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Welcome to the Elemental Shift Role-play series, Balance Academy! This RP will take place at the most prestigious Shifter academy, Balance Academy. This is a private school environment with uniforms, and dormitories. This academy is co-ed, so boys and girls share classes, and if requested, rooms. Don't ask why, I just decided to make it that way. Anyway, here's a guide to the RP:

  • Regular text signifies dialogue.
  • Regular text in *asterisks* are thoughts a character is making in their head.
  • Italicized text represents a character's second personality.
  • Bolded and Italicized text is an action a character is making.

If you haven't seen the previous chapter of the roleplay, click here.

So, this roleplay will be done by me and my fellow RPers. If you want to join, make a character on this wiki with a power. Then put a link to your character down in the comments and we will look it over. If you want a power combo, please send me the link and I'll approve it. First, we'll determine if your power is Over-Powered or not. Then, we'll review your character. Afterwards, your character will be modified according to your instruction. Remember, some of us have Admin rights and are capable of deleting your character if you are uncooperative with us. Now, let's begin.

At the School Dorms[]

It's been one month since the Prom Incident, and our heroes have recovered from the ass-beating they received in the previous chapter. Now, they're prepping for their greatest journey yet, a trip to see the Grand Blacksmith. But they find out, the GB isn't who they're expecting, and they'll uncover a great secret, and they'll be betrayed by the one you least expect. Now, we'll go to Hunter prepping for this journey. They'll be meeting up at the MPR to begin this journey.

Hunter: Well then. It's time to go. Finishes packing up his duffel bag of clothing, then packs some other things in a backpack, putting on the backpack and carrying the duffel bag with him See ya later Hailey.

Hailey: I guess. I'll see ya later then. Please... Hugs him briefly Come back in one piece.

Hunter: I will. Walks to the MPR to wait for the other guys

Carl is at his room with Angel, he's packing his backpack

Angel: So how long will you be gone?

Carl: I don't know.

Angel: You know, ever since that incident before prom, your powers have been a little... Unstable...

Carl: I'm not gonna have another random outburst.

Angel: I know but... She walks up to him and hugs him Be careful...

Carl: I will Angel, They stop hugging Goodbye...

Angel: Bye...

Carl heads to the MPR

Anthony is with Naya in his room as he's also getting ready for the trip.

Naya: ...I still don't think this is a good idea...

Anthony: Examines an action figure then puts it in his bag. Come on babe, what could possibly go wrong? He goes to her and puts his arm around her Everything's gonna be alright, we just need to do a quick thing and we'll be fine.

Naya: No! You don't understand! Something terrible could go wrong! And, and- Anthony stops her talking by locking lips with her and they kiss for a long time, then finally break away.

Anthony: In a quiet voice I'll be back as soon as possible...

Naya: Looking away in a sad face O-Okay Ant... She touches his face I'll kill you if you don't come back safely...

Anthony: Heh, don't worry, I got these 2 fags with me. He smiles then heads out with a backpack to head to the MPR as well.

Everyone assembles at the MPR.

Hunter: Well guys. This is it. Draws his sword and stabs it through the air, then turns it, opening a gate into a pathway that leads to a light Time to go.

Anthony: I guess so... So we're gonna have to fight past some things to get there right? Or do we just get there.

Hunter: I don't know. All my parents told me about the Traveler's Precipice is that you need to pass through the light to get to the GB's workshop, and that time in there is 16 times faster. One hour here is 16 hours there. Now, Sheathes his sword, forming his gloves to keep in case Let's go. Steps in, then walks down the path Let's move!

Carl: Well, here we go. He walks through casually So what's the Grand Blacksmith like?

Hunter: I don't know. My parents said that the GB brought a good couple thousand people with him. Or her. I don't exactly remember what gender the GB was. Maybe the first was male. I think that the current GB is a guy. Or a girl. There's been as many Grand Blacksmiths as there are Divine Heroes. Where's Ant?

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 4.23

Ant riding a cloud.

Anthony: Here! He walks beside them. Hopefully the GB is a cool person. Suddenly a bunch of people form in the pathway with different powers. But there are a lot. Whoa! Race to the end! You can fight them if you want! Ant jumps over their power projectiles and then uses air and water to make a cloud under his feet and begins to ride it down the path while dodging enemies. THEY DIDN'T SAY THERE WAS ANY RULES TO MAKING IT TO THE GRAND BLACKSMITH!!

Hunter: True.While moving pretty fast, he beats up those guys and knocks them all unconscious, then rushes to catch up with Ant What'd I miss?

Suddenly, Ant and Hunter get split apart and pushed over to the floor by a polar bear. Carl is riding the bear and laughs at them

Carl: Hurry up!! A 500lmbs polar bear is faster than you!!

Anthony is hitting the floor and sliding on it at great speeds and he is NOT happy.

Anthony: Carl you bastard!! He launches himself up with earth and makes another cloud while flying beside Carl. Let's see who can take more out then! More people start to form and Anthony boosts up and then makes 2 other wooden clones of him that also ride on clouds and use ice spikes and earth shrapnel to take some of them out.

Carl smiles then stands up on the polar bear's back without losing balance then his arms form moss and vines around them then he shoots thorns at the enemies. He trips them over with vines then the polar bear stomps them in the face as it runs

Carl: Woah! Brutal! A group of enemies come with swords running at them. Carl puts his hand in the air then makes a fist which calls down apes to attack the enemies in a similar style to calling the assassins in Assassin's Creed. HAHA!! A bunch of chimps took them down!

Suddenly, Carl puts his hand up to stop all the animals he created from advancing futher. He just spotted something in the distance, about a mile away.

Carl: Shit...

Anthony stops and lands sliding a couple feet

Anthony: Duuuude...

What Anthony sees is a huge shadow cast upon them, what Carl sees is two bright red eyes

Carl: I guess that's part of the trip. The creature emerges from the distance and a HUGE MOTHER FUCKING dragon made of shadows with glowing red eyes appears Alright. Carl whispers Stand down. We mean no harm. FUCK!! I'm trying to talk to it but it's just a being of pure darkness. It wants to kill us. Ant? Ladies first.

