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Cillian Darcy: Season 2 is  an Ongoing Episodic Graphic Adventure Game and a Sequel to Cillian Darcy: the Game.


In the first season,Cillian Is Escorted To Los Angeles by Dextra in her Car, 5 years Later He finds Glen and Glenda alone after their babysitter has turned, and helps to rescue them. The three join a group of survivors with plans to head to Savannah, where Their parents had gone to as well as hopes to find a boat to flee the mainland. As they travel,Cillian helps to teach the Twins about survival in this new world, and the two bond closely. Their movements are tracked by his Abusive Father who wanted to get revenge on the group after they ransacked his car and caused the loss of his wife. Once in Savannah, Boz kidnaps Deathic, and in his haste to find her, Kalin has Hours Left to Live, but with help from the remnants of his group including Ed Edd and Eddy, he is able to reach the man before he turns. He rescues Deathic from their Father, but by the time they escape, Kalin has nearly lost his human side. Kalin gives Cillian final bits of advice and tells him to find the Eds, and then urges her to shoot him to prevent him from turning fully. This is a choice left to the player, but regardless of the option, Cillian escapes L.A. and begins to search for his Friends.


Following the events of the first season, Cillian has been able to regroup with Ed Edd n Eddy, 3 New People Named Kotori Takanashi, Nanao Hasebe and His Little Sister Yae Hasebe is now pregnant with Cillian's child. However, while at a service station to clean up, Nanao is killed by a scavenger using Clementine's gun she set down for a moment. Sixteen months later, Yae's Still Pregenant her child, and resents The Boys presence. When they are set on by scavengers, Cillian Eddy ed and Yae are separated from Edd And Kotori and falls into a nearby river.

After washing ashore,they finds a nearby abandoned campsite that appears to have long since overrun by walkers. They attempts to befriend a dog left behind, but when he helped her attempts to eat, the dog is killed. They ae forced to flee while trying to deal with cillian's choice, and runs towards the cabin. they're shortly rescued by a nice couple, though when they see Yae's having a Baby, they suspect her to have been helping her get their baby. They take her back to a protected farmstead and the other survivors debate helping her out. Cillian and Eddy are able to convince them to spare her, but despite needing medical attention, they lock them except yae in a shed, she might having twins. They escapes captivity and sneaks into the house to get supplies to help yae to give birth, and discovering that she's gave birth to twins. After yae gave birth to a boy and a girl, the others agree to let her into the house now assured that she got birth to twins and help her treat her wounds. While some members of the group befriend them and help out, others are suspicious of her presence.

The next morning, Cillian and Eddy joins two survivors from the group, Pete and Nick, to look for food. They come across the bodies of numerous dead, killed by human hands. As they investigate the bodies, Cillian finds one of the bodies is one of the men that attacked them and Kotori and Edd before, barely alive. Before she can ask him about Edd's fate, the four are set on by a new Enemy, and Cillian is forced to help one of the two, while the other is lost to the attack.