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COLOUR Force (カラーフォース?) (Also known as COLOR Force, Colour Force or Color Force,) is a Japanese anime television series created by Tomoe and written by Shinji Nojima, and directed by Hiroshi Ikehata. Animated by CloverWorks, it is a co-production of Aniplex, Nippon Television, and D.N. Dream Partners, which started to air on TBS on September 12th.

COLOUR Force Logo.png
Format ?
Created by Tomoe
Writer(s) Shinji Nojima
Director(s) Hiroshi Ikehata
No. of episodes 30 (Currently)
No. of chapters ?
Music Tomoki Kikuya
Run time ?
Rated Teen
Animation Studio CloverWorks
Network TBS
English Network Crunchyroll
Animax Asia
Starring Asami Seto (Chizuru)
First aired Chizuru and the Magical Girl's Calling
Last aired A Colorful Ode to Monochrome
Previous ?
Next ?

The story follows Chizuru Akabane, a trans woman who was excessively bullied by her classmates after she officially came out and revealed to be a transgender woman. After the bullying and discrimination, she decided to drop out of school for her own good as she jumped off the building off her school during her drop out. A light glows as a mysterious unnamed creature, given the nickname of "Colorless Creature"


Chizuru Akabane, a trans woman, was bullied and heavily discriminated by her classmates after coming out as transgender. The day after, she decided to drop out of school by jumping off the building, as she was about to land on her feet and make the run for it. When she , she encounters a white creature called "Iro". Iro tells her that the world is gonna be in dangerous impact because of a Colorless Creatures trying to eat (but actually kill) humans for their "special colors".


Main Magical Girls[]

Chizuru Akabane (赤羽千鶴?) is the 14-year-old protagonist of the series. She used to be a scholar who attended academy until dropping out due to the excessive bullying she has went through.

Omi Aozora (蒼空オミ?) is Chizuru's former classmate, who was wondering what made Chizuru drop out of school. After finding out the reason during her time as a magical girl, she decides to team up with Chizuru and help her defeat the Colorless Creatures.

Leona Momiji (黄葉玲央奈?) is an energetic transfer student from Chizuru's school. Despite being energetic, she can display a monochrome side of her personality whenever she is in a bad mood.

Secondary Magical Girls[]

Otsuna Mizuki (翠月おおつな?) is the Fusion of Omi and Leona.

Utaya Kitsugawa (喜多川歌也?) is the Fusion of Chizuru and Leona.

Remi Shion (紫園レミ?) is the Fusion of Chizuru and Omi.