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Chrome Dokuro (クローム 髑髏, Kurōmu Dokuro), originally named Nagi (凪), is a 12-year-old girl who was first introduced as Tsuna's mysterious Mist Guardian and one of Mukuro's subordinates who acted as his vessel and connection to the world outside the Vendicare Prison.


Chrome is a short, slim, and rather petite girl. She is often described as a cute and sweet girl, as commented by Mukuro, Belphegor, and Julie Kato, or when she transfers to Namimori Middle School and attracts the attention of many of her male classmates. She has short, pineapple-shaped, purple hair and violet eyes. Her right eye is covered with a black eye patch with a chrome-colored skull (髑髏, Dokuro) after being injured in a car crash. During her daily activities in the future, she sometimes replaced her skull eyepatch with the normal one.

She is mostly seen wearing the green Kokuyo Middle School uniform like the rest of the Kokuyo Junior High Gang. She has also been seen wearing the Simon uniform or Namimori uniform. With whatever she wears, she was usually seen with her bag, in which she stores her Trident. In a chapter cover which shows her current self and Nagi, Nagi is shown to wear a sailor uniform, implying that she used to attend public school prior to her accident. When in an illusionary world, she has longer hair with bangs covering her lost right eye and was seen wearing a plain white gown. This is shown to be a similar version of Nagi before the incident minus the hair covering her right eye.


Due to her once anti-social life as Nagi, she has difficulty opening up to others, except to Mukuro. Because she is used to being neglected and treated poorly, actions where someone is kind and caring to her makes her very confused and shy, such as when she avoided Kyoko and Haru who were being friendly to her. Bianchi noted this that while being kind was natural to Kyoko and Haru, to Chrome, it was completely new and alien to her. Because of her timid nature, she never talks nor fights back if someone badmouths or even hurt her, and merely accepted it calmly, such as when Ken or M.M. mocks her or slaps her. This made some people can't be honest with her or think of her as pitiful, though this didn't stop them from showing concern for her every now and then. She also lacked confidence and used to tend on Mukuro for help, despite her own desire to become stronger. Her lack of self-esteem and her dependency on Mukuro consequently hindered her growth. However, as the story progress, she becomes determined to become stronger and independent to help the people who are dear to her with her own power.