Anime Fanon

Chapter 1; So we begin.....[]

"So bored..... So very, very BOARD!!!" Screams Jace.

"TIME FOR SCHOOLL!!! GET UP!!" Screams Jace's mom.

So Jace gets up and he eats breakfast Ect. Ect...

When he gets to school he remembers that his fellow alchemist warriors Kazuki, and Tokiko were coming to the U.S. to fght the new Humunculi made by the unhappy Pappillon.

"So," says Jace's chaple teacher, "We have to new students coming to join our school this year. Their names are: Kazuki Muto, and Tokiko Tsumara, They are visiting us from Japan. Why don't we welcome them to our school this morning?"

"Good morning, Kazuki, and Tokiko," Every one says simultainusly.

And then they end chapel and carry on their norma lives until break at about 10:30 and then exit the building for recess.

"Hey Jace hows it goin'?" Asks Kazuki.

"Not much... But I have been practicing my techniques!" Replies Jace.

"Well I'm sure you're getting pretty good since you practice almost every day.." Says Tokiko.

"Stay out of this Tokiko, this is a Bro-chat." Remarks Kazuki.

"WELL THATS KINDA RUDE YA KNOW!!!!" Screams Tokiko in her angry-chibi form.

"I have an illusion right now," Jace says while pulling out two daggers.

He throws the daggers into the ground and illusions appear, then they switch around rapidly.

"Who is who?" They all seem to say at the same time.

"Ummmm....." Thinks Tokiko aloud. "The left one is a clone, the middle is a clone, and the far right is you.

"Dangit." Remarks Jace.

"Nice job Tokiko, I was gonna say middle was him." Says Kazuki.

"You always guess that and your always wrong..." Mumbles Jace.

Chapter two; The first battle.[]

An alarm rings from Tokiko's Kakugane.

"Crud... a humunculus," says Jace familiar with the alarm.

"We need clones to take our place," says Tokiko.

"I need a sample of your DNA," replies Jace.

So they put a DNA sample iside the slot of the daggers, then some clones appear.

"Lets go!!" Yells Kazuki.

When they arrive to the area the humunculus was detected, they saw that is was a school.

"I can get us in," says Jace. "BUSO RENKIN OF THE DAGGER, REALITY CHECK!!! PUPPEST MASTER MODE!" He yells.

Then the daggers attach to their arms and legs, disguising them as students at the shool.

"We're in," says Tokiko.

right away they see the carnage and the humunculus, devouring a student as they speak.

"I know her! Thats Cici..." Says tokiko with a shocked expression.


Tokiko whips out the Valkerie skirt and cuts the humunculus in half, a grave mistake.

The monster's split sides grow back the monster's other half, making two of them.

"Huh!" They all question together.

"Heh heh heh heh," it laughs.

"GRAHH!!" Yells Jace, while pulling out the daggers to attach to his back, inhancing his strength, and giving him the power to disguise as anything, and anyone.

He stabs t in the eye, blood oozing out of the now-empty eye socket.

"The one thing I hate about this job, actualy two, one; I don't get paid, two; who wants to see that!?!?" remarks Jace pointing to the bleeding eye socket.

"EEEEEEEEE!!" It screaches holding his eye while it dies of blood loss.

"One down one to go," says Jace.

"BUSO RENKIN!!" Yells Kazuki, while the sunlightheart plus forms in his hand.

Kazuki then stabs the other one in the heart.

"AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" It screeches while dieing the same horrible death as the first.

"Yeah!" Kazuki and Jace say while high-fiveing.

Chapter 3; Bored... Just bored...[]

"BORED!!! SO VERY,VERY BORED!!!!" Exclaims Jace beating his head against a metal pole at school.

"I know how you feel.." Replies Kazuki.

"Is there a buso renkin of partying?" Questions Jace.

"I wish..." mumbles Kazuki.

Suddenly Tokiko appears.

"Hey, what do you think?" She says showing off her new style.

Kazuki and Jace stare at Tokiko, as if se were crazy.

"Should of stuck to your original style," Jace replies.

"What do you think, Kazuki?" Questions Tokiko.

"If he's not nicely commenting you, do you realy think I would?" He replies.

"I KNOW!! WHAT ABOUT THE BEACH!?" Questions Jace Loudly.

"Good idea!" Says Kazuki.

"No way. Remember what happened last time?" Tokiko says, while flashing back to one of the scenes of the manga, Buso Renkin she was in.

"Come on! Please!?" Asks Kazuki.

"The beach is 130 miles away anyway."

"I have a solution!" Exclaims Jace. "Lemme see your cell."

So Tokiko hands him her cellphone while rolling her eyes.

"What're you up to this time?" She asks.

"Calling someone.." Replies Jace.

"Who might that be?" She asks.

"Chitose...." He replies.

"Hello?" Says Chitose.

"Hey could you pick us up?" Asks Jace. "Were  at my school, and we were planning to go to the beach."

"Sure, give me a second" She says.

Suddenly she appears, and teleporting them one at a time.

"thanks," Says Jace.

"'Welcome"' She replies.

"YEAH!! TIME TO PARTAY!!!!" Exclaims Jace pulling out a radio.

He turns it on and it starts playing some slow songs.

"YEAH!! THIS IS MY JAM!!!!!" He yells.

Tokiko rolls her eyes.

"Dang we don't have money and we can't swim in our clothes.." Says Jace.


"KYAAAA!!!" Exclams Tokiko.

Seconds later Kazuki appears with awesomely made bathing suits.

To be continued later.