Anthony: Uh.... He backs up I don't think I wanna see the GB anymore... Backs up some more

Carl: Well we gotta unlock our final forms. And I don't care if I lose a limb, I'm getting past that dragon.

Hunter: White Fire, COMIN' THROUGH!!! Runs up to the dragon, then engages his Inferno-Booster Alright. Gauge symmetry. Inferno-Booster!!!!!! Fires the Inferno-Booster at the dragon, damaging it with the White Fire Did it work? Because we can't waste anymore time here.

The dragon emerges with a small part of it on fire but it doesn't seem to be damaging it much

Carl: Great! Carl swings his arm, creating a huge amount of vines like a giant whip to hit the dragon, damaging it a bit more BITCHSLAP!!

The dragon then launches a shadow blast at Ant but when he tries to dodge it still hits him and he goes flying.

Anthony: Agh.. Shit... The chain around his wrist begins to glow once more. Oh yea! It's corrupt! Anthony makes the chain swing from his wrist onto the ground and then makes a cloud to fly towards the dragon. The dragon launches a couple big shots at Ant but he maneuvers around it and swings his chain over his head to hit the dragon hard making it roar in anger. TAKE THAT!!!

The dragon flies up and swings its tail which knocks Ant off his cloud, but then before he hits the ground he makes a cloud cushion his fall.

Anthony: Tch. He then jumps on another and flies towards it again only dodging more of it's attacks and making the chain wrap around the dragon's tail and he constricts the chain and swings the dragon around before it lands on it's back with a glowing spot on it's tail from the chain. HA!

The dragon turns to a ball of huge darkness then reforms into a dragon while flying. It shoots Corrupt fire at Carl causing major damage. The fire clears and Carl is on the 25ft tall dragon's head

Carl: Easy boy. The dragon creates pillars of darkness to emerge from it's head to hit Carl but he dodges by his instinct I SAID EASY!! Carl forms a wooden sword with a sharp edge and stabs many of them into the dark skull of the dragon. The dragon roars in pain while shaking its head. Carl is about to slide off the head but as he slides down the side, he forms Wild Force and uses that to cut a huge cut on the side of the dragon's head as he falls. He lands on a tree he created to cushion his fall TAKE THAT GIANT, MOTHERFUCKING LIZARD!!!

Hunter: CRIMSON FURY!!!!!! He launches another Inferno-Booster, this one super-charged to the point where his sword formed from the flame and stabbed deeper into the cut from Wild Force Die BITCH!!! Makes the sword explode, inflicting heavy damage, but it's still alive Shit.

The monster roars in pain

Carl: Shut up! He creates roots and vines to close it's mouth shut, preventing it from firing projectiles

Carl: Ant, wanna finish it off?

Anthony: Gladly... He flies up the beast swinging his chain as it repeatedly stabs it and then comes back down to the ground. As he's coming at the ground he shoots a giant spiraling blast of air at the dragon from a fair distance. He then lands on the ground and as he does this, about 100 or more earth shrapnel go flying towards his air blast and the shrapnel gets caught in the spiraling air blast and it then reaches the dragon shredding it into many pieces of shadow. The remaining shadows then fade off into the air. Whew... That was terrifying but kinda fun...

Hunter: Pretty tough. Lands back down on the ground Let's keep going Continues down the path to see a door of light I see the light. Literally, there's a light, and I can see it. I think that's where the GB's workshop is. Let's go!!! Uses his fire to fly into the light, where he teleports into the Grand Blacksmith's shop

Carl: Finally. Carl follows into the light

Anthony flies into the light too.

In the Grand Blacksmith's Workshop[]

Everyone passes through the light into a clean blacksmith's workshop, combined with a mansion like Iron Man's Malibu Mansion overlooking a vast sea. The Sea of Cooling to be exact. Everyone hears the clanging of metal and a yawn coming from the bedroom area.

Hunter: Okay. Who was that?

A busty, dark-haired girl walks out of the bedroom area in some loose-fitting clothes.

Hunter: What the hell?

Another busty, dark-haired wearing some tight-fitting clothes peaks out from behind the forge.

Girl 1: Huh. Who are you?

Hunter: Who are you?

Girl 1: I'm Mel. She's Ally. Points to the other girl And she's the Grand Blacksmith. Just gonna let that thought sink in.

Hunter: Huh, I wasn't really expecting a girl. No offense.

Ally: None taken. Yeah, I'm the GB. Well... the descendant of the original. Like... the 116th Grand Blacksmith.

Hunter: Cool. Is it just you two here?

Ally: Yeah. Why?

Hunter: Just wondering. How are you gonna repopulate?

Mel: Maybe... we'll come back to the regular realm and hook up with some cute guys.... Walks up to Hunter, making him blush as she hugs him slightly Like you. She says this seductively

Hunter: Whoa. Slightly pushes Mel back As tempting as that sounds... I like another girl.

Mel: Well... that's too bad.

Ally: Hey Mel. Be nice to them. Don't flirt with them. I'm pretty sure that one of them is dating, another has a crush on a girl who might not like him back, and Hunter here has a mutual crush on a girl. Goes back to forging stuff

Mel: Oh, alrighty then. Walks into the kitchen area

Ally: Oh, I should ask... What're your names? I already know you Hunter. Your family's told me about you.

Carl: I was expecting much better. Not two immature girls. I'm Carl Gaizer. Your ancestors have met Rokin Gaizer, the Previous Divine Hero.

Anthony: Anthony Pierce here. He raises his hand slightly.

Ally: Oh yeah. Rokin Gaizer. I remember him. Walks out from the Forge holding an actual, solid axe resembling Carl's Wild Force in one hand, and an actual katana resembling Hunter's Shinku Ikari in the other Great guy. From what my parents told me before they died. As for the immature comment.

