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Chrysalis is a headstrong German girl in Galaxy Mew Mew and is the third member to join the Galaxy Mews. She was 13 when she first came to the colonies and is 17 in the main story. Her alias is Mew Lunar Dream.


First Appearance: Chapter 3 - "Aller Anfang ist schwer"
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Chrysalis was blinded at the age of 13 due to a severe head injury she received during the Rush, as she was trying to escape to one of the colony ships with her family. She lived in the colony after the Rush with her parents, who both had jobs tending to the ship. Chrysalis' injury was treated and she eventually healed, though she remained blind.
Meanwhile, her older brother, Jason, stayed behind to take care of and watch over his sister while their parents worked. At first, Chrysalis was completely dependent on her brother, as blindness was a horrifying new thing for her and she was unsure how to cope or adapt to a lack of sight. But, she soon learned to be more independent and taught herself to do everything even without her vision. She practiced using her hearing and sense of touch to gain spatial awareness of things, and because she was still able to see faint dark shapes, she was more easily guided. After some time, Chrysalis stopped relying on her brother to lead her and learned to act independently. Her stubborn nature, however, shined through as she gained this sense of independence. Chrysalis was so determined to stand on her own that she began refusing any kind of help out of desire to prove herself and refrain from seeming weak or helpless, much to Jason's worry.
As she got older, Chrysalis periodically dreamt happily of her life before the colonies. However, for each pleasant vision she had, she would have just as many nightmares about the day she and her family rushed to the colonies. Chrysalis deeply feared the feeling of helplessness she felt back then, and hated the memory of losing her control and perception. As much as she tried to ignore it, the nightmares would keep popping up as reminders of her subconscious issues. They did not occur every night, but they were traumatizing to her when they did.
Because of these nightmares, Chrysalis started to lose sleep. The only person in the world she could tell was her brother, who sympathized with and comforted her greatly despite how much she'd changed. While the siblings had their disagreements and fought like any other family, they still very much cared for one another enough to trust each other with personal information. Though Chrysalis refused to let anyone guide her, she did not mind opening up to Jason, whom she still trusted.

Becoming a Mew

When Chrysalis was old enough, she decided to get a job to get her mind off of the nightmares. She tried to work with the machines that helped the ship run, but she was denied a place there, as the workers did not think she could do it and wanted to avoid any mishaps. Chrysalis felt that everyone was underestimating her, an aspect of how people perceived her that she found to be an enormous pet-peeve. She believed that if she could prove herself, the workers would let her join their ranks. So, she snuck her way past the boiler rooms, tricking some workers there into thinking she was a new worker, in order to get into the machine rooms. There, she worked at one of the machines that was heavily damaged, using prior knowledge from her father and her hands to feel for what was out of place. Eventually she finished and activated the machine, and when it started up, a few officers in the colony showed up, prepared to arrest her for trespassing. Niji had caught wind of this commotion by listening into a conversation outside of the machine rooms and decided to ask Akio about it. He thought the situation was worth a look and went with her to check it out.
Before Chrysalis could be arrested, Akio took responsibility for her and took the girl in. He explained the situation to her and told Chrysalis how he and Niji thought that she was very impressive doing what she did. When she went home, both Akio and Niji came with her and got to meet with Jason. Akio then offered to take her in and be a part of the team, only admitting that it was for the Mew project when Jason refused to believe his initial lie about making Chrysalis an assistant.
Chrysalis actually declined at first, feeling inadequate for the job.This was contrary to the big deal she made before about being independent and proving her worth. But before she could finalize her decision, Akio told her that, thanks to medical advancement in the colonies, he could give her sight back, if she really wanted it. Moreover, he offered it for no cost—she could have her sight back without becoming a Mew, if she wanted to see that badly. Chrysalis hesitated at first, but the thought of getting her sight back led her thoughts and she joined the team. She talked about it with her brother, but ultimately agreed to go through with it and was left in the hands of Akio. Chrysalis was first given surgery to give her sight back. She was extremely grateful to Akio for restoring it to her, and she let him transform her into a Galaxy Mew. Chrysalis was then on known as Mew Lunar Dream, and with training, was ready to fight the monsters on Earth—something that not even she could have ever dreamed of.


Chrysalis is rather sarcastic and cocky at times, and has trouble learning to hold her tongue. She's very headstrong and stubborn in nature, but she is also very courageous and brave. While she is brash and bold, she is also loyal to those who earn her trust and respect. While she seems rough and crude to many, Chrysalis is actually the most compassionate of the team and takes care of her own.
As someone who tends to be more straightforward and blunt about her opinions, Chrysalis may not always appear to treat people with the utmost respect, but she does know when to straighten up and act like an adult. She is typically unafraid to criticize others, even friends, so there will be times where she grows annoyed by her teammate's behaviors or makes fun of them for something, but she never intends to be genuinely mean-spirited. Though initial reactions to her are typically uncomfortable, people who stick by her learn to know the difference between her being assertive, and her being a genuine jerk.

Mew Form

Infused with the DNA of a White-tailed Ptarmigan, Mew Lunar Dream harnesses the power of the Moon and can manipulate Ice and Gravity using her weapon, the Cosmic Bow. She attacks her foes with Ribbon Lunar Strike, in which she will either fire a weighted arrow to pierce her enemies, or one infused with the power of ice to freeze them. Chrysalis is able to fly, but not for very long periods of time, nor at very high altitudes.
Being so quick-paced in her fighting style, she incorporates flight as often as possible in order to swoop in for attacks, or to dodge blows aimed at her. She is also strong despite her frail-looking physique—she is able to carry the weight of each individual Mew on her team, sometimes two at a time, and she packs quite a punch when she physically attacks an enemy.


Akio Fujioka

Upon first meeting Akio, Chrysalis acted generally rude and stubborn towards him. She was unsure on whether or not to trust him, and his constant generosity was almost annoying to her because she felt he was undermining her potential. However, as she matured and grew to understand her responsibility and her team, Chrysalis took on a better attitude around Akio and listened to him when he had something to say. She began to trust him more and grew to appreciate his kindness, a kindness similar to her brother's. Chrysalis takes great care to do everything Akio tells her by the letter. While she can still sometimes let her dominant, proud nature show around him, Akio is still very patient with her.

Niji Harada

Chrysalis thinks of Niji as a good friend and someone that she can really talk to. Given that Chrysalis primarily had to spend time with her brother on the colony, Niji's friendship is the greatest breath of fresh air to her. She stuck to Niji like glue when she first met her, glad to have gotten to know someone who understood her personal tendencies and with whom she could share a good laugh. Though Niji is more emotionally responsible than Chrysalis, she is clearly someone who understands her tastes, so both girls connect fairly well. The two usually stick together when trouble arises and are often the first to react to danger. While they do get along quite well, Chrysalis often must rely on Niji to keep her stubborn and prideful personality in check, so that she doesn't let it affect her teammates negatively.

Hikari Yamamoto

Chrysalis likes Hikari at times, but toward the beginning of their relationship, she becomes awfully annoyed and impatient with the girl whenever she displays her characteristic timidness, fear or hesitation. She also often teases her about it after any battles, and this leads to a few spats. Being someone who values straightforwardness and action, it is unthinkable to Chrysalis that someone like Hikari can exist and be so hesitant. However, as the two get to know one another better, this attitude is kept more in check. Chrysalis witnesses Hikari's capacity for bravery as time goes on, and she comes to better respect her for it. Chrysalis ultimately watches over Hikari and teaches her how to do some things that she had to teach herself in order to get by when she was blind. She watches over Hikari quite often, treating her as something of a younger sister. Though she still pokes fun at the young girl, it's in far less harsh a manner and far less often. Chyrsalis also knows when to step in and aid or comfort Hikari, something she didn't really know how to do toward the beginning of their relationship.

Hotaru Kojima

As someone who's more stubborn and easily aggravated, Chrysalis thinks that Hotaru's constant presence and childish immaturity can become annoying in large doses. However, as her teammate, Chrysalis is willing to help guide the girl when she needs advice. She respects that Hotaru has a strong spirit, but is also unaccustomed to dealing with children and finds it difficult to handle her at times. This conflict of understanding is especially present when the two first meet and as they barely start getting to know one another. Since both girls' personalities clash, the two will sometimes get into arguments over small things. However, despite the occasional butting of heads, Chrysalis respects Hotaru as a teammate and is capable of having fun with her. She knows that even though Hotaru is a bit immature, she is still able to shape up and take her responsibility as a Mew seriously.


Nexus and Chrysalis tend to treat each other with respect and admiration in most moments, but early on tend to argue over little things when pushed. They both are individuals who can be stubborn in their beliefs, and because their personalities are so vastly different, conflict sometimes occurs. Nexus is far softer and kinder, while Chrysalis is often more rough and straightforward. Despite these stark differences, the two girls manage to work well together. It takes both Mews time to adjust to one another, but Chrysalis ultimately finds value in Nexus' strong personality and learns to work with her to solve problems. Chrysalis confides greatly in the alien girl as a result. She admires her ability to overcome mental and physical obstacles. As someone who has struggled with her own past in the form of lingering nightmares and inferiority feelings, Chrysalis connects to Nexus greatly. The two work well together as teammates, and Chrysalis takes great interest in hearing more about Nexus' home planet when she tells her stories.



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