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Cillian Darcy is a Trilogy when a Student Cillian Darcy who Unlocks His Second Personallty to Start His Adventures to Get Revenge.

Cillian Darcy (2013)[]

Cillian Darcy and His Dark Personally Naillic Darcy Starts Their Quest to Find the 7 Seven Legendary Numbers and the Adventure Game  with their Battle against Ichro Kodama.

Cillian Darcy 2: World Duel Grand Prix[]

Cillian Decide to Enter a Dueling Team Tournament Called the World Duel Grand Prix by Teaming with Lorcan and Lilly

Cillian Darcy the Boy as the Drop of Water[]

on his First Day of High School, Cillian Meets Kuu & Koda and Tell them a Story about His Adventure to Sakurami Before the Adventure Game, He Met Yuno Steve Max and Laura, and then Cillian Must Team Up with Them on His Adventure To Sakurami and Laputa to Face Kalin for Good

Cillian Darcy: Best Life[]

In This 30 Minutes Film After the Year when Cilian Reunites With Family, He Went to the Beach with the Gasai. so then the Female Duelist named Dextra Challenges Him Along With Lorcan and Lilly into a Duel.