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Chochen TwinBee
TwinBee anime 2
TwinBee, WinBee and GwinBee
Format VG adapted anime movie
Run time 3 hours (Approx. 180 mins.), 1 hour and 30 minutes (each part)
Rated PG
Animation Studio STUDIO BUBBLE
Production IG
Studio 4C
Studio Ghibli
Toon City
Warner Bros. Japan (Distribution)

Sentai Filmworks (US Distribution)

Chochen TwinBee (Japanese: 長編ツインビー) (aka Feature-Length TwinBee) is a Japanese anime double movie based on the best two of TwinBee series; Detana!! TwinBee and TwinBee Yahho!. It consists of two movies in one double-feature movie; The first movie is Detana and second is Yahho. In between theses parts, the intermission could be cued, as well as animated countdown to the next part, The graphics of the movie looks very identical to Twinbee Paradise: The New OVA Series. It is an anime movie to be presented in 2.35:1 Scope ratio, Otherwise, it might be 1.85:1 open-matte flat ratio.

When Warner Bros. Japan distributes this movie, we see the Warner Bros. logo with Bugs Bunny in it at the beginning of the movie, but it features a variant which you can see here.


The new soundtrack might be performed at ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra. Along with its new soundtrack, this movie also contains some TwinBee related-music from various TwinBee soundtracks.

Soundtracks used:[]

  • TwinBee's Home Town Song (1986 Arrange Version) (Used for Opening Credits)
  • TwinBee Paradise Sound Fantasia
  • TwinBee Perfect Selection (especially Fantastic Powers)
  • Detana!! TwinBee
  • TwinBee Yahho!

Opening and Closing themes:[]

Movie 1 - Detana!! TwinBee

  • OP - Yoshihiro Kunimoto - TwinBee (Arrange Version) from an album G.M.O.'s Konami Game Music
  • CL - Kukeiha Club feat. Mariko Kouda - Kaze no Okurimono ~remix~


  • Intermission intro - Detana TwinBee (X68k) - TwinBee's Home Town Song (Shop Demo)
  • Intermission BGM - Detana TwinBee - Gift from the Wind (WinBee no Neo Cinema Club)
  • Entr'acte to Movie 2 - Detana TwinBee - Like a Bee -Paradise Beyond The Fog (from TwinBee Paradise Sing! Vocal Battle Compilation)

Movie 2 - TwinBee Yahho!

  • OP - Kukeiha Club feat. Mariko Kouda - Bokura no Suteki (TwinBee Yahho Opening)
  • CL - Kukeiha Club feat. Mariko Kouda - Magical Melody (TwinBee Yahho Unused Ending)

Exit Music

  • Pursue your Dream - TwinBee Paradise Sing Vocal Battle