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Cillian Darcy

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Cillian Michael Darcy is Head Strong, Kind-Hearted and Adventurous Duelist and the Main Protagonist of Cillian Darcy Anime, Movies, Comics and Video Game. He Also the Main Protagonist of Cillian Darcy Trilogy and the Orginal Anime Tv Series Cillian Darcy Adventures The Adventures Of Cillian Darcy and A Tale of Cillian Darcy.  In Ed Edd n Eddy's Crossover Adventures, He's One of the Ed-venturers and an Adopted Son of Allie until the End of Season 4, Cillian give his Title of the Fifth Ed to His Half-Brother Lorcan before he Vanished Away.

His 5 Years of Happiness[]

Cillian and Kino are Born and Seperated by Kalin. He Got Sent to Motorvile and Being Adopted by a Kind Women named Allie.

  • Age 1: On His First Birthday, Allie Gave him a Jacket as a Present and Tried to Tell him that She Got a Job and Take him to Daycare Center.
  • Age 2: Allie Shocked that He's Been Bullied and Take him to the Doctor for some Check up.
  • Age 3: While on his Birthday, Allie worried that He's Growing up and Offers him a Game.
  • Age 4: Cillian Growing up and Allie's Offer a Job by Spiker and Sponge at her House. so Allie accepted and Take Cillian With him.
  • Age 5: Cillian Felt Miserable that his Mom made them come with him and Made her Angry at him that She Wish that She Never Adopted him, so He Decide to Leave her and Travel off on His Own.

His Adventure Begin[]

  • Age 6: On His Adventure to New York, Cillian felt HeartBroken after his Mother hated him. While on his Quest. He Decide to Travel around America.
  • Age 7: On His Arrive to Springfield, He Accdentally Stole something and Bring it Back.
  • Age 8: Cillian's Visted His Favorite Town and First Time Meets Matt and Steven as his new Friends. While That Girl Kristen bullied him, He Lapsed into a Coma.
  • Age 9: While He's in a Coma, Cillian visted Ponyvile for the First Time and Saw Kristen taken Over so Then While in his Battle, Cillian Has a Twin Sister named Kino.
  • Age 10:  on his 10th Birthday, Cillian Woke up and Felt Miserable that He had a Long Lost Twin Sister. so He grab the Knife and Axe to order to Get his Revenge on Kristen and her Gang. on the 15:00pm on her 16th Birthday, He will Murder.

Killing Kristen and her Gang[]

  • Age 11: Cillian cut his Knife and Practise for Revenge by Kiling his Statue while on his 11th Birthday
  • Age 12: Cillian's now 12 and Travel into the Woods to take a Shortcut to Kristen's House and Battle Slenderman and ends with No Results and he Continues traveling.
  • Age 13: on his 13th Birthday, He Returned to his Favorite town and saw the Men who works for Spiker and Sponge so he Battle and killed them, he Tell the Leader to tell Spiker and Sponge Leave him Alone forever and then Continue his Travel.
  • Age 14: on Kristen's Birthday, He Sneaks inside and Snatch the Gun off from her, the Gang shocked that Cillian's Alive and then Kino is Happy to See her Older Twin Brother and Tell him to Kill her. so He Did Murder her and then He Kill Jen and Emma. Steven and Matt calls them the Killerious Twin. so He steal Matt's Motorbike and Ride off.

Age 15-18: Adventure to Georgia and New School[]

  • Age 15: On his Arrive to Georgia, Cillian's at the Gas Station to get More gas for his Motorbike and saw a Man grabbing a Boy so he's Fight him with a Man, He Notice him from a Commierical. a Man Introduce himself as Kenny who Offer him a Ride and He Accept. On the Ride to Macon, he Decide to go to a Farm with them for a Couple of Nights. On the Morning on the first Days of the Outbreak, Cillian and Kenny became Best Friends and Meet with Lee, The Eds, Clementine and Cillian's Twin Sister. on the Trip to Macon, Cillian and Kino Reunited with Kalin (Their Eldest Brother) And Steven and Matt (the Boys who lost Kristen) and Realize that the Group are Arguing about Duck and then They Escape the Drugstore and Go to the Motel.
  • 3 Months Later: Cillian and the Group lost Power and Food, Kino Help Doug and Edd with the Alarm


Cillian Uses His Utopian/Numbers Deck.