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Atomic Betty Master Detective is an American animated television series produced by Melvin Productions in association with Film Roman (Episode 1-7) and Charles Hill Productions (Episode 8-13) and Michael Shires Television Animation The show is very loosely based on the Atomic Betty comic book series and aired one season on ABC April 17, 1993 to December 18, 1993.

Recurring segments[]

  • Atomic Betty Master Detective is a spoof of detective films and cop shows, featuring Betty Barrett and his friends Sparky and Robot X-5 , as detectives on the mean streets of a big city. Newly-made seven-minute episodes were mixed in with new seven-minute cartoons like Chris and Dhris: Rescue Rangers, Two of these segments were shown, primarily during the first season: Captain Flamingo and Rocket Monkeys. Captain Flamingo was the middle segment for the first seven episode and Robot Monkeys took its place for the rest of the first six season one.
  • Captain Flamingo shorts feature Milo Powell/Captain Flamingo (voice by Frank Welker), is an ordinary young Canadian boy until a kid is in trouble. Any time a kid yells "Uh-oh! Flamingo!", Milo transforms into Captain Flamingo, whose mission is to help little kids who need assistance. Captain Flamingo is aided in his missions by his best friend Lizbeth Amanda Zaragoza (voiced by Kath Soucie), who apparently has a not so secret crush on him. CF also has a little brother named Thor.
  • Rocket Monkeys consists of Gus (voiced by Charlie Adler) and Wally (voiced by Lorenzo Music) and YAY-OK (voiced by Bill Farmer) Dr. Chimpsky (voiced by Frank Welker). the worker at GASI who gives the Rocket Monkeys their missions to complete. a team of superheroes who are all roommates living in an Galaxy of the Universe.
  • Between the main segments in seasons one are brief mini-segments, many of which feature only Betty Barrett/Atomic Betty, Sparky and Robot X-5.


  • Betty Barrett/Atomic Betty (voiced by Jodi Benson)
  • Sparky (voiced by Jaleel White)
  • Robot X-5 (voiced by Matt Hill)
  • Admiral DeGill (voiced by Kenneth Mars)
  • Maximus I.Q. (voiced by Maurice LaMarche)
  • Minimus P.U. (voiced by Rob Paulsen)
  • Milo Powell/Captain Flamingo (voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Lizabeth (voiced by Kath Soucie)
  • Wally (voiced by Charlie Adler)
  • Gus (voiced by Lorenzo Music)
  • YAY-OK (voiced by Bill Farmer)
  • Dr. Chimpsky (voiced by Frank Welker)


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Original Run:[]

  • April 17, 1993 - December 18, 1993

Production Company:[]

  • Michael Shires Television Animation
  • Melvin Productions
  • Organ Entertainment
  • Film Roman (Episode 1-7)
  • Charles Hill Productions (Episode 8-13)


  • Oliver Television Incorporated

Theme Song:[]

  • Atomic Betty: Master Detective (Gary Lionelli)