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Arcana Warriors is an Original CGI Net animation made by In-Verse to promotion the game of the same name.

Unlike in the game, the voice cast in English is different rather in the source material due to being published under other label.


The version is basically similar to the game.

Otherworld, a world who exists separate from the earth where souls come as other bodies and lives. Nobody knows about Otherworld's inhabitants except themselves, a question that comes: Where were its past lives?, even the Arcana themselves doesn't know.

The story of these warriors are crossed when a mysterious man with such power similar to them, makes them certain that He's the "Arcana Warrior of The World.".


Arcana Warriors[]

In order of Major Arcana.

Start of the Journey[]

  • 0. Joker: Is the probably unambiguous Fool Arcana Warrior, it surprises anyone and everyone, often seen in a strange form, when pissed off, you can't defeat it. It is close friends with Cart and Cross. But also tries to hang out with Genesis, and also knows Mondo, telling the others that underestimating him could run to their defeats. Its special skill is changing forms.

Practical Group[]

  • I. Magus: Is a professional wizard of the Arcana Warriors and The Magician, he's a Black man who while he looks scary, he's actually one of the wisest and the one who gives advice to his fellow Arcana Warriors and Minor Arcana. He's the voice of reason of the group and his underlings respect him. His special skill involves Paralyzing his opponents.
  • II. Rahibe: Is the Arcana Warrior High Priestess. Considered as a mature and a really strict woman. From Asian-like descent, she believes that those from the Earth are actually a threat, and she's the one who sends the Cyber-Beasts and Cyberians to the Earth for punishment. Her special skill involves summoning Cyber Beasts.
  • III. Kaiserin: The Empress Arcana Warrior, she's the mother of the team and is the least ruthless, she's also a very caring woman with Mondo despite the latter's recent joining to the team as an outsider. She's also very close to Kaiser and thinks with her heart that not all humans are evil. Her special skill is Health upgrade.
  • IV. Kaiser: The Emperor Arcana Warrior, he, alongside Genius and Magus, he's one of the most important figures in the Otherworld, he represents the calming leader, the father of the team that understands anyone who's close. He's also does the Status quo, in favor of both parts, for good or bad regardless of anything and everything. His special skill is auto defense.
  • V. Joe: The Hierophant Arcana Warrior. He's a "machine of knowledge" priest, but considerably nicer than Genius. He's one of the few characters who shows a superiority complex. But later understands something worse than evil humans, among the Arcana, there's a darker force than them. His special skill involves levitating, creating clones of himself.
  • VI. Solo and Rosa: Are the Arcana Warriors of Lovers. They're always united, their love is stronger than anybody in the series as a whole. They work as a duo, making them a unique feature in this game. Their special skill is Change, when one falls, the other stands.
  • VII. Cart: The Chariot Arcana Warrior, solemn and a very intelligent young boy, he likes to go in literal wheel vehicles, and also can build vehicles for himself, he hates asking for which gender he is. He is also one of the fastest characters alongside Lune. He is the only character that goes in a vehicle. His special skill is running down the enemies.

Mental Group[]

  • VIII./XI. Justice: A Woman in a Robe and the Arcana Warrior of Justice, she, like Genesis, doesn't care about humanity for the Arcana sake. But she has far more ruthless personality than her fellow friend. She always goes by her own side. She's the closest friend of Giant, the Strength. Her special skill is the magnetic spell.
  • IX. Genius: is the Arcana Warrior of Hermit, and despite his Japanese name, he's an old dude. He's not good with the people and often makes bad comments about humanity and how weak they're, however, he's one of the wisest alongside Magus, and they share a father-son relationship. His special skill is turning enemies into Cards.
  • X. Fortunae: Fortuna is the Arcana Warrior of the Wheel of Fortune. She has a personality of a royal princess, however, deep down, she has a doubtful personality. She may like or dislike everything from one minute to another. She looks like an adult woman, but in fact, she's only ten years old. Her special skill involves making sound waves from her gong, depending on the side.
  • XI./VIII. Giant: Giant is the Arcana Warrior of Strength, his big stature and his menacing face proves that he's no joke, however, despite his strength, he lacks "intelligence", but he's a gentleman with the kids in his own very way. He has two younger sisters, he loves them as the only treasure, friends with Jay. His special skill is throwing enemies.
  • XII. Cross: Known as the Hanged Arcana Warrior. He uses illusions to fool anyone who stands on his way, ambiguous and also unpredictable. His actions could be vital for himself. He's a small man, but also one of the strongest in the army, holding secrets that no other knows. His special skill is using blood-like strings.
  • XIII. Grim: Is the Arcana Warrior of Death, a literal bone person, he's in the charge of the welcoming good and bad souls in the Otherworld. Despite his job, he's quite a sympathetic dork, and hate idealized characters. In game, he accuses Mondo of being a "sexy beast", as a joke. His special skill is interchanging weapons and absorb souls.
  • XIV. Shade: A big female talking armor who's the tallest female in this game. She uses a longsword for attacking and has a warlike way of speech. The Arcana Warrior of Temperance is a threat despite being a pacific character. She's the inspiration and base of the successors, the Shade Prisms. Her special skill is Changing sword ability.