Mel: I heard that, and it was rude. Walks out of the kitchen with a plate of snacks and some drinks

Ally: Yeah, I'm more mature than Mel.

Mel: Hey!

Ally: It's true.

Mel: Yeah. Here. Have a seat over there. Puts down the refreshments on a coffee table and gestures to a couch next to it

Hunter: Gomen Nasai. I apologize for my friend's rude comment. Walks to Carl then whispers into his ear Be nice. We do need our Final Forms, and we're not gonna get it any faster if you're rude to them. Walks over to the couch and sits down, settings his bags on the ground next to him Ooh. This is nice. What's this made of?

Mel: Dead people.

Hunter: What?

Ally: She means that it's made from a special material only we have here. And it's not dead people.

Anthony: Lays down on his side What are you guys supposed to do for us again?

Carl sits down looking at the ceiling

Anthony: Yo Carl, what other weapon you think they're gonna give me? I already have the 12's chain...

Carl: I don't know. You have a Divine weapon. You don't need another. I'm just worried what Oliver will do with the power of the 18ths Staff...

Anthony: Damn... You should've at least taken another weapon... Would've been AWESOME!

Carl: Well it's too late for that...

Anthony: Yep. Welp, while Hunter is chatting up those girls, I'll just look around here. Probably won't get another opportunity. He gets up and begins to walk around.

Carl: Hey! Mel and whatever, we came here for our Final Forms, how do we get them?

Ally: It's Ally. As for those, Give me Wild Force. Ant, I need your weapon. Not the 12th's chain, YOUR elemental weapon.

Hunter: Then here's Shinku Ikari. Hands her the katana, which fuses with the one she forged, creating a square of Divinitanium That's odd.

Ally: Ah, right. That, I'll explain that later. Puts down the block as Hunter's name appears on it Where's Wild Force?

Carl: Hands Wild Force with a confused face from the Divinitanium

Ally: Better. The original Wild Force fuses with the reforged version, creating a metaphysical block of Divnitanium Now Ant, where's your elemental weapon? You're supposed to have your own. And I can't seem to recreate yours. I need these to unlock your Final Forms.

Anthony: Oh, I don't think I have one. I use my body as a weapon if that's what you mean.

Ally: Then summon your spirits. They should have weapons. Goes to the forge to work on the blocks of Divinitanium, creating new weapons for Hunter and Carl while unlocking their Final Forms in the process

Anthony: Bruh... Ant closes his eyes and then his three spirits come out of his body.

Soma: Hello Ally, Mel. Makes a water staff.

Ban: Greetings. Forms an earth katana

Cain: Sup! Forms an air sai.

Anthony: Here ya go!

Hunter: Huh. So, why did my weapon block appear solid.

Ally: Thanks, and reasons. I'll tell you when I finish. Finishes Carl's weapon, creating the solid version with natural designs in it and an aura of Life Here Carl. Just meditate with it for 5 or so minutes, your Final Form will come to you. Goes to work on Hunter's weapon as Carl takes the reforged Wild Force

Carl: Alright. Time to unlock my final form. Carl sits down and begins meditating

Ally: Anyway. Turns back around to work on Hunter's weapon Oh, I should tell you about your lineage, Hunter.

Hunter: Hmm? Eats a cookie Mel brought out

Ally: Hunter, your family didn't train the First. Your family IS the First's family. YOU are the First's descendant. That's what your markings are. They're your powers trying to break free. That's why you have Ikari and Akai. Akai is your fire. Ikari is the rest of your power. Me reforging your abilities will unlock your powers. Speaking of which, done. Makes one final strike, which causes a mass of steam to rise from the forge Evacuating! Runs out to the couch as Hunter's markings appear as he suddenly dashes toward the steam, disappearing into the mist

Mel: Wait! What are you doing?! You can't do-

Ally: No, let him. It's perfect. The final piece of the puzzle, I guess.

The Sea of Cooling completely disappears.

Mel: Ally. Pokes Ally, who's staring at the mass of steam Look. It's all gone.

Ally: I know. That's what should have happen. How is it, Hunter? How are your... weapons?

Some of the steam disappears as it recollects back as a small portion of the Sea of Cooling, just enough to show the vague silhouette of Hunter holding two over-sized katanas, both resembling the Larger True Zangetsu and as tall as Hunter roughly, with one in each hand. The left sword has a dark grey color, and the right sword has a light grey color. His sleeves are also burnt off.

Zangetsu Shikai Version 3

This is Hunter's pose. Also, the swords he holds are both the larger sword.

Hunter: Well now. This works. Solar... Holds up the right blade up slightly and Lunar. Holds up the left blade slowly Nice. I like it.

Ally: Nice. They're good swords, huh?

Hunter: They're nice and heavy, I like 'em.

Mel: Holy crap. That's awesome. Blushes slightly at the sight of Hunter's bare arms, as they're slightly muscular

Hunter: So, where's my Final Form?

Ally: You need to retrain with your new Spirits, Sol and Luna.

Hunter: Right. Do you have a training room?

Mel: I know where it is, follow me. Blushes a little more at the thought of being in a room alone with Hunter as she walks down a set of stairs. Hunter follows as he sheathes his swords on his back as sheathes appear out of thin air as two straps appear, creating an x-shaped cross to hold the swords in place

Hunter: See ya!

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 4.17

Ant's new weapon

Ally: Now, your turn. Walks back to the forge as the Sea of Cooling reappears Come on you three. Let's go. Ant's spirits go to Ally, where she begins to forge Ant's new weapon, then finishes quickly Here, do some meditation with this. Hands him a rapier resembling this sword-> Enjoy.

Anthony: Whoa... He examines it and then swings it a few times. It's really light but heavy hitting when he hit a target. This is my type of weapon... Time to get to my final form... He sits down as his spirits also sit down and starts meditating.

Hunter comes back up ten minutes later with his swords on his back, and a strange mask on, like Ichigo's second Hollow mask.


