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Azumanga Tunes (TV Series)
Azumanga Tunes Poster
Format Anime series
Compilation series
Created by Hiroshi Nishikiori
No. of episodes 3 or 2 shorts per episode, plus an ADMV or skit in the middle in some episodes.
Run time 30 min.
Animation Studio J.C. Staff
Sunrise/Bandai Namco Filmworks (later episodes)
Network TV Tokyo
English Network Anime Network
Sentai Network
The CW
Sentai For Kids
HBO Family
Disney Channel
Toon Disney
Disney Cinemagic

Azumanga Tunes (known in Japan as Azumanga Shorts) is a anime compilation series featuring Azumanga Daioh anime shorts. It's a spin-off to Anime All Star.


Each episode consists of three (or two) 6-11 min. theatrical Azumanga Daioh shorts featuring characters from the 2002 anime series of the same name, and from the spin-offs (Sakaki & Kaorin, Azumanga Preschool, and Takeru & Hikari), as well as shorts featuring Sonic the Hedgehog characters and Blast-Off Buzzard from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon shows CB Bears and Tom & Jerry Kids. It would also include "Musical Melodies" which focuses on assorted and one shot characters.

The show features music videos called "ADMV" (Azumanga Daioh Music Video), and/or little skits, shown in between the second and/or third shorts in certain episodes. On US airings, random clips from the shorts called "AD Clip" (similar to Hip Clip! from "Merrie Melodies: Starring Bugs Bunny & Friends" and the Musical Miniatures from the 1987 "Woody Woodpecker Show") are shown in place of the ADMV music videos only on The CW, Disney Channel, Toon Disney, and Disney Cinemagic airings of the show.

22 min. ONA specials were later made for stream.

Some of the shorts would later be shown in The Pani Poni Dash Show! And on the Saturday morning block and 24-hour channel Sentai For Kids.

Many of the shorts revolve on either slapstick and comedy, or on story and character depending on the shorts.

Azumanga Tunes PNG Logo
Azumanga Tunes Japanese Logo

Japanese Logo (Azumanga Daioh Shorts)

Opening and Closing Themes[]

The opening theme is one of the background score from Azumanga Daioh "6 Nin wa Itsudemo Issho / The Six are Always Together" with lyrics added, while the closing theme is Osaka's song "Firmly TRY La Lai!" but sped up in length.

TV Airings[]

The show first aired on TV Tokyo in Japan, then was aired in the US on the Anime Network, Sentai Network, and HBO Family in its original uncut broadcast. It was later aired on The CW as part of the Sentai For Kids Saturday morning block and on the Sentai For Kids streaming service. Then re-runs aired on Disney Channel for a 10 year run, on Toon Disney, and on Disney Cinemagic in the UK (in NTSC only) with some minor cuts (mainly on violent weapons, offensive stereotypes, and nudity) in order to appeal to kids and families.

Azumanga Tunes on Disney Channel

Azumanga Tunes on Disney Channel logo as seen in the intro.

On Disney Channel, Toon Disney, Disney Cinemagic, and Nickelodeon airings, it presents its own intros and closings to the show. The shorts are presented with theatrical opening and closing titles instead of with TV titles. But the AD Clip and ADMV are omitted from Disney and Nickelodeon's broadcast of the anime.

Azumanga and Love Live Tunes

Azumanga and Love Live Tunes logo as seen in the intro.

The series was later combined with Love Live! Tunes! as an hour long series called "Azumanga and Love Live Tunes". Showcasing 3 Azumanga Tunes and Love Live! Tunes shorts in between each other. This was aired on Anime Network, HBO Family, and aired in certain countries. The opening and closings were changed to match with the series, using the cut short versions of "Kiseki Hikaru" for the opening, and "Love wing bell" for the closing.