Spiritual Group[]

  • XV. Dee: Arcana Warrior of the Devil. He's the one who's always in the dark and hides his true emotions close to himself, he's also one of the tallest and the one who fits the "bara" category. He always is on the side of Torres, the latter who treats him as a dog. His special skill is his hidden eye beam and his fast flying techniques.
  • XVI. Torres: The Tower Arcana Warrior whose intentions are incredibly amoral, she's apparently on the side of the humans from the earth and doesn't care about the others in any form. Or she's just hiding something that nobody knows. She has a distaste to lower Arcana and Cyber Beasts too. She's closer to Dee. Her special skill is building fallen towers.
  • XVII. Astro: Astro is the Arcana Warrior of The Star. He's idealistic, determined and an optimist. He's one of the kindest characters in the game. His dream is going far more to the Otherworld's skies. He looks like a young rock star. And he hates being used by his bosses for fighting. His special skill involves shining projectiles.
  • XVIII. Lune: Is the effeminate Arcana Warrior of the Moon. He's a flashy man who wants to be the fastest of the team, but the irony is, he's already the fastest of all of them, he's the older brother of Sol. he's physically weaker than her. He like Mondo, is very older for his age which is just eighteen. His special skill is running faster thanks to his werewolf transformation.
  • XIX. Sol: Is the Arcana Warrior of the Sun, she's a bright, upbeat and cheery girl who's always smiling around others. She's pretty immature for being a nineteen year old. However, she's one of the physically stronger members of the Arcana. She's also pretty curious and wants to meet earthlings, younger sister of Lune. Her special skill is the one hundred punches.
  • XX. Genesis: She's an Arcana Warrior, she's a tomboy, rude, sociopath and is pretty much "Not-so-Social", however, she has a soft spot to her friends (Sol and Astro being examples). and fellow Arcana, she likes to tease everyone who knows about her, and likes to travel around. Her special skill is the loud horn attack and jumping three times.

Other Arcana -> End of the Journey[]

  • XXI. Mondo Kitsch: The main protagonist. A "young" man who acts like an old man Arcana who recently came from the Earth to the Otherworld as a reborn life, despite looking younger, his way of speech and manners are pretty elegant and old fashioned, even feminine. However, behind his foolish and newbie persona, there's a mysterious aura surrounding him. His special skill is using his two cutting weapons (flutes) and flying in long distances with his Scarf.



  • Elsa: Is a young and curious Arcana girl. She knows about who can be the Arcana Warrior of The World, but if she tells, she will be killed afterwards. Shy and very curious, is a close friend of Mondo. She's also confirmed herself to be an Oracle. She's a "childified" version of the Elsa from White Void. She's a member of the Wands section.
  • Sena: A new Arcana, he's often bullied by older students, however, he's saved by Genesis and became easy friends together. He tried to commit suicide more than two times, but a message from "Mother" talks to him saying that there's no meaningless Arcana and he must live. He's a member of the Swords section, apparently being a royal.
  • Axel: He's an Arcana who resembles a Male version of the Ballerina, he's pessimistic, emo, and despite many wounds he has, for his irony they can be healed fast, however, he wants to get rid of his sadness. He's a member of the Coins section.
  • Ninian: She's an Arcana, a professional lady of war, she will give all for her world, even her body, because of her status as a Minor Arcana, she has no immortality like the Warrior Type, but can transform into a Cyberian to her favor. She's a member of the Cups section.
  • Maya Akatsuki: An Arcana woman who likes to read and is a great tactician, she's a friendly, nice and cheerful girl in any moment. She has a book collection in regards of the elements. Despite being just a normal, regular Arcana, she likes to hang out with Humans.

Other (Upgraded to Playables)[]

  • XXII. Ballerina : Ballerina is a mysterious girl who likes to dance a lot every moment. While she always looks happy, she's also full of secrets and mysteries, even more than the others. The name of this Ballerina with White Dress is Snow.
  • Void: Void is a mysterious shadow thing who does not appear physically at first, later he's very similar to Mondo due to the latter's powers. He can summon many Shadow like monsters. He is the main antagonist and final boss to almost everyone.

Fictitious Voice List[]

The English cast is different than the game.

  • Mondo: Sam Riegel / Junichi Kanemaru
  • Genesis: Wendee Lee / Yumi Hara
  • Joker: Felecia Angelle / Fumiko Orikasa
  • Astro: Josh Grelle / Tatsuhisa Suzuki
  • Fortuna-Fortune: Alexis Tipton / Yukari Tamura
  • Magus-Magician: Chris Sabat / Unshou Ishizuka
  • Rahibe-Priestess: Trina Nishimura / Yuko Minaguchi
  • Sol: Kara Edwards / Chinatsu Akasaki
  • Lune: Robert McCollum / Wataru Hatano
  • Jay-Justice: Colleen Clinkenbeard / Rie Tanaka
  • Solo and Rosa: Eric Vale and Anastasia Munoz / Hideo Ishikawa and Miki Nagasawa
  • Grim: Matt Mercer / Sho Hayami
  • Genius-Geniz: Kent Williams / Norio Wakamoto
  • Dee: Patrick Seitz / Tomokazu Seki
  • Torres: Jad Saxton / Mie Sonozaki
  • Kaiserin: Monica Rial / Rei Igarashi
  • Kaiser: Jeremy Schwartz / Ryuzaburo Otomo
  • Joe-Jou: Ian Sinclair / Hikaru Midorikawa
  • Giant: Jason Douglas / Kenta Miyake
  • Shade: Stephanie Young / Yurika Hino
  • Cart: Brina Palencia / Romi Park
  • Cross: Vic Mignogna / Yoshimasa Hosoya
  • Elsa: Ashly Burch / Ayana Taketatsu
  • Sena: Tia Ballard / Yuka Terasaki
  • Axel: Chuck Huber / Keiichi Nanba
  • Ninian: Leah Clark / Sanae Kobayashi
  • Ballerina: Cynthia Cranz / Makiko Ohmoto
  • Maya Akatsuki: Cherami Leigh / Kana Ueda
  • Void: J. Michael Tatum / Ryo Horikawa


  • The Only ones who returned to voice the characters in the English ONA are Mondo, Genesis, Dee, Elsa, Maya, and Grim.
  • Before the events of Arcana Warriors 2: Howling Soul prologue, Maya transforms into a robot-ike creature.