Carl's Final Form clothing

Hunter: That worked out pretty well. Takes off the mask, crushes it, then sees everyone meditating Oh.

Carl starts glowing green light while his eyes are still closed then he glows brighter and brighter which causes a huge flash of bright green light and everyone to feel a rush of life like they've just been reborn. The light dies down to Carl slightly glowing wearing what you see on the left. He opens his eyes, they are glowing bright green then they fade into his normal, emerald green eyes. He stands up and examines himself.

Carl: Woah...

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 11.21

Anthony's new final form clothing

Tumblr inline msuipdWMKb1qz4rgp

Anthony uses all Water, Air and Earth while obtaining his final form.

As Carl says this Anthony and his spirits are sitting in a square and their bodies start to glow and then fade into Anthony's body. Anthony's eyes glow white for air, then brown for earth, then blue for water. His eyes then glow all colors at the same time as he stands up looking at himself and his body is glowing white. He then gathers water from the Sea of Cooling around him and it makes a giant water sprout, then he makes air rotating diagonally around him and makes earth rotate diagonally the other way.

Anthony: Duuuude!!!!! His clothes then start changing and he looks around nervous then falls down to the ground, the Sea of Cooling splashing on everyone. Then when the dust clears his new outfit shows. Yoooo.... This outfit is cool as fuck! He looks on his right shoulder and sees a 3 different colored snakes curled around each other representing each of his power. Wow... Why do I even need this scarf? Anyway it looks cool. Whoa Carl! You got into your Final Form before me? You look badass too! And Hunterrr, I see the Bleach masks on you. Why is that?

Carl: You look epic as fuck Ant. So do I! This is awesome! I feel like I've just been reborn. That's probably because of my life powers. He summons his Axe in his hand then hits it in the ground with one hand so it stays stuck in the ground slightly

Mel: Wow you guys look good! Mel comes over and feels Ant's muscles as she slightly blushes from his toned body.

Ally: Well, how does your axe feel Carl? She looks at him and smiles while blushing at his physique.

Hunter: Bleach masks? I like that series. And you guys look pretty cool. I'll keep my FF a secret. But these swords are absolutely fuckin' beast. Adjusts the cloth straps so they're more comfortable Solar and Lunar. They represent the good and evil within me, and they're equal for now. Can these change forms?

Ally: Not unless I reforge them. You guys want anything else while you're here?

Hunter: Oh! That reminds me. Goes over to his backpack, then gets a notebook full of weapon designs. He then flips to a page where there is a pair of guns. The pair is a set of customized M1911 pistols resembling Ebony and Ivory from the original DMC games Can you make these? Just need some ranged weapons. Hands the book to Ally with the page open

Ally: Yeah, just give me a sec. Goes to the forge to make the guns after taking the designs

Hunter: You still have some snacks?

Mel: You never finished the ones I brought out, so go ahead.

Hunter: Sweet. Goes over to the couch to relax and eat some cookies Man, these are great.

Mel: Thanks, it's a secret recipe.

Hunter: You guys should have some.

Anthony: Nah, I'm good. I'm too hype right now. He forms his new sword and slashes at a couple targets in a swift action and they all get sliced into little pieces. He then shoots high pressure water from his mouth to sever several titanium weapons everywhere. Hey Carl, did you know Hunter is the Divine Hero?

Carl: What....Carl freezes, as if he just escaped his own body and disappeared No.....

Hunter: Holy crap, I just remembered I am. I'm fucked, aren't I? Grabs the handles of his swords, which causes the cloth to unwind and release the swords, then holds them out and prepares to fight

Carl's eyes glow green then a huge electric blast comes out of him, stunning everyone and blacking them out for a minute. When they awake they see a huge hole in a the wall and a destroyed path leading back to the portal

Anthony: Uh.. I think he's pissed... Gets up and brushes himself off

Ally: There's nowhere to go in this dimension. This is the only place that exists here. The villages that existed here long ago are gone. And here. Hands Hunter his sketchbook and the guns in their holsters

Hunter: Which means he's going nowhere in particular. Gets up and uses his swords as support We need to find him, and subdue him. No kills. Use your Final Form if necessary. And thanks, Sheathes them in the cloth wrappings, then takes his stuff back and grabs the guns, keeping them holstered behind his waist, the right gun being the light grey one, and the left gun being dark grey I should change out though. Goes into a changing room, then comes back out wearing Ichigo's Fullbring-infused Bankai, but in Dark red Now, let's move. Jumps into the portal, then uses his gloves to propel himself back to the school, Anthony following shortly after

Back at the school[]

Ant and Hunter appear back in the school's gym, where some PE classes are going on. Keith is there too.

Hunter: Well. Odd.

Keith: You got a Final Form? That's impossible, you're too stupid to grasp that concept.

Hunter unsheathes Lunar and holds the blade at Keith's throat while grabbing his pistol and aiming it at him. He does this all in one swift motion and does with a bored and calm expression on his face

Hunter: Shut. The hell. Up. No one said anything to you, so shut the fuck up and mind your own damn business. Tazes Keith with Lunar, then shoots Keith with a very minor amount of electricity, subduing him Now, can anyone tell me where Carl Gaizer went? Holsters his gun and sheathes his sword

Random Student: I think he went through that portal to back here, then left the school.

Hunter: Do you know where specifically?

Student: No. I just saw him leave.

Hunter: Thanks To Ant Let's track down the Life Shifter.

Anthony: Yea. He runs through the gym and exits and starts looking.

Hunter sits down and starts meditating, using Carl's elemental Aura as a trace substance. He tries, but still can't locate it.

Hunter: Shit. Gets up and sees Keith missing *What the hell? He's gone. I didn't spend much time meditating.* Walks outside and helps Ant track down Carl

At an old Gaizer House[]

Carl is inside an old abandoned Gaizer house sitting on his bed, depressed

Carl: How... It can't be Hunt...I'm the Divine Hero...

A creak is heard from the shadows

Carl: WHO'S THERE!??

