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Christine Droplot is one of the main villains of Scarlet Fantasy.



Christine is a captivating gremlin with a slender, graceful physique. Her distinctive features include smooth, blue-toned skin that highlights her otherworldly charm. Cascading down her back, her platinum blonde hair flows in long, wavy curls, adding an air of elegance to her appearance. Her captivating midnight blue eyes shimmer with a hint of mystery, reflecting the depths of her ambitions.

In her typical attire, Christine adorns herself in a stunning cornflower blue dress that accentuates her figure, exuding both sophistication and allure. Completing her ensemble, she wears pristine white gloves and stylish pale yellow boots that perfectly complement her overall look. When making a grand entrance, Christine drapes herself in a luxurious yellowish-beige fur coat, adding an extra touch of glamour to her ensemble.

To further accentuate her inherent otherworldliness, Christine possesses pointy ears reminiscent of elves, adding a unique charm to her appearance. Additionally, her sharp teeth add a subtle hint of danger to her captivating smile, hinting at the depths of her complex personality.


Christine possesses a strong and assertive worldview, often perceiving anything that doesn't align with her perspective as a challenge or obstacle. Her uncompromising nature has resulted in a lack of close friendships, with her loyal canine companion being her sole confidant. She tends to hold a dismissive attitude towards those who don't show deference to her, and even those who do may not always receive the kindest treatment.

When in the public eye, Christine meticulously crafts an image of loquaciousness, enthusiasm, glamour, vivacity, sassiness, beauty, and kindness, earning her the renowned title of "The Queen of Diamonds". However, behind the scenes, she can be snobbish, vengeful, and calculating, unhesitant to manipulate the lives and careers of those she deems inferior. While her staff and subordinates strive to appease her due to her talent and influential father, she can be mischievous and demanding, creating an unpredictable work environment.

Despite her flaws, Christine possesses a stubborn and determined nature, driven by an unwavering desire to achieve her goals. She harbors a deep crush on Yuuki Hinata, and anyone who obstructs her path to him becomes a target of her antagonism. During moments of heightened popularity and confidence, Christine can exhibit a serious demeanor, particularly when involved in nefarious plans. However, she occasionally finds solace in embracing her softer side, allowing for moments of vulnerability and empathy.


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  • When Christine is in her generous and confident persona, her appearance remains normal; however, when she loses her temper or begins scheming, her expression takes on a wicked witch-like quality, bearing a resemblance to characters such as Hilda Berg and Sally Stageplay from Cuphead.
  • In terms of design and personality, Christine draws inspiration from various sources. She exhibits the glamour and popularity of characters like Burdine Maxwell from Bratz and Rarity from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Additionally, she shares similarities with characters such as Chelsea Van Der Zee/Nerissa from Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken, Darla Dimple from Cats Don't Dance, Vikki from Helluva Boss, Mommy Long Legs from Poppy Playtime, Spinel from Steven Universe, and Raquelle from The Barbie Dairies.
  • She has a female dog named Bex,
  • Her name, Christine, is a play on the word "crystal," symbolizing a shimmering diamond-like person. This irony reflects her true nature.
  • Christine is portrayed as underweight, particularly in her limbs.
  • Several clues hint at Christine's strong aversion to cheating: her songs mentioning drowning people, her refusal of a certain letter, whispering "I Hate Cheating" while pointing at everyone, her fantasy of freezing the Scarlet Guild, and her attempts to frame the guilds.
  • Christine represents the Deadly Sins of Greed and Pride.
  • Her favorite member of the Scarlet Fantasy Guild is Yuuki Hinata, whom she has a crush on, but he does not return the same feelings.
  • She speaks with a snooty British accent.
  • Her sidekick is Grelsie the Gadget Goblin.
  • Her favorite color is the vibrant hue of Diamond Blue.
  • She possesses exceptional vocal talents and takes pride in her singing abilities.
  • Christine dislikes dishonesty and cheating in any form.
  • She has a distaste for bland and uninspiring music.
  • She is not fond of individuals who underestimate her abilities.
  • Christine has an aversion to unprofessional behavior and lack of dedication.
  • In her free time, Christine enjoys composing her own music.
  • She takes pleasure in exploring different fashion styles and experimenting with glamorous outfits.
  • She loves immersing herself in literature and occasionally writes poetry as a form of self-expression.