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Card Battle Xtreme Sync is a anime TCG game similar to Yugioh and Cardfight!! Vanguard.

Main Characters;[]

Ryo Eze

Luna Moonlight

Jake Wood

Blaze Kai


How to play[]

Step 1[]

Like Vanguard, you need to select a Stage 3 or below stage monster and place it facedown on your side of the field. Each monster has a Cost. The limit is 15 and if the monsters cost is higher than 15 then your opponent can select a monster on the field and it loses 3000 Battle and Support Power. You win if your opponent loses 7 damage. Then you shuffle your decks. You place them in their respective zones, this one being the Deck Zone. You then flip the your stage 3 or below monster and begin the game.

Step 2 (Main Phase)[]

After you agree who goes first, the player can select a monster on the field and place it in the Support Zone. You can only do this once per turn. You can then summon a monster that has one or the same stage as the other monster. You also draw a card only at your turn.

Step 3 (Battle Phase)[]

If you have a monster in the support zone and a monster in the Attacking Zone, you can attack. You can also boost a monster from the Attacking Zone with a boost from the supports monster support power (Battle Power/Support Power/Stage/Cost/(Damage, only if it's an Xtreme Sync monster) ). You can then draw a card for a critical hit. There is Critical Hit +1,2 and 3. An Xtreme Sync monster can deal more than 1 damage to the opponent. To attack you need to switch the card horizontally.

Step 3 (Afterlife Phase)[]

If you have more than 8 cost, you can select a monster and it is sended to the Afterlife Zone.

Step 4 (End Phase)[]

This is where you are sure that you've done everything and you end your turn.


▪ A deck full of at least 30 cards

▪ Contains only 5 Xtreme Sync monsters

▪ At least 7 critical cards

Xtreme Sync Method[]

To Xtreme Sync, you need to have two or more Sync monsters with the same Element and the stages have to add up to that exact monster.


  1. The Wanderer
  2. Teaching
  3. The Moonlight
  4. The Power of the Blazing flames
  5. TBA