A boy steps out, Keith

Keith: Carl...

Carl: What do you want?

Keith: I heard that Hunter is the Divine Her-

Carl: Piss off baka.

Keith: Listen Carl. Don't you know that you can still become a DH even if you weren't born one?

Carl: Bullshit.

Keith: It's true.

Carl: How...

Keith: If you kill a Divine Hero, you become one...

Carl: Really...

Keith nods then steps back into the darkness

Carl wipes his tears then his eyes glow green. He travels to find Hunter Kaji to become the Divine Hero he desperately wants to become

In the City's Centre[]

Hunter and Anthony are searching for Carl. Suddenly, Hunter gets jumped by Carl with his glowing eyes and claws, sharp teeth, some fur and an angry face. Carl punches Hunter many times


Hunter: Get off!!!!! Shoots Carl with his revolver, knocking him off I don't give a shit about being the Divine Hero!!!! I just want to protect my friends!!!

Carl: Then I'll take your life! Carl reinforces his fist and punches Hunter into a wall

Hunter: No. CARL!!!! YOU CAN'T TAKE MY POWERS NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! WE'RE BORN WITH OUR POWERS, AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT!!! Shocks Carl with bolts of Lightning, then slashes Carl with Lunar, and uses Solus to chain Carl with Light chains

Carl causes a lightning storm which randomly strikes the ground with lightning. He gets charged with lightning then he gains muscles and breaks out the chains. He turns into a 7.5ft tall werewolf (not the shit Twilight ones, more like Van Helsing's were wolves) with big muscles which makes it look like a human body with wolf features. He punches Hunter away then jumps him while scratching him deep cuts

Anthony then uses a large gust of air to knock Carl off of Hunter. He then forms his Final Form clothing.

Anthony: DUDE STOP

Hunter: Ow. Motherfucker. Gets up, then strikes lightning on himself to heal Why does he care so much about being the Divine Hero?

Anthony: Remember? He can't take not being the Divine Hero, he's being a bitch like before.

Carl barges Anthony out the way and continues to scratch Hunter then slams him around to near death then he's about to kill him with one final scratch

Anthony: No!!! His eyes glow white and Anthony shoots a supercharged gust of air that makes Carl fly into a couple of cars down the road

A pair of glowing red eyes appear from the scrap metal of the cars. Carl jumps out, running on all fours at Anthony while throwing plant projectiles from vines he creates out his back

Hunter: Weakly Help... me.... Tries to get up, but falls back to the ground again *I... can't die.... Not when I still have... so much left to live for.... Hailey... Ally... Mel... Ant... So many others. No.*

Lunar starts talking to Hunter mentally, not appearing physically.

Lunar: *Get up. Get up and fight.*

Hunter: *But... he's my friend.*

Lunar: *But he attacked you. He's brought you to the brink of death. You're just barely hanging on to that last thread of life.*

Hunter: *I've come to accept my pending demise.*

Solar: *Not by his hands. You will fight, and we will teach you, just as your ancestor gained the power of Omni-Divinity. You will learn in time, but you still have White Fire. Use what you already know and fight.*

Lunar: *That's right, get up and fight. Fight. Fight. FIGHT!!!!!*


Hunter: I... am going... to get up... Pulls himself up with light tethers And I will fight. Gets up, heavily bleeding Ant... cover me. I need to get healed. Just hold him off for the next 30 minutes. I should be able to fight then, not fully healed, but good enough to fight. Goes to hide somewhere to heal slowly from the light and shadow

Anthony: Gaahhh! From white, his eyes glow brown and then he raises little rocks to blog the projectiles and then does a backflip with a giant boulder coming from the ground hitting him in the air.

Carl jumps off the boulder to gain some air then wraps himself in a ball of vines with thorns then charges it with Lightning. The ball lands next to Anthony causing severe electric shock burns to him and cracking the concrete. The vines untangle to reveal Carl in human form

Carl: Get out of my way Anthony. This will be over quick.

Anthony falls to the ground electrocuted with burns on him. He then looks up at Carl angry.

Anthony: You're fucking crazy... His eyes have gone to normal and is panting. He tries to punch at Carl and does another kick at his face.

Carl dodges instinctively then creates a ball of lightning and throws it at Anthony

Katara stops her attack

Ice shards pointed at Carl

Anthony: AGH! He gets hit and hits the ground hard. His body can't seem to move because of the shock from the lightning ball. D-Dammit... Fuck. You. You crazy psychotic bastard...

Carl, his eyes brighter than ever, starts to smile. He then turns his hand into a claw hand and walks towards Hunter

Anthony: He forms lots of water in the air and then turn them into ice shards pointed at Carl from the back. Stop. I don't wanna have to do something... I'll regret....

Carl: You already have...Carl snaps his fingers causing a lightning shock to conduct through each shard and shatter them. He then turns into the werewolf again and jumps Anthony and is about to bite his throat

Anthony: Gan! NO!

Suddenly that's when a bunch of plasma beams come out nowhere and direct to Carl at high speeds, shooting Carl off and into a skyscraper.

Naya: Anthony!! She runs to him and drops to her knee

es to pick him up. Oh my god, we have to leave with Hunter!!

Anthony: Uh.... Can't move...

Carl breaks out the rubble and grows to Hulk size. He turns into a Cheetah and runs at Naya. He then turns into human while pouncing with a huge claw arm and scratches Naya, pushing her into a wall and damaging her a lot

Naya: AHHHH!!!



Carl's 30ft tall Final Form as his Spirit

Anthony: NAYA!!! Carl! YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR! As he says this his eyes glow blue and then grabs Carl by his blood and throws him down the street. His eyes then glow brown and he swings his chain from off his wrist down the street to curl around Carl tighten and pulls Carl back with tremendous force and speed back. He then pulls his wrist down so the chain throws Carl from high into the air to the ground creating a huge crater.

