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Boku no Kanpekina Sekai
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 36
Run time 21-25 minutes

Boku no Kanpekina Sekai (僕の完璧な世界 lit. My Perfect World) is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Survive Phantasy, Jikan no Senjou, and Rusty Sky.

The story takes place in the world of Regiterra, a place of mystery, beauty, and war. The story is about a young man from the Royal Antares Army of the Holy Antares Empire, and his unstoppable ambition to dominate the world.


After the fall of the Altair Kingdom in year 113 of the Stellar Era, a new age of competition for the control of the continent of Alistra began and arose 19 kingdoms ready for war. In year 134, only four kingdoms remained; the Seias Kingdom of the North, the Great Merian Empire of the East, the United Capitals of the West, and the Holy Antares Empire of the South. As each country try to conquer each other, they do not notice what is truly going to happen to them all.

Auran Denebus is a young man know by many names, "Death God", "Nightmare Genius", "Bladeless Hero", and "Shooting Star", each name just being mentioned means a death threat to his enemies. Strangely enough, no one knows that Auran is the man of nightmares the rumors speak of, and instead, they point to his equal, Maxis Goddnight, a skilled but heartless tactician. Since he began in the Royal Antares Army, Auran has been planning schemes to eliminate bothersome enemies for his plans and aim for higher positions in the army; he now currently stands as King Antares' left hand while Maxis is right. While the wars of the four kingdoms continue to ravage on, Auran plans something behind the curtains of the stage and aims for the domination of the world, but on his way, he finds recruits who support his selfish and benevolent ideals to create his ideal world.


Main Protagonist[]

Auran Denebus[]

A mysterious young man at the age of 18 years old. He is a person who acts light-hearted, but sees the world as a "playground for noble fools" because of all the high status nobles caring only for themselves and not of the normal or low status people who truly create the world. Even though he acts like a simpleton at times, he is actually a kind but serious man who wishes for a better world for the people, therefore, giving himself the dream of world domination. He is a man of many talents, war strategies, charisma, swordsmanship, magic, technology, and even music and arts; and all of his talents are neccessary for the future plans of conquering the world. Despite being very talented and skilled, he lacks stamina, doesn't know how to swim, and usually has late notices and reactions whenever he is being spied on or about to be killed. Due to often acting like a clown in front of people, he is usually thought of as a baffoon and often causes people to question how or why he was chosen by the king to be his left hand. His nicknames were known only in rumor by the people outside the Royal Army, but very many mistaken him to not be the one of rumors. He was based on the Chinese historical figure, Sima Yi, who served under the Cao Wei kingdom as a tactician and caused a coup d'etat which led to the unification of China. He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama.

Main Antagonists[]

Maxis Goddnight[]

Auran's equal in status and rank. He is a cold hearted strategist who hates jokers and people who see themselves as equal to himself; he even secretly hates the king, but hates Auran even more. Like Auran, he also thought of plans to take over the world, but instead of doing it out of a belief, he does it out of his own desire of becoming a god. He is often thought to be the man of nightmares that the rumors of Antares' Death God Hero is, so he is famed among Antares' citizens for only rumors that people believe is him; this fact irritates him because it shows how famous and skilled Auran truly is. He is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.

Lord Durandal Lyes[]

A royal nobleman who secretly controls the Kingdom of Seias as the king's "puppeteer", controlling every decision King Seias makes through blackmail, intimidation, and lies. He is a sly man who is the closest person to the king because of his so-called "friendship" with him. He killed King Seias after he finally refused an order during the final battle between Seias and Antares. He was one of the few people who were personally assassinated by Auran himself. His surname comes from the English word "Lies". He is voiced by Mugihito.


Denebus Faction[]

  • Tallq Desmon - Auran's childhood friend and the General of the 10th Squad. He joined the Royal Antares Faction at the same time as Auran when they were 15 years-old and they both progressed through the ranks easily for their great skills and talents. He is a proud and honorable knight who serves the Holy Antares Empire very loyaly, but was convinced to overthrow it by Auran because they both shared the same dream of an ideal world for everyone rather than just the nobles. Often times he would get jealous or overreact when he notices girls falling for Auran; this was used as a running gag throughout the series. He is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto.
  • Nicole Flamus - The General of the 3rd Squad in the Royal Antares Army. She is a very prideful knight who cares more for honor of her family than anything else and would do anything to bring fame to the Flamus name. She eventually fell in love with Auran after he purposely loses so many duels, causing her to stalk him for a while to see what he's truly like. She is sometimes referred to as a tomboy, but she is actually not one and is only seen as one because of her knight status and pride. She is a tsundere with an inferiority complex against people who are stronger than her. She is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu.
  • Rosé Sebastian - An assassin who was sent to kill Auran by a nobleman who was irritated by him. She was disguised as a maid who was sent to serve Auran to get a chance to kill him easier, but due to many coincidences, she has failed all attempts to kill him. She fell in love with Auran after he held her towards him when they were sneaking around an office; after that, she forgot her original mission and became Auran's personal maid. She becomes very nervous whenever she is around someone naked or is seen naked, often times resulting in hysteria. Despite her adult mature looks and great skills, she is only 19 years-old and not as old as most characters thought she was. She is voiced by Sayaka Ohara.
  • Wandria Saza - An elf and student at the Antares Magic Academy. She is a light-hearted 16 year-old girl who often recieves jealousy from girls because of her attractive looks and huge bust size rather than her skills in magic. She is known to be an ace student in the Antares Magic Academy, but she is never thought to be one because of her air-headedness. She fell in love with Auran at first sight, when he was a guest teacher for the academy and she agreed to joining in his plans without any need of convincing, which made him felt both pleased and awkward. She is voiced by Yukari Fukui.
  • Kiana De l'Cardo Edge - The General of the Black Knight Squad and a noble knight from the Seias Kingdom who was betrayed by her country and planned to be sent to the Great Merian Empire as a "gift" for their king to do anything they want with her in return of an alliance. She was accidentally saved by Auran during a camp raid and was grateful for his help, having in return, a pact until she saves him, which often ends in herself having needed to be saved even more when she tries to save him, rising the pact's requirements for leaving and having to become more loyal to him. She eventually fell in love with Auran after noticing how kind a person he really is when he left her to decide whether or not she truly wants to stay loyal to him. She does not know much of commoner life and how to look after herself because she has lived a sheltered life for most of her life even as a knight who has fought in the battlefield. She is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa.
  • Kaito Furusawa - A Japanese high school student who was magically transported into the world of Regiterra because of a mistake made in the Antares Magic Academy. He is an 8th Dan iaido student and a street brawler who used to get into many fights during his junior high school days. He is a greedy person who cares a lot for treasure but values a person's life even more, therefore, he doesn't kill anyone in a battle. He sees Auran as an evil villain who only wants to take over the world for his own selfish desires, but also sees him as his only way back home so he forces himself to help Auran until he can return home. He has a crush on Wandria and knows that she likes Auran, often times making him angry out of jealousy. He sometimes forgets that Auran is trying to take over the world whenever Auran is acting like a fool. After he learned of a way home, he also finds out that he could come back at anytime he wants since he has grown a link with Regiterra and Earth. He is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura.
  • Ciel Musikia - A tomboyish thief who is very often mistaken to be a boy. She is a poor and homeless thief with no family and only survives through stealing food and money. She was arrested after she was caught by an officer who was walking through the city with Auran, but she was released after Auran paid for it. After she was released, she began stalking Auran wondering about what type of person he was and noticed that he was a kind but truly frightening man. She fell in love with Auran after he saved her life during a bandit attack in a small neighboring town. Though she was never officially enlisted in the Royal Army, she would often show up and train with the knights of the 10th and 3rd squads, and sometimes fight in battles as a support. She has a fierce rivallry with Nicole. She is voiced by Naomi Shindō.