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Cillian Darcy: The Final Game is the Fifth and Final Season of Cillian Darcy (Game Series) after Season 4.


After He Reveals to his Friends that He Has Cancer, The Eds, Lorcan Lilly and the Twins Turned on Him vow Never Speaked to Him.


"The Penal Zone"
  • Designed and written by Chuck Jordan
  • Directed by Chuck Jordan and Nick Herman
  • General Skun-ka'pe, a gorilla from outer space, arrives in town bringing a message of peace and love. However, Sam and Max find out about his true intentions thanks to Max's new psychic power to see the future before his arrival. Now these two must stop him.
"The Tomb of Sammun-Mak"
  • Designed and written by Andy Hartzell and Brendan Q. Ferguson
  • Directed by Andy Hartzell
  • Using a strange projector found in the basement of their building Sam and Max view the last adventure of their great grandfathers, Sameth and Maximus, as they become selected to find a toybox, steal it, survive the train robbery then return the box.
End of Live

Cillian Ran Out of Time Dued to His Pain and Glen and Deathic Appeared to Help him and Tell Him the Story about his Childhood Memories, So Then Cillian Has a Much Time to Help The Kids to Reunited with The Others. In the End, Cillian Saids Goodbye to His Friends and Family and tell Glen and Glenda to Be Safe.

"The Journey on the Mission"

In the First World (Which is Full of Happiness), Cillian Woke Up From His Coma and Don't Remember a Thing and Reunited with Best Brother His Pretty Sister, His Sweet Twin Sister His Kindness Baby Sister and His Awesome Older Brother who Finally Healled from an Accident and Invites him to the Darcy Family Reunion, So then Their Father Offers the Kids a Deal, Boz wants them to Settle The Scores with the Photon Duelists and They'll Let them Go.

"One Final Battle

Cillian Lorcan and Lilly Returned To The Base After their Victories in their Duels, And Boz Gave them their Passports that They are Now Adopted and Tell them To Go to Los Angeles but Cillian Delines to Go Because the Second world Cillian Died which is Boz Changes His Attitude to Anger and Send Lorcan and Lilly to Los Angeles and Cillian Stays and Fight. In the End, 5 Years Later Cillian Decide Go To Atlanta for an New Adventure.

  • This is the Last Episode of the Cillian Darcy Game Series.