A huge tree like arm emerges from the crater. It pulls up a huge monstrous tree like monster that stands at 30ft tall. It is a giant version of Carl's spirit

Tumblr mwdjiiEAzC1qcsd3co1 500

Anthony's super air wave.

Carl: I'm sorry it had to come to this. Carl holds both his huge arms up then slams them down, creating an earthquake in Ant's direction

Anthony: Really?! His eyes glow brown then he slams on the ground with his left palm stopping the earthquake. You're not going to win.... His eyes then white and then he jumps and flips and when he lands he swipes a super compressed wave of air that pushes and slices anything in it's path and it gets to Carl pushing him back and slicing lots of parts on his body.

A green mist surrounds Carl, healing him. He then creates several bats to distract Anthony then he charges his leg with lightning and super kicks Anthony through a building. After Anthony gets sent through the building you hear a loud roar then he comes flying from top of the building with gigantic boulders following him.

Anthony: YOU'RE NOT GONNA TAKE ME DOWN THAT EASILY!!!! He then flies extremely fast past Carl pulling the rocks towards him hitting Carl head on. THIS IS FOR NAYA YOU BASTARD!! His eyes turn brown then he slams his hands on the ground and then LAVA starts to emerge and in 5 seconds lava starts shooting out like a volcano and Ant jumps over the lava geyser to start pushing the lava at Carl.

The lava starts killing some of the plants on Carl but it doesn't hurt him much. He extends his arm and grabs Anthony then crushes his bones in his bare hands. He then throws Anthony into the ground and stomps him a lot, seriously damaging him

Carl: Give up Anthony! I might let you live!!


Anthony: Heh... Anthony starts to meditate as Carl thinks he gives up. But that's when his water spirit starts to use water internally and heal him using the healing properties in water itself. Anthony opens his eyes and they're white. He jumps up on one arm as the other is still healing internally and he does a back handspring with a super strong gust of air and it pushes Carl into the woods because of the strength and pressure.

Hunter comes out of hiding, still hurt, but able to stand.

Hunter: STOP!!! Carl! What the hell is wrong with you?!?! We were friends, now you hurt everyone you cared about! WHY?!?!

Carl walks back in his human form still with glowing eyes. He has lightning surging through him. He then stomps the floor, making lightning zap through the floor as the ground is cracking then it hits Anthony, blasting him in the air. Carl then grips him with a vine and pulls him towards himself then before they collide, Carl creates an armoured, scaly fist and punches Ant in the face, making blood fly out and sending him flying back to Hunter

Tumblr n8d9rzs9Cw1rzkxhio10 400

Anthony's clones punching Carl to the ground.

Anthony stops before he reaches Hunter with by using air and then his eyes glow blue then Carl starts spazzing out and falls on his knees vomiting by his blood moving unnaturally. His chain then comes from the ground and grabs him by the ankle, crushing it and then it hurls him towards the city.

Anthony: Sorry about this.... 4 wood clones then come out his body and then they run up buildings and jump at Carl in the air. They all start punching him with a lot of force in the air going to the ground. Then they all punch at the same time with full force, with his internal organs rupturing and he hits the ground causing an explosion. As this happens in the middle of the city, Carl lands and sends a shockwave shattering all the windows in the buildings around him. Carl is on the ground heavily bleeding as Anthony is still healing from his injures.

Carl glows green as his injuries start healing slowly, the wounds closing, the blood sucking back in him. He then stands up and creates plants with mouths to eat up the wood clones, destroying them. He then walks towards Anthony's location as the environment around starts growing moss, plants and more carnivorous animals appear following behind Carl slowly

Carl: His voice is deep and sinister, like Ultron's voice. His eyes are still glowing more bright and green "veins" are sprouting across his face out from his eyes. Plants grow on his body should've just let him kill Hunter. It would've been quick and Naya wouldn't of been hurt. Hunter is weak. You are not. I grow stronger by the minute. Don't make this harder than it needs to be.

The lions, tigers, bears and other animals behind him start growling and roaring

Anthony: He stretches as he gets fully healed. I'm not even trying. I don't want to hurt you Carl, or whoever that is that's talking should stop controlling him. Please?

Carl: You haven't hurt this body. You haven't even seen his power. My power. He craves power. Hunter's power. To be the best, but he doesn't want this to change. He wants cooperation, the world coming together to fight. Not a single soul leading the rest like mindless zombies. Too bad that's exactly what I want... Three dragons fly up behind Carl and the animal army. All 20 foot tall. They breath fire and all the animals roar in anger like an army ready to fight

Anthony: I HAVE seen your power and you're strong Carl. But I won't let you get what you want... He makes a wooden throne-like sculpture then sits down. Don't let you guard down. Anthony's eyes glow brown then suddenly metal shards start coming from the building at high speeds piercing about to pierce all the animals deep.

Carl instinctively shoots lightning at the shards, magnetically pulling them to the floor near him'

Carl: Have you? His leg gets all scaly and he stomps the metal, tearing it Anthony, make this quick, you don't want to face me. Do you even care for Hunter? Don't try to attack my animals again.

Anthony: Anthony breathes out and then the ground starts shaking violently like an earthquake and it opens up like a bottomless pit.

Carl: Is that all? Disappointing... Carl commands his animals to retreat then his eyes glow less as Carl tries to gain control over his body again. Carl's body struggles then stops I can feel my powers releasing through this body. I am regaining control. Carl turns into a Peregrine Falcon and flies up in the air then drops at 240mph and collides into Anthony then he slashes past Ant a couple times like a sword cutting him then eventually turning back to Carl next to Hunter

Carl: You are not worthy of your powers. He grabs Hunter, his body now covered in armoured scales, then throws him with one arm down the pit

Hunter: NO!!!! Transforms the pit into a platform, using Wind to float onto the platform What? How? Gets up *I didn't even think about creating that. So how the hell did I create this platform and use Wind?* Sol and Luna appear in front of Hunter as two inverted clones of him, Sol wearing a light grey version of Hunter's clothes, and Luna wearing a dark grey version of Hunter's clothes

Sol: Your instincts created the platform and used wind. Your powers are coming to you. The Omni-Divinity within you is awakening.

