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The Peanuts Boys

After Charlie brown (찰리 브라운) and his friends lost their 1000th game in a row, the team splits eventually for good. It wasn't until Linus got a note from the National Association of Baseball, given to him by Mr. Hennessy. The letter reads that their is a chance for the team to get together again. Charlie brown is still depressed, but Schroeder comforts him. Linus tells Charlie Brown and Schroeder the news, and the boys start to question how they can get the team back together again. The letter reads further that he has decided to to create a boys team and a girls team alike with 9 members each. A new adventure begins for Charlie Brown and his All Stars line up of boys. Meanwhile on the girls team, Lucy and the others were gathering to make their own team, bringing in more girls, creating a team.


Glowing All Stars[]

  1. Charlie Brown (찰리 브라운)
  2. Linus Van Pelt (리누스 반 펠트)
  3. Schroeder (슈뢰더)
  4. Shermy (마시)
  5. Pig Pen (픽 펜)
  6. Franklin (프랭클린)
  7. Re-Run (리런 반 펠트)
  8. Joe Agate (조 마노)
  9. Roy (로이)

Blazin' Sisters[]

  1. Peppermint Patty (페퍼민트 패티)
  2. Lucy (루시 반 펠트)
  3. Frieda (프리다)
  4. Sally (샐리 브라운)
  5. Violet Gray (바이올렛 그레이)
  6. Patty (패티)
  7. Heather (히스)
  8. Marcie (마시)
  9. Janice (재니스)

Move Sets[]

Glowing All Stars[]

Charlie Brown[]

  • Hurricane Swing (허리케인 스윙)
  • Lightning Bat (라이트닝 박쥐)
  • Thunder Slide (썬더 슬라이드)


  • Fire Tornado (파이어 토네이도)
  • Inferno Rush (인페르노 러쉬)
  • Dragonic Overlord (드래곤 오버로드)


  • Crescendo Hand (크레센도 핸드)
  • Fortissimo Strike (포르티시모 스트라이크)
  • Fortississimo Musical (포르티시시모 뮤지컬)


  • Emerald Swing (에메랄드 스윙)
  • Emerald Saucer (에메랄드 접시)
  • Emerald Dash (에메랄드 대시)

Openings and Endings[]

  • Opening 1: BTS - Mic Drop (Episode 1-24)
  • Opening 2: ATEEZ - Pirate King (Episode 25-48)
  • Ending 1: EXO - Monster (Episode 1-24)
  • Ending 2: IKON - Love Scenario (Episode 25-28)


(Season 1)

  1. The Last Straw for Charlie Brown (찰리 브라운의 마지막 빨대)
  2. A New Start, Baseball Training Camp Begins (야구 훈련 캠프 시작)
  3. Not Qualified To Be A Team? Lucy's Mind Take Full Form!! (팀이 될 자격이 없습니까? 루시의 마음)
  4. The Coach of the Glowing All Stars...Meet Choi RongSun (코치: 최롱 선)
  5. We Need Four More Members. Franklin Steps To The Plate (플레이트에 프랭클린 단계)
  6. The Smallest Battery In The team. This is Re-Run (팀에서 가장 작은 배터리. 이것은 리런 반 펠트)
  7. The Lonely Kid, Roy (외로운 아이, 로이)
  8. Roy, Lonely No More (로이, 외로운 없음 더)
  9. Baseball Training Camp is Ending In A Week (캠프장에서. 야구 훈련 캠프가 일주일 만에 끝납니다)
  10. We Need just One More Member, but Who Could It Be? (회원이 한 명 더 필요하지만 누구가 될 수 있습니까?)
  11. The Kid With The Marbles. Joe Agate (구슬을 가진 아이. 조 마노)
  12. A New Hope. Baseball Is My Heart Burning Passion (새로운 희망. 야구는 내 마음이 불타는 열정입니다.)
  13. The Stars Shine Down On The Future of the new All Stars. (별은 새로운 모든 별 아래에서 미래 샤인)
  14. Charlie Brown vs Peppermint Patty (찰리 브라운 vs 페퍼민트 패티)
  15. Heather has arrived. Charlie Brown's Crush Is On A Team? (찰리 브라운의 크러시가 팀에 있습니까?)
  16. The Two Different Batteries (두 개의 다른 배터리)
  17. The Next Practice Game. Glowing All Stars vs the Master Bats!! I(연습 게임 번호 2)
  18. The Master Bats. Charlie Brown Wants Another Set of Matches!? (찰리 브라운은 또 다른 경기 세트를 원합니다!?)
  19. I Hated Losing 1000 games before, but it was fun. (나는 전에 1000 게임을지는 것을 싫어하지만 재미있었습니다.)
  20. Janice and heather. Two girls with No Skill At Baseball? (제니스와 헤더. 야구 실력이없는 두 여자?)
  21. The Blazin Sisters vs The Blooming Flowers (타오르는 자매 VS 개화 꽃)
  22. Two Teams With One Goal (하나의 목표를 가진 두 팀.)
  23. Off To The Playoffs. The Glowing All Stars Glow Even brighter. (플레이 오프로 가자)
  24. Lets Go! Lightning Balls (라이트닝 볼스)
  25. The Iron Flyers (아이언 플라이어!)
  26. Break Through Their Defense (그들의 방어를 돌파)
  27. The Blazin Sisters vs The Blooming Flowers (브레이징 시스터즈 vs 블루밍 플라워
  28. Behold! The Phantom Ghosts! (보다! 팬텀 고스트)
  29. We Will Not Be Intimidated (우리는 겁 먹지 않을 것입니다)
  30. There can Only Be One
  31. Throw Off The Shackles of The Past
  32. Thanksgiving means We Come Together
  33. An Unexpected game In The Fall
  34. A Place Of Chance Meetings (기회 회의의 장소)
  35. Getting Ready For That Special Time (그 특별한 시간을 위한 준비)
  36. A Little Leaguer's Christmas (메리 크리스마스)
  37. A Special Gift for Two Special teams (두 개의 특별한 팀을위한 특별한 선물)
  38. We Will Postpone and Then Resume (눈 때문에 재개해야합니다)
  39. I'm glad That We Can Still Win (우리가 이겨서 기쁘다)
  40. Don't Push Yourself, take a Break
  41. Study every ounce of their play style
  42. Valentine's Day (발렌타인 데이)
  43. This Time, I am Going To Ask Her. (나는 그녀에게 물어볼 것이다.)
  44. The End of Winter (겨울의 끝에 오신 것을 환영합니다)
  45. March (삼월)
  46. The Finals (결승전)
  47. Inheritance (상속재산)
  48. Road Sign (도로 표지판)
  49. Aiming For That Special Place (그 장소를 목표로)
  50. I am Not Giving Up (절대 포기하지 마)
  51. An April Celebration