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Black Strings Carnival: The Last Song a.k.a. The Legend of Arcana is the second and final canonical story of The FEAST Saga series.

It centers in the year 2016, where there's a new worldwide conflict in the name of "Program of Mother Diva: The World", made by supposedly Luxendria's Board of Directors and lead by the President, and so forth, but beneath all this is made by a very ancient and mysterious cult.


Two years after the events of the series, the Black Strings have been more famous, and since the defeat of two important forces and regaining his mother's trust, Blake had been thinking about surpassing his father's shadow, being a better performer himself. Sienna in the other hand is now declared as Blake's rival due to their conflicting visions about the world despite their relative joint.

However, behind this there will be a war between the Reformed FEAST and Board of Directors, who even ascends to a global conflict basically those who supports FEAST versus the Board who declare war in all the world to gain enough sacrifices, those sacrifices are for a killing intent.

However, there's a much more, grimy setting, the monsters that the heroes are killing, are in fact, undead souls of humans from another world, named Arcana. They're in the eye of the hurricane by their mysterious superiors, and the villains aren't really bad guys, this makes the moral relativism more notable. And continues the dark side of the Entertainment Industry plot of the previous game.

There is a dark Cult that there was behind all the scenes, mostly named the White Void. Controlled by mysterious forces.




Black Strings[]

  • Blake Snider (Blaze Platinum): The main male Protagonist and first hero of the story, the lead singer and guitarist of the band. He's 22 years old.
  • Zelda Grayson (Sheena Marvelous): Nathan's Secretary and a member of the band being the Keyboardist. She's 26 years old.
  • Gavin Albain (Ace Saturn): A Famed Music teacher of Five Stars School and member of the band being the Drummer. He's 37 years old.
  • Rose Belladonna (Lita Dollz): Blake's girlfriend and the new bassist of the band. A friend of the people. She's 20 years old.


  • Sienna Travers: A girl with great capacity in fighting, Blake's Rival and secondary protagonist. She's 19 years old.
  • Jonathan Travers: A Bulky and handsome Detective, Zelda's boss and Sienna's big brother. He's 23 years old.
  • Captain Roger Masters: A member of FEAST and Ragnarök's workshop captain in chief, he's 30 years old.
  • Elizabeth "Ameth" Amador: A Fortune teller and the half sister of Martha, a FEAST staff member. She's 34 years old.
  • Sebastian von Stroheim: The new Boss of FEAST and limousine driver. He's 59 years old.
  • Mildred Albain: A teacher and a Scientist that joined FEAST after Sampson's demise. She's 27 years old.
  • Shawn Grayson: Zelda's younger brother and FEAST newest member. He's 24 years old.
  • Eliza Sampson: After the Death of her father and her imprisonment, she helps the heroes. She's 20 years old.
  • Lars Jagger: He joined FEAST after the events of the first game as an assistant director and actor. He's 23 years old.


  • Martha Snider-Hayes: The widow of Donovan and Blake's mother. She's 48 years old.
  • Aurelius Krüger: The former horseman of death now in a wheelchair, the only survivor of the four. He's 38 years old.
  • Mark Holley: A close ally of the heroes and bartender, he knows many hidden charms. He's 47 years old.
  • Lloyd Flynn: The younger brother of Ameth. He's in a coma. He's 29 years old.
  • Francine Travers: She is the mother of Sienna and Jonathan, but also Brent's wife. She is 46 years old.

New Characters[]

  • Melody

A songstress who has lost her memories of most of her life. She is connected with Reed, a demigod. And apparently is involved with a Cult. She's physically 30 years old, has blonde hair with green eyes. Heights 163 cm (5' 4").

  • DJ Lethal Rebel/Tristan "Hiro" Cruz

A very well known Disc Jockey in the music industry, who also works for the President of Luxendria, Will Krone. He's serious and strict, but has a human side, is the Vice President of the Board of Directors, likes basketball. Alice's Ex-boyfriend. He's 32 years old, Has Black hair and Brown eyes, Born in December 22. Heights 180 cm (5' 11").

  • Liam Milford/Jazz/Ciel Snyder

Liam is a young woman who dresses like a boy because she happened to be raised like that by her parents, nobody except Rock knows her real identity, she is a happy girl who wants to become a comic/manga artist. She's 18 years old. Has blonde hair and dark red eyes, Born in October 20. Heights 155 cm (5' 1").

  • Rock D. Snider

An expert guitarist and solo singer, not to mention a veteran Mecha pilot, he is Blake's father and Martha's husband, Donovan who was believed dead. Tragic at his best and worst. Also wants to challenge Blake in a Concert Duel without interventions. He's 50 years old. Has Black hair and green eyes. Born in January 19. Heights 188 cm (6' 2").

  • Alice von Stroheim

She's Sebastian's daughter and one of the Black Strings Childhood Friends, she also studies acting, and is a member of an Assassin Guild, she's known as "Noire" by outsiders, however, she suffers from Loneliness, and Melody is her first friend with the band. She's 25 years old. Has strawberry blonde hair and yellow eyes (one covered in an eye-patch which is black). Her birthday is August 12. Heights 173 cm (5' 8").

  • President Wilhelm 'Will' Krone

The president of Luxendria connected with the "Holy Family". He has some mysterious schemes such as "The Program of Mother S." or "Sacrifice to the cursed death". He's a former friend of Gavin and Aurelius, and orders Jazz to do the necessary, He's 36 years old. Has white hair and purple eyes. Born in November 21. Heights 185 cm (6' 1").

  • Shade Prism

A super heroine in a big red and blue armor, she doesn't talk too much, when it talks, she's overprotective with certain people, especially the Snider family, and Blake, the man who she calls "Just a kid." which upsets him, has a personal Vendetta against the Government, she's arrogant but extremely caring, and is closest allies with Feast members. Heights 193 cm (6' 4").

  • Adelard "Adel" Albain

He's Gavin's younger brother and Mildred's cousin. He's a wrestler who's unseen in Part 1 but he often salutes his family a lot on his travels, he appears in Part 2 due to situation of extreme emergency which is related to Mildred. He's 31 years old, has brown hair and orange eyes. Born in September 30. Heights 186 cm (6' 1.3").

  • Luke "Lucas" White

He's a young man who is Sienna's best friend in the Academy, dresses in all white and is pretty popular with the ladies, however, he distrusts FEAST easily and has a rivalry with Blake in sorts, due to being very similar, perhaps. He's 22 years old. Born in May 24. Heights 174 cm (5' 8")

  • Ophelia "Ofelia" White

She's the older sister of Lucas and a experienced sports fanatic and gymnastics student. She is the Senior of Rose and apparently knows Eliza as well judging by her interactions. She is frank and a intelligent yet cheery. She is 26 years old. Born in September 23. Heights 175 cm (5' 9").

  • Irma Sierra

She is a rich girl of Latino descent. She is a straightforward, serious girl who is Lars' rival and is a repeat student a few times due to her laziness and demeanor in class, not for her decent grades. She has Ki Superpowers. She's 19 years old. Born in January 30. Heights 169 cm (5' 6").

  • Reed

Is a "demi-god", a God slayer who uses the power of rock to destroy its enemies, is not an angel nor a demon, but has a duality motif on his looks and aspect, black and white hair with red and blue eyes, has also a bat like black wing and a bird like white wing. He awaits to find a new and worthy succesor to end a mission, he wants to annihilate the Dio because of several calamities that made "in the long past.". His height is 188 cm (6' 2") and looks 35 years old.

Minor New characters[]

  • Ballerina: A Group of female dancers that they are part of the artistic energy.
  • Nia Schwarz-Albain: Gavin's wife and Harmony's mother, a famed chemistry teacher.
  • John Grayson: A senator and Zelda/Shawn's father.
  • Sabrina Grayson: Zelda/Shawn's mother and Mark's sister.
  • Rachel Hills: President's secretary.
  • Troy Smith: A member of the board.
  • Brent Lenoir: Francine's husband and foster father of Sienna and Jonathan.
  • Anita S. Falcon: She's the captain of Schiel's army, a ruthless woman who enjoys fighting for her country. (Also playable.)
  • Cadenza (Cadence in Japan): Close ally of Melody and Reed, a very mysterious composer and conductor. (Also playable.)

Spoiler Characters[]

  • Julius Caesar Aeron

Francine's father and Melanie's husband, but also, the leader of the Cult of White Void. As well as the true antagonist of the series. He is a man who governs everything with an iron fist. He was possessed by an entity of light named Divine. His Height is 201 cm (6' 7") and is 35 years old at the time.

  • Melanie Scarlet Blood

Francine's mother and Caesar's wife. She is a member of the Dark Tribe as well. She has a scythe and an eye patched due to her being born with powers on said eye. She is affiliated to Arche and has little regard of anything else. Her Height is 181 cm (5' 11") and is 30 years old at the time.

  • Mondo Kitsch, the Arcana Warrior of the World

A powerful alien humanoid being from the World that the monsters belong. He has a effeminate yet gentlemanly personality but can be a very stoic combatant in a fight. He can summon a mech on his side. His height is 168 cm (5' 6") and is physically 21 years old.


  • This Sequel occurs in 2016.
  • The story is a lot more darker than Part 1, although there's some humorous moments, the majority of the theme is still retained.
  • Blake is now a music student after dropping his art career.
  • Ron Sampson doesn't appear for story reasons.
  • FEAST Dropped its "Record Label" insignia in favor of being a "Rebel Organization", lead by Sebastian, Ameth and Roger.
  • The narrator is still in English during battle scenes, now the narrators talks any language localized.
  • In the case of the Mecha involved, 75% of them will talk a different language to match the mysticism of the game.
  • Jazz is inspired on Bridget from Guilty Gear Series, but unlike Bridget, Jazz is a Child Soldier.
  • Tristan, Irma, Cadenza and Alice were a Last Minute Addition, since the Writer wanted a Four Bad-Guys Ensemble (Joining Jazz and Will, when Rock is not-so much united to them.). Where as Alice has an important plot point explored into the game, her loneliness, Irma was included as Lars' rival and Cadenza is included.
  • Unlike in the first anime were the soundtrack was just limited to rock and metal, the second game aside of these two genres will cover orchestral, classical music, jazz, lounge, etc.
  • The main plot of the game also involves: Gods vs. Humans, albeit very subtle.