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Cillian Darcy XY Is the Manga features Our Darling Adventurer Cillian Darcy and it's Crossover Ed Edd n Eddy.


Cillian Darcy is The Manga's Main Protagonist, He's Kind-Hearted, Poilte and Fun, In His True Color, He was Tough, Cruel and been Abused.

Lilly Darcy is the Female Protagonist of the Manga, Shes' Cillian and Lorcan's Younger Triplet Sister whom They Loved.

Ed is the Monster Movies Loving Moron and Edd and Eddy's Friend. He's an Older Brother of Sarah

Edd is Ed and Eddy's Smart Friend who Loves Science and He Also Friends With Lilly Because He Likes Her but Not Cillian.

Eddy is Ed and Edd's Friend who Reformed as the Kids Friend and Became Friends With Cillian and Lilly Darcy.

Lorcan Darcy is Cillian and Lilly's Triplet Brother Who has a Computer Brain as His Brain who Turns Him From A Nice Brother to a Evil Betrayal Brother. He is the Main Antagonist of the Manga.