Story so Far.... Edit

Part 1: After returning home, Yuko went to his room and pondered on what he has done. Then out of nowhere, a strange being of unkown origin appers before Yuko. The stranger says that he is part of a group of angel like people known as the Keydareins. Apparently they have been watching Yuko throughout his entire childhood and suspect that he has a great destiny waiting for him. The "dream" that Yuko had was actully a message sent by the Kaydareins and battle between Yuko and Mikey was a test to see if Yuko was in fact the "Sacred Child" that god spoke of. The one who will become the protecter of the worlds. The Keydarein told Yuko "You must come with me, it is time for you to take your first step in your journey to become what you always wanted". Yuko smiled and grab the Keydarien's hand, and before Yuko knew what was going on, he finds himself in a completly different place.

Part 2: The Keydarien then tells Yuko that this place is the Keydarien Core, the source of all life and a portal to many different worlds. Yuko will be allowed to explore these worlds as he pleases, however he must promise not tell anybody about the core, only those he can trust. Yuko agreed to the terms and was taken to the center of the core, where he can become an angel guardain. Before the process can begin however, Yuko was told by one of the Keydareins "once you have become an Angel Gaurdian, you will be human no more. You'll be a mutant ageless, powerful, and most importantly you'll be free from the laws that bind your freedom, as you'll be a free spirited person. However if you do this, there is no turning back, you'll be this way: forever". After hearing this, Yuko decided to take the risk. He lisened carefully and did the steps as he told. Then one of the Keydareins holds out an angel essence. He said "this orb will transform your body and change you, what energy you'll use and what element your angel form will have, this orb will decide. Place your hand on the orb and repeat after me: resurrectio arden Angelus"! Yuko repeats and just as he said the words, the orb opens and Yuko is infused with holy energy. He then blacks out, after he recovers, he now sees that he's become an Angel Gaurdian.

Note: from now on whenever I do parts that invole talking, I'll put "talk mode" so you'll known when the characters interact.

Talk Mode Edit

Keydarein: Rise Yuko for you are now an Angel Guardian. Like every new angel, you'll only have your regular form and your angel form. As you grow stronger and preform good deeds, you'll be able to unlock more powerful forms.

Yuko: Thank you sir!

Keydarein: There's no need to thank us child, it has always been your destiny to become the protector of the world. As a free spirited person, you are not bound by laws that hinder your freedom what so ever, you will however be expected to follow the basic laws understood?

Yuko: *bows* Yes sir.

Keydarein: Now we have receive word that he will take to your new home.

Yuko: Who's "He"?

???: That would be me.

  • a tall man with a gray beard appears*

Keydarein: Ah King Aster, it's been some time since you came to this place.

Aster: Yes it's been a long time since I came to this place. *notices Yuko* So is he the one?  

Keydarein: Yes the reason we have contacted is because you seem to be the only person available to train this boy.

Aster: *smiles* Of course there are others out there but your right, I must take this boy in after all I own you that much.

Keydarein: *nods* Indeed you do. *to Yuko* Go with him to your new home, don't be afraid he's a great teacher.

Aster: It has been some time, however I'll do what I can.

Keydarein: Very well just remember to go easy on him, he's a newborn after all.

Aster: Not to worry, I'll hold his hand.

Story Mode Edit

Now that the decision is made, Yuko alongside with his new teacher. They make their way back outside the core then they climb their way towards the stairwell. They arrive at a large round transparent floor with a huge portal standing in the center. Yuko only heard the word "Emperion" before the portal opens and he walks in. Yuko's new life has now begun!