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"I am not just a immortal man, I am one of a new race of demigods!"-Bara Kira

Bara Kira is the Machine Beast form of the Kira entity created by Bara Neah after extracting Kira from The Original Light's corpse.

Race:Machine Beast


Occupation:General and the king's personal financal advisor

Enemies: Light Yagami & Misa Amane(from the Alternate Reality Death Note Universe),Nostalgia Critic, Shinigami Light


he seems to have a robotic version of black buisness suit,and sythe blade for a left hand,his face is metal and has a jagged Kira smile. Also Bara Kira and Bra Neah can combine to form Bara Buster "Kira and Neah,BARANOIA GATTAI!!!"

Powers and Abilities[]

Laser Eyes

Death Smog breath

Sythe Slash

combine with Bara Neah to form Bara Buster

Eat weapons