Hunter: Fine then. Can you form a mask?

Luna: Yes. Which one of us do you want to use?

Hunter: Both. Now.

Sol: You can't use two masks at once, but we could fuse the masks into one.

Hunter: Then do that, and quick. I think Carl's coming. Sol and Luna turn into clouds of Light and Dark energy respectively, then appear on Hunter's face as Ichigo's second Hollow mask, but with 16 red lines overall, making the mask look more futuristic and scary. He then takes out his guns Let's fight Carl. Oh, my guns should have some names. Hikari... Spins the right gun around, then holsters it and Kage. Spins the left gun around then holsters it You and me now, Coral. Propels himself up to the ground above, draws his guns, then fires Earth ammo into the hole, filling it up Let's go Carl. Right here. Right now.

Carl: Shut up. Carl backhand slaps Hunter through a building then starts glowing with light green energy,then he emits it and starts hovering and his hair looks like a Super Sayain form. He then flies at Anthony at an un-dodgeable speed with a force enough to kill any shifter

Anthony: Tch... Fine... His eyes glow white and air gets blasted around him. He then starts charging a supercharged air current around his arm and flies toward Carl at full speed with that supercharged air current.

They collide with extreme force, demolishing the entire city centre and knocking them both, including Hunter, unconscious.

Next Morning[]

Anthony awakes in his room with Naya next to him still sleeping.

Anthony: Awww shit... my head.... Naya then turns and sees him awake. She gets up with Anthony.

Naya: Morning babe... She rubs her eyes and gets off the bed. You okay?

Anthony: Gah... NAYA!!! ARE YOU OKAY?! That bastard Carl.... I'll fuckin kill him for hurting you...

Naya: No I'm fine... Please... forget about that...

Anthony: I ca-

Naya: Look we have to get ready for school okay? Let's get ready.... They get ready and head out.

Carl wakes up and gets up scared. Angel is sleeping on a chair in Carl's bedroom waiting for him to wake up and Oliver already went to his lessons. Angel wakes up and runs to Carl and hugs him

Carl: Angel...

Angel: Thank God you're okay...She stops hugging him What's wrong with you? You had a fight in the middle of the city and nearly killed both your friends! Then you destroyed the whole centre!

Carl: Shit...I'm sorry...I couldn't control's just...Hunter's the Divine Hero...

Angel: What? Really?!?

Carl: I-I-I was told by that guy...that strange head really hurts...

Angel: We should get to class.

Carl: Alright. They get ready and go to class

Hunter wakes up, Hailey sitting next to him.

Hailey: Are you okay?

Hunter: What the hell happened?

Hailey: I don't know. All I heard was you destroyed the whole centre during a fight with Carl. That, and you're the Divine Hero.

Hunter: Holy shit, you're right. I guess we should go to class.

Hailey: Yeah, I guess.

They get ready for class silently due to Hunter not wanting to talk after yesterday's battle. They split up to go to their separate classes before the bell rings.

Anthony is walking to school while holding hands with Naya. He looks at her and she's look down and really sad.

Anthony: Naya...

Naya: I'm fine babe...

Anthony: You sure? It doesn't seem li-

Naya: ANT. I said I'm FINE.

Anthony: Oh... sorry... They Continue walking

Carl and Angel are walking and see Anthony and Naya in front of them walking

Angel: Look. It's Anthony and his girlfriend. Go talk to them.

Carl: No! Uh no.

Angel: Why not?

Carl: I almost killed him yesterday.

Angel: Carl. Go apologize. He'll understand.

Carl: No. He won't forget this.

Angel: It was just a fight. Nothing personal. Right?

Carl: Uh...I...I hurt Naya...

Angel: What?!? You hurt her?!?

Carl: Yeah...but that thing that did wasn't was something else...

Angel: He'll forgive you soon enough. But you have to apologize to them. Each.

Carl: Okay... They head to class

Later, At Their Lunch Time[]

Hunter sits down at a table by himself, not really waiting for anyone as he gets out his lunch and starts eating in silence.

Hunter: *I can't believe what happened. After all that time we spent fighting and enhancing our powers, boom. Carl turns on me and he's possessed by his Elemental Spirit. Damn you Keith, damn you.* Finishes his lunch and cleans up, then goes outside and puts his headphones on as he talks a walk through the school *Why is all of this happening?*

Keith: Well, look who we have here? Keith is standing in front of Hunter, who stops, with all of his friends

Hunter: You. This is all your fault.

Keith: What're you talkin' about? I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Hunter: You turned my friends against me. You bastard.

Keith: Still don't know what you're talking about. Anyway, I've asked for a fight with you, again. My friends are gonna be fighting too.

Hunter: I couldn't give any fucks about who I'm fighting. I could straight-up kill you right now, Keith. You mess with my friends, you mess with me.

Keith: Whatever. Guys, spread out and surround him. His claymore appears on his back as his friends summon their weapons and surround Hunter

Hunter: Fuck off. He plays a song on his headphones, and holds out his left hand as Lunar flies to his hand, sheathed. He then unsheathes the blade and puts the sheathe on his back, a sling of cloth appearing and wrapping around his chest to hold the sheathe in place.

Keith: Attack. And take the sword! His friends jump to attack Hunter

Hunter: *A group attack on one person? Idiots.* He takes out his right pistol, sets the ammunition to a non-lethal type, and fires at everyone who jumped, shooting at an extremely high rate to the point of it being similar to a fully automatic sub-machine gun, knocking everyone out as he reholsters the gun just as quick as he fired

Keith: Im-impossible. That can't be right. How the hell did you do that?!?!?!

Hunter silently moves in with his sword ready to attack, and slashes at Keith.

