Anime Fanon
Name Blake Monroe
Beast Incarnation Wolf
Romanji Monroe Blake
Race Human
Birthday July 15[1]
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 5' 5"
Weight 120lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Orange/Red
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation None(At the Moment)
Occupation Hybrid
Team None
Base of Operations
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Middle School Level
Status Active
Spirit Wolf
Elements of Power
Fun Stuff
Fav Gem Saphire
Fav. Phrase Let's Go
Fav. Animal Dog

Blake's your average teenager who just happens to be a human/animal hybrid.


He pretty much looks like his picture all the time with regular style jeans.

Personality & Mindset[]

Well Blake is an all around nice guy. He's easy to talk to and trustworhty. Blake has a strong sense of justice and won't let bad things happen to people without doing something about it. He has a friendly atmosphere around him. He also is capable of deep and intimate conversation with incredible insight. He can easily tell if someone is in disorey. Intellectual wise he's pretty smart. He's one of the most smartest kids in his city. He can come up with a plan on the spot with anything. That includes battle,games,test.schoolwork.etc. . He has a photographic memory and with a few hints he can figure out complicated problems. Even if he hasn't seen them before. Though even with all this people don't see him as a nerd or keener. Most people call on him for help whether it be athletics or schoolwork.


Powers & Abilities[]

Since he became a hybrid he has a variety of new abilities

Megaman Greiga Beast Style

Code Name-[]

Cyber Wolf

'When Blake stumbled into a goverment lab he was enbeded with the DNA of a wolf. But, at the same time he was given a code that '''would turn the wolf parts into full blown armor. Said armor is stronger than that of 50 tanks. As such only things with similar powers can fight it. This new form enhanced Blake's normal abilities 10 fold. Besides 'that he has elemental attacks such as:



While in his new form, Blake can fire off fire balls in a rapid fury.

He can also fluctuate the power in between firing and building it up.



In addition to shooting fire balls he can spread fire like a

flamethrower.With enough power the flames are white hot.


Blake can even conjur lightning. He

does this by summoning it to his claw

then slashing it at his opponent in 5

waves. He can also simply shoot it in

a blast.

He can also project clear barriers that can gard against most enemy attacks