...

As they were heading back they recieved stares from many students, and there were instantly whispers, in fact he had his hand on her shoulder the entire trip. They got back to his dorm both blushing.

Carlo: Well, the “date" was fun, and you were great.

Alex: Well, I'm no push over when it comes to these things.

Carlo: Well, see you tomorrow Ms. Nikkhos. He saluted at her

Alex didn't respond she just stroked his cheek with her hand and left, then Carlo noticed another student at the hall who saw them.


Jerry went back in his dorm locking it and so did Carlo.

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