Keith: Blocks the attack with his sword Answer me!! How did you hurt all my friends that quickly?!?! ANSWER ME!!!! Pushes Hunter back and rushes at him for a stab

Hunter: You want to know? Blocks the stab with Lunar, and takes out Hikari This is how. Aims Hikari at Keith's head, and shoots him with a block of Earth, knocking him back

Keith: Damn. Who uses guns nowadays? They're worthless. Gets back up and prepares for another attack

Hunter: What's the point? I like guns. Now shut up and go away. Fires at Keith with real, lethal bullets and at a similarly high rate of fire, forcing him to block them all

Keith: You idiot! Why are you using live ammunition?!?! That stuff could kill me!!

Hunter: And I couldn't give two shit about whether or not you died. You're a worthless piece of shit anyway. Continues to fire at Keith while walking forward towards him

Keith: Fuck off!! Creates a shadow barrier to block the bullets while charging at Hunter with his sword

Hunter: Is that all you've got? Uses Wind to propel himself around the barrier and aims at Keith's face, forcing him to stop You're weak.

Keith: Damn.

Hunter: Should I pull the trigger? Or do you want to live another day as the coward you are?

Keith: Damn you.

Hunter: You said to take my sword, right? Sheathes Lunar on his back Why? What purpose would you need my sword for?

Keith: Like I'd tell you.

Hunter: So you do want to die. Holds Hikari to Keith's head, then cocks the hammer Tell me, or the next bullet goes through your head.

Keith: Fine. It's for an important ceremony involving Divine weapons. Happy?

Hunter: No. More. Spill everything you know about this ceremony.

Keith: Sure. Checks to see one of his friends getting up, smoke coming from his hand It's going to unlock my potential as the Divine Hero. And you will die. His friends get up and distract Hunter as Keith escapes, his friends following suit after Hunter had been thoroughly distracted *Good thing I gave him false info. He'll never know the true purpose of the ceremony.*

Hunter: *Damn. Did they take my sword?* Checks to make sure he still has Lunar, and he does *Good, one less thing to worry about.* Holsters Hikari after putting the safety back on, then continues his walk through the school *He said a ceremony that would unlock his potential as a Divine Hero, which would kill me in the process. I don't buy it. No type of magic in the realm would allow a being such as Keith to obtain Divine powers. He could only become a Corrupt Hero with the power he has now. A Shifter with Shadow powers couldn't handle a power on the Pure side of the Elemental Power Spectrum. A Shifter with Light powers could possibly obtain Divine power, and Shadow in the process. But it's still pretty risky, and they most likely wouldn't use the Shadows much.*

Hunter continues walking through the school alone, quietly, and listening to music from his headphones while reviewing the information Keith told him. He decides to train with his weapons, so he goes back to his dorm to grab Solar, and then goes to the training facilities and trains on his own, trying to master his new abilities.

As Carl is walking alone on the outskirts of the school yard, pondering about his actions, he notices something strange, a bunch of shiny metallic pieces in the distance. He heads to check it out, behind a part of the school where no-one usually enters. He sees, laying on the ground, a semi-shattered Divine Weapon, an Axe, left behind by the attackers from the Prom Night.

Carl: Woah... *Should I report this? Give it to the police? How did it break? Maybe I should take it...* Carl collects the pieces and holds them together via vines and takes them back to his room inconspicuously. He studies the axe and realizes it can't be fixed as a piece is missing. He decides to combine it to his Wild Force Axe to form a powerful axe that he can summon. After the day is gone, he's completed the axe as Angel walks in

Angel: Hey Carl.

Carl: Sup.

Angel: Whatcha doing? Is that your axe?

Carl: Yeah, Lifts the new weapon up to show Angel Like it?

Angel: Looks cool, how'd you get the metal pieces?

Photo-20150825 201431

Carl's new axe

Carl: I found them outside. A broken axe, so I combined it to mine.

Angel: Why was a broken axe outside?

Carl: I don't know but it's mine now.

Hunter is currently meditating with his weapons in his room. Currently, he's having a vision about his Final Form.

Hunter: So what's wrong with my Final Form?

Sol: It seems that even now, your Final Form is still incomplete.

Luna: Yeah. No slacking off and get to training. Don't worry, the First had to do something similar thanks to his powers being so powerful.

Hunter: Right. I have a question.

Sol: Yes?

Hunter: What will my Final Form do?

Luna: Good question. One that we can't even answer because even we don't know.

Sol: We only have access to the powers that you have currently, and even your powers are too great for us to read through. It's quite a mystery.

Hunter: Great. Oh, another question.

Luna: What now?

Sol: Luna, don't be rude to our master. What is it you seek Hunter?

Hunter: Hailey's spirit, if she has one. What's her's like?

Luna: I don't know, but I hope she's as hot as your girlfriend here. A water-type babe, oh yeah.

Hunter: If you guys look like me, then I'm pretty sure that Hailey's spirit looks like her.

Sol: Good observation. And you are correct.

Luna: What?! What's that mean, Sol?! Have you been holding out on me?!?!

Sol: Possibly...

Hunter: So I'm right?

Sol: Not only that, but you've met Hailey's spirit once. Recently, you and Hailey formed a rather... interesting bond that unintentionally fused our Spirit realms together during your sleep, and I have met with Hailey's spirit. Her name is Ame, and she is quite... beautiful.

Luna: So you were holding out on me!! Tell me what she's like Sol!! NOW!!!

Sol: Relax Luna. Goodness. But to put it simply... Ame was a very attractive female Spirit with a nice personality. As far as I know. If you two were to meet, she most likely would attempt to seduce you.

Luna: And I'd fall for it like the badass I am.

Hunter and Sol: More like pervert.

Hunter: Oh, nice! High-fives Sol, who high-fives back

Luna: Well you guys are jerks.

Sol: We were simply stating the truth.

Luna: Wow. Thanks so much, I feel so much better. He says this sarcastically

Hunter: Well, I'm gonna call it a day. See ya guys around

Sol: Fare well Hunter.

Lunar: See ya around.

Hunter wakes up from mediation and makes himself some pizza to eat, Hailey coming in and joining him.

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