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Cillian Darcy: Boy and Cillian Darcy: Girl is 2014 Video Game Features Cillian Darcy and Princess Kino Darcy as Playable Characters. Princess Kino Darcy the Playable Protagonist Able To Use Her Utopian Powers to Try to Change the World Back to Colorful, and the Title Character Cillian Darcy Became The Playable Antagonist can Use His 10X Numbers Powers to Take Over the World

Cillian's Story: Dark Domination and Beginning of the Epic Battle[]

His Story Take Part in the City of Tokyo, Cillian Felt Upset that the Little Busters and the Disciplinary Commettie Betrayed Him as Their Friend and Reliased that Today is Doomsday 2014 and Killer Doll Chucky Told Him to Get all 7 10X Numbers and Keep Them For His Revenge, So then He Agrees and Became an Assassin to Him and Start Hunting. so then Nasch and Merag Discover Cillian's Dark Power for His Domination Plan and Gave Him Number 101 and 103. During the Collecting Number 102, Cillian Found out about a Barian Named Dumon who Able to Help him Get to Don Thousand's Lair so then While using Number 105 106 and 107, He Finally Heading to Vector to Get Number 104 for One Last Time and then He almost Using His Rank up Magic He uses For His Battles and Finally Won and Decided to Betrayed His Friends to Start His Evil Plan and then He Decide to Use His Power as the Duel Priest. By the Time the Betrayal Sucessed, Cillian about to Use His Powers to Began His Betrayal and the Little Busters Shocked that Cillian is Now a Villain and the Enemy to them and Start His Revenge, But the Barian Emperors Betrayed Him and Use their Numbers to Blast Him Away. But then He Woke Up and Saw Friendly Aliens Called Wisps And  Reliases that The Emperors Got Chucky and His Friends and Must Rescue Them as a Hero.

Kino's Story: Wisps of Colours,[]

Kino is the Princess and Kind Hearted Girl who Transported to the 21st Century's 2014 Doomsday and Saw a Boy Blasted to Space and Decide to Save Him