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FA: Time for the new series, Bra-Girl! Episode 1 named, Do I Really Have To?!

-Opening plays- (PV is not the opening, and 0:00 to 1:33)

thumb|300px|right|Opening: World Is Mine

-After Opening, it shows a 14 year old sitting outside, on a porch-

Chichi (the girl): Why do my breast has to be so big... T_T

-a skater walks past Chichi's house-

Skater: Yo, Big Boobs!

Chichi: Don't make fun of me, Yasei!

Yasei: Who cares! -keeps walking-

Chichi: Why do I have to be embarassed so much...well, atleast my parents don't live with me..

-a tall woman, with a breast a bit smaller than Chichi's, walks up-

Chichi: -thinks- She's older, and I have a bigger breast.. -.-"

???: You are the one I've been looking for!

Chichi: Who

???: I am Nagoyaka Nami, but you may call me Nami...

Chichi: ...Nami-san? What do you need -looks at breast-

Nami: -grins- It IS about that...-Chichi's eyes widen-

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

-Now, they are in a giant building, with a factory next to it-

Chichi: make...BRAS HERE?!

Nami: -nods- Yes....And I'm the manager and supervisor here...

Chichi: have...-they walk into a large fancy room-

Nami: -sits down in a large white chair- Sit down, then I'll tell you... -Chichi sits down-

Nami: be chosen, to test, adult bras...BIG, adult bras...

Chichi: ..EH?!

Nami: -nods- And, they also give you super powers...

Chichi: Super..powers?

Nami: Speed, Strength, Knowledge..

Chichi: A....BRA DOES THAT?!

Nami: Yes, and please, quiet down...

Nami: wear one bra a school even....

Chichi: ..School? I haven't gone to one for years...

Nami: -grins- I assigned you to one...

Chichi: I start testing them?

Nami: -hands a HUGE white bra to Chichi- ...Now... -Chichi's eyes widen-

-Ending starts- (PV is not the ending, and 0:00 to 1:37) thumb|300px|right|Ending: Pink Spider

-End of Episode 1-