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Cartoon Network City Tales (カートゥーン·ネットワーク·シティーテイルズ, Kāto~ūn·Nettowāku·Shitīteiruzu), often shortened to CN City Tales, is an anime based on popular Cartoon Network programs. The setting and name of the show is based on a series of bumpers on Cartoon Network in which characters from various cartoons would interact in a CGI city (aptly called "CN City"). The series is rated TV-PG, is primarily a comedy, and airs on Cartoon Network in all availiable areas.


In the world of cartoons, there's a city where some of the greatest cartoons of all time live: Cartoon Network City. From Townsville to Endsville to the Land of Ooo, it is one of the most expansive cities of the animated universe. Here, the cartoons of CN City live their crazy, antic-filled lives.


Main Characters[]

  • Irwin-A teenage "mumpire" from the town of Endsville. He is somewhat shy and awkward, and has a close relationship with Marceline.
  • Marceline-A vampire queen who is considered really cool. She loves Irwin and is very protective of him.
  • Princess Morbucks-A former villain and spoiled brat. She is, physically, the strongest of the group, and is dating Mandark.
  • Mandark-The brains of the group, who is also a former villain. He has a crush on Princess Morbucks.

Secondary Characters[]

  • Bun-Bun-An evil marshmallow bunny from the Underworld, who uses the "Lights of the Underworld" and his candy army to try and destroy his enemies. He has a particular disdain for Irwin, as it was Underfist that managed to defeat him the first time. He is considered the main antagonist of the series.
  • Numbuh 5-The level-headed second-in-command of the Kids Next Door. She's a close friend of Marceline and always has her back. She's sometimes seen accompanied by Numbuh 2, one of her fellow teammates.
  • The Powerpuff Girls-Three sisters created by Professor Utonium; Blossom is the leader, Buttercup is the muscle, and Bubbles is the sweet one. Once enemies of Princess Morbucks, it is suggested that they've come to terms recently.
  • Robot Jones-A robot who attends a human school to learn about human behavior and psychology, as well as to fit in with other humanoids. He's often used as a tag-along mascot whenever he's around.
  • Dexter-A boy-genius who possesses a secret laboratory hidden behind his bedroom. He is normally in conflict with his ditzy older sister Dee Dee, who has an uncanny talent for gaining access to Dexter's lab despite his best efforts to keep her out. Formerly Mandark's rival.
  • Steven Universe-A half-human, half-gem hybrid who is learning about his powers through the Crystal Gems. He's often used to ease tension and bring some optimism to a bleak situation.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Irwin Hikari Yono (Speaking), Yuki Kaida (Singing) Vanessa Marshall
Marceline Toshimi Kanno Olivia Olson
Princess Morbucks Rie Iwatsubo Jennifer Hale
Mandark Mamoru Miyano Eddie Deezen
Bun-Bun Koichi Yamadera Dave Wittenburg
Numbuh 5 Shuhei Sakaguchi Cree Summer
Blossom Kaori Aso Cathy Cavadini
Bubbles Yuka Nanri Tara Strong
Buttercup Yukiko Ikeda Elizabeth Daily
Robot Jones Rie Kugimiya Johnny Yong Bosch
Dexter Ayumi Kida Candi Milo
Steven Universe Yu Hayashi Zach Callison


  • In both major languages, there are a few characters who are not portrayed by their original voice actors; in Japanese, these characters are Mandark, Bun-Bun, and Robot, and in English Robot also has a different voice actor.
    • Additionally, while Irwin's speaking voice is the same in Japanese, he has another voice actress for when he's singing.
  • When Irwin is seen without glasses, his eyes appear to be blue; this is not only a trait inherited from his grandfather Dracula, but is also a reference to Bram Stoker's Dracula, whose eyes were blue and would turn red when angered.
    • Irwin's eyes also glow red when angered, but unlike Bram Stoker's Dracula, his eyes also glow when extremely depressed (usually when crying heavily or suffering through extreme pain).
    • Unlike either incarnation of Dracula, Irwin's eyes are a turquoise blue; this is in reference to his mummy heritage, as turquoise was a commonly used mineral in Ancient Egypt.
  • There are a few references to Powerpuff Girls Z, a loosely-based anime adaptation of the original Powerpuff Girls, throughout the show. Most of them are visual, having some of the characters appear in the background, but the Japanese version also has some direct verbal references; the latter references are often left out of the English dub, as most audiences in North America are unfamiliar with the show.
    • In one Halloween episode, the original Powerpuff Girls dress as their anime counterparts, and Irwin breaks the Fourth Wall by making a remark about the costumes to the audience. In Japanese, he simply says that the decision is just a little strange; but in English, he states, "If you don't get it, go look up 'Powerpuff Girls Z' online. It'll make more sense."
  • Irwin's fighting style when he's not using his powers is based around Jeet Kune Do, as well taijutsu as used on Naruto. One episode even features Irwin using the Primary Lotus technique made famous by Rock Lee.
  • It is revealed that, when knocked out or losing power, Irwin's eyes will fade into a blank, grey color.
  • Marceline and Irwin tend to have some powers in common, such as being able to